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  1. screen time
    What the Hell Is Elon Musk Doing at X? 5 Theories of the CaseNot only are things not going according to plan — it can seem as though there was never much of a plan at all.
  2. the money game
    Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Is Striking — and Poorly TimedTesla is expected to deliver the electric pickups this week, but the EV market is in dire shape.
  3. foreign interests
    In Bibi’s Israel, Musk’s Brand of Antisemitism Is KosherHow a plutocrat can post antisemitic tweets one day and shake hands with the Israeli prime minister the next.
  4. technology
    Does Elon Musk’s Media Matters Lawsuit Have a Chance?Legal experts seem far from convinced.
  5. addicted to posting
    Advertisers Are Running From X and Elon Musk’s AntisemitismApple, IBM, and several entertainment conglomerates have pulled ads from the platform. Musk is tweeting through it.
  6. the national interest
    Republicans Have an Antisemitism Problem. The Democratic Party Doesn’t.The antisemitic left hates Biden. The antisemitic right loves Trump.
  7. okay…
    Quelle Surprise! Darren Aronofsky Is Making Movie About a LoserMusk we?
  8. screen time
    What Does It Mean That Elon Musk’s New AI Chatbot Is ‘Anti-Woke’?It is useful to think of public-facing AI chatbots characters with personalities. There’s a new one in the mix.
  9. on with kara swisher
    Ben Mezrich on the Musk and Zuck Messiah ComplexesKara Swisher talks all things Elon with the author of the new book, Breaking Twitter.
  10. business 101
    Visionary Musk Boosts X Value by Negative $25 Billion in Just One YearIt takes work to lose this much money.
  11. screen time
    Is X (Formerly Twitter) Worth $1?Elon Musk has a big new idea to make all active users pay a small fee.
  12. books
    Twilight of the Heroes of CapitalismHow Michael Lewis got duped by Sam Bankman-Fried.
  13. celebrity
    Grimes And Elon Musk Are Suing Each OtherThe former couple have reportedly both filed lawsuits for parental rights over their three children.
  14. screen time
    Would Anyone Really Want to Pay for TikTok?Social-media companies are suddenly interested in subscriptions, but they may be misunderstanding their audience.
  15. custody battle.exe
    Grimes Sues Elon Musk for Parental RightsShe previously implied Musk would not let her see their youngest son.
  16. what we know
    What X CEO Linda Yaccarino Claimed at the Code ConferenceIn a tense interview, the head of Elon Musk’s social-media platform insisted everything was going great — and that she really was the CEO.
  17. on with kara swisher
    Walter Isaacson on Almost All the Criticism of His Elon Musk BookKara Swisher grills the author on his new biography and tries to get him to admit whether or not he actually likes Musk.
  18. celebrity
    Elon Musk: Still ReproducingHe and Grimes reportedly had a third child, Techno Mechanicus, last year.
  19. x-tremely online
    Grimes Used Elon Musk’s Own Platform to Reveal Their Third ChildNamed Techno Mechanicus.
  20. stop the presses
    The Journalist and the BillionaireWalter Isaacson, schmoozy icon of the Old Media elite, has written a biography of Elon Musk, who despises all of those things.
  21. pivot
    Why Is Elon Musk Lashing Out Against the Anti-Defamation League?ADL national director Jonathan Greenblatt on the X owner’s lawsuit threat and why he does not think Musk is an antisemite.
  22. vanity
    What We Know About Musk and Zuck’s Stupid (and Probably Pretend) FightA full rundown of the unlikely but highly entertaining billionaire cage match.
  23. celebrity
    Imagine Interning As Elon Musk’s GirlfriendApparently Grimes “learned a lot.”
  24. trump indictment
    Twitter Fought Jack Smith’s Warrant for Trump’s AccountElon Musk’s company delayed the request for “data and records” related to Trump’s account, resulting in a $350,000 fine.
  25. twitter
    Twitter’s New X Is Officially a Bad SignNeighbors and city building inspectors were not thrilled about Elon Musk’s giant new strobe light atop X-Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.
