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    Big Tech’s Most Powerful Apostates, RankedSelf-criticism is suddenly huge in Silicon Valley. But not all critiques are created equal.
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    Q&A With Ellen Pao on Reddit, Facebook, and the Future of the InternetEllen Pao, former Reddit CEO, discusses Reddit’s focus on growth, Facebook’s homogeneity, and whether anything can be changed.
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    25 Famous Women on Sexual Harassment and AssaultReese Witherspoon, Viola Davis, and more who have spoken out during the Harvey Weinstein case, and others who shared their stories well before now.
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    Ellen Pao Says Male Reporters Were ‘Skeptical’ of Her Case“[They] had no empathy for my experiences.”
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    Ellen Pao: This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon ValleyMy lawsuit failed. Others won’t.
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    A Man’s Guide to Celebrating Equal Pay DayA few agenda items for male allies.
  7. Ellen Pao Decides to Drop Appeal in Gender-Discrimination Case“Ultimately, I cannot afford to continue this battle and risk having to pay additional costs if I lose on appeal.”
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    Ellen Pao: ‘The Trolls Are Winning’The recently resigned Reddit CEO speaks out about online harassment.
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    Ellen Pao Ordered to Pay Kleiner Perkins $276,000 for LawsuitThe “sexism you can’t quite prove” has a price.
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    Women Can’t End the Wage Gap on Their OwnAsking for more is great — but employers have to do their part, too.
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    Ellen Pao: ‘I’m Glad I Did It, But It Was Hard’After losing her case, Pao opens up about her experience.
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    Female Tech Workers Are Thanking Ellen Pao They took out a full-page newspaper ad.
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    Where Silicon Valley Looks for Love, in the Era of Ellen PaoTech-world gender relations without an HR department.
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    Ellen Pao and the Sexism You Can’t Quite ProveA covert culture of discrimination is often the one that hurts women the most. 
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    The Real Lesson of the Ellen Pao VerdictThe rules we’ve got can’t solve the problem of sexism.
  16. Ellen Pao Loses Gender Discrimination CaseOther gender discrimination cases have been filed against Twitter and Facebook.
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    What’s Happened So Far in Silicon Valley’s Big Sex-Discrimination SuitEllen Pao says that the venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins holds women back.
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    Ellen Pao’s Husband Is Buddy Fletcher, the Guy Who Sued the Dakota BoardHis-and-hers high-profile lawsuits.