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Email Mistakes

  1. email mistakes
    Channing Tatum Still Hasn’t Changed His Email Address Even after all that Sony-hack drama.
  2. huge mistakes
    What Should You Do If You Accidentally Send Porn to Your Dad?Actress Anna Friel did it.
  3. things that are awesome
    NYU Students Are Torturing Each Other via E-mailWhen you can “reply all” to 40,000, you do so.
  4. e-mail mistakes
    Montana’s Top Federal Judge Under Fire for Sending Racist Obama E-mail“A Mom’s Memory.”
  5. interns
    One JPMorgan Intern Has Learned a Lot in a Single AfternoonSuch as: Don’t send a mass e-mail inviting everyone to bring fake I.D.s to a bar night that’s “going to get wild.”