  26. celebrity relations
    Thomas Brodie-Sangster Found Love, Actually With Talulah RileyNaturally, Brodie-Sangster announced news of their engagement with a Hugh Grant quote.
  27. technology
    All the Ways Elon Musk’s X Is Different From TwitterThe branding is wildly inconsistent, but for now the biggest changes are happening only in Musk’s dreams.
  28. rip twitter
    Elon Musk Says Twitter’s Logo Will Change to the Letter XUgh.
  29. screen time
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads Is an Early Success — Thanks to Elon MuskA hundred million users later, Meta’s timing with its Twitter knockoff looks both savvy and lucky.
  30. fiascos
    Elon Musk Tries Forcing Twitter Users to Use Less TwitterMusk announced reading limits for all Twitter accounts over the weekend, blaming AI but punishing humans who still use Twitter.
  31. sports!
    Let These Clowns FightIf Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg want to brawl in a big metal cage, who am I to stop them?
  32. small pleasures
    Bluesky Reminds Me of When Social Media Wasn’t TerribleIt’s refreshing to share inane thoughts in an extremely low-stakes atmosphere.
  33. screen time
    Twitter Will Drive Conservatives Mad — and Further RightIt’s what the platform, by its nature, does.
  34. under new management
    Elon Musk Is Almost Done Wreaking Havoc As Twitter’s CEOThe billionaire has hired NBCUniversal ad chief Linda Yaccarino to take the reins.
  35. early and often
    Elon Musk Is Wrong. Encouraging Voting Isn’t Nefarious.The “Zuckerbucks” theory Musk is spreading takes election denial from unsupported fraud claims to a more sinister hostility to voting itself.
  36. objectively funny crimes
    The Entire Super Mario Bros. Movie Was on Twitter for HoursThis keeps happening!
  37. screen time
    Can Bluesky Be Twitter Without Twitter?The buzz over the all-too-familiar new platform is as much about getting out as in.
  38. the money game
    Musk’s Messy 4/20 Rocket Launch May Delay SpaceX for MonthsAn apparent rush to hit that jokey deadline without some minor safety precautions has given regulators more power to slow the rocketeer’s roll.
  39. freedom
    Celebrities Love Losing Their Blue ChecksFinally, they are freed from the shackles of Twitter verification.
  40. screen time
    Twitter Frees Its HostagesMusk, who is trying to extort verified users to pay to keep their blue check, is actually giving them a precious gift: a chance at a clean exit.
  41. space
    Why Elon Musk’s SpaceX Doesn’t Mind That Its Rocket Blew UpThis is not typically the reaction to a test failure. Then again, nothing about this is typical.
  42. space
    Elon Musk’s Most Powerful Rocket Ever Just Blew UpSpaceX’s uncrewed Starship barely made it past the launch tower before exploding.
  43. getting around
    Elon Musk Could Ruin Your Commute (Again)The Twitter CEO’s planned API paywall could be bad news for the MTA’s service alerts.
  44. unverified
    Millionaires Are Not Into Paying for Twitter VerificationAnd they’re tweeting about it.
  45. media
    Elon Musk Drives NPR Off Twitter in Latest Genius MoveThe outlet said it would stop posting on the site after being labeled “state-sponsored media.”
  46. bye bye
    All the Companies Suspending Their TweetsAs a result of the platform’s uncertainty, post Elon Musk.
  47. screen time
    Twitter Builds a WallElon Musk’s platform will take its cut or die trying.
  48. screen time
    Why Every App Now Feels Like TikTok, But WorseAlgorithmic videos are killing social media.
  49. twitter
    Who Leaked Twitter’s Source Code?The company reportedly thinks the leak, posted to GitHub under the name “FreeSpeechEnthusiast,” came from one of its many former employees.
  50. baby sailor mars
    Grimes Renames Her Second Child ?Y in Latin-alphabet-letter form or Why in word form.
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