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  1. coronavirus
    Email Coroniquette: What ‘I Hope You’re Doing Well’ Really MeansNow please answer my email.
  2. keeping up with the royals
    Did Harry and Meghan Break Up With the Queen Over Email?The humble origins of Megxit.
  3. the cut on tuesdays
    When You Hit Send Even Though You Know You Shouldn’tLooking back on our lives in email, on this week’s Cut podcast.
  4. youtube
    The High Maintenance Guy Curated You the Ultimate YouTube Playlist“I would have loved to throw an actual party, and just have this be the premise of it.”
  5. good question
    Wait, Are People Really Tracking My Emails?Constantly, as it turns out.
  6. science of us
    Writing a Practice Email Feels Like Looking Into a MirrorI also read stressful emails on multiple devices. Am I nuts? It’s clarifying, anyway.
  7. how to
    Here’s How to Turn Off Gmail’s Terrible ‘Nudge’ FeatureWe already have enough email anxiety, thank you.
  8. the cut opinion pages
    I Think I’ve Identified Email’s Fundamental FlawWhy don’t we just tell each other when we’re expecting a reply?
  9. science of us
    13 Reasons We Type in Lowercaseintimacy? casualness? deceit?
  10. science of us
    If You’re Feeling Bad, Email Someone a ComplimentIt’s an S.O.S. reconnection to the world.
  11. the cut opinion pages
    The Email ‘Attach’ and ‘Link’ Buttons Should Be Easier to Tell ApartA plea for the digital age.
  12. technology
    Unable to Avoid Bias, Gmail Stops Using Gender in Its Automated RepliesGmail attempted to automate the drudgery of email, and accidentally automated decades of gender discrimination in the process.
  13. advice
    Take Your Time Responding to EmailRelieve some pressure, and give everyone a little space.
  14. office hours
    There’s Only One Good Way to Email Your BossMy boss gets 500 emails a day. Here’s how I get her to reply quickly.
  15. select all
    If You Use PGP, You Should Probably StopSwitch to a different encryption scheme for the time being.
  16. select all
    White House Staffer Reportedly Left Encrypted Email Password at a Bus StopWhoops!
  17. select all
    Google’s Plan to Transform Email Is Deeply FlawedGoogle wants to change how you read email. It’s a bad idea.
  18. Out of Office Replies for These Political Times, by Kimberly Harrington I’m sorry I missed your e-mail. As you may have heard, women are no longer allowed to use computers so I’ve actually missed every single […]
  19. An Excerpt from ‘The Best American Emails,’ by Amanda MeadowsYou’re Invited to a Screening of ~HOCKEY JERKS~ To: amandasjunkmail@ymail.com From: thescreenery@screenery.film Subject: You’re Invited to a […]
  20. Self-Described ‘Real Indian’ Offers Abrasive Challenge to Elizabeth WarrenRepublicans who dislike Warren have a new champion in Shiva Ayyadurai, a Trump fan whose attacks on Warren as a “fake Indian” are relentless.
  21. Why You Trust Email Way More Than You ShouldIt’s not a casual spoken conversation. So why do we treat it like one?
  22. The Worst Email Mistake You Can Make, According to a 250,000 Message AnalysisThe scourge of the inbox.
  23. Trump Won’t Investigate Hillary, But Instead Will ‘Help Her Heal’According to Kellyanne Conway.
  24. select all
    The Only Reason to Still Use Yahoo Is for Your GarbageYahoo confirms it’s for garbage email only.
  25. Hillary Clinton’s Tech Guy Seems to Have Asked Reddit How to Be SneakyThe House Benghazi Committee is already looking into the claims.
  26. Leaked DNC Email: ‘Eat My Butt’WikiLeaks blows the election wide open.
  27. Reply-All-pocalypse Hits 90,000 Wells Fargo RecipientsDon’t reply-all to 90,000 people.
  28. early and often
    Clinton Aides Interviewed in FBI Email ProbeClinton herself is likely to be interviewed “in the coming weeks.”
  29. These 13 Lucky Jerks Ditched Email for a Week, for ScienceWhen is the next round of this study?
  30. select all
    Why Nobody Can Build an Email KillerWe don’t invest in new open standards, specifications, and protocols of the kind that made email the dominant method of communication online.
  31. select all
    Everyone Hates Email — Because It WorksEmail isn’t bad. It just reflects our badness back to us.
  32. work life
    This Company That Went Email-Free for a Week Might Be on to SomethingEven temporary breaks from your in-box do your brain and body a lot of good. 
  33. Jeb Bush Is Apparently Emailing With Twitter WeirdosJeb prefers original turkey jerky on the campaign trail.
  34. dating
    When Breaking Up by Email Is the Best ChoiceReally? You’re going to cry while you dump me? Shut up.
  35. modernity
    Even Anointed Cool Girls Get the Email Blues Grimes interviews Tavi about being creative, professional. 
  36. Is Email Dying?A crop of tech products, like Slack, promise to tame your inbox and save you time. 
  37. Lorde Reports That Jennifer Lawrence’s Email Has ‘Butt’ in ItFun with correspondence. 
  38. e-mail invasions
    Simon Doonan Needs a Small Loan of $2,450 He is also a Nigerian prince who will give you many riches.
  39. huge mistakes
    What Should You Do If You Accidentally Send Porn to Your Dad?Actress Anna Friel did it.
  40. you've got hacked
    Why Rich, Famous, and Old People Need to Ditch Their AOL E-mailsThey’re easy to hack.
  41. end of privacy
    Senate Forgot to Include a Provision, Can Still Read Your E-mailsBut your Netflix queue is safe.
  42. the dark ages
    The Real Reason the Economy Isn’t RecoveringE-mail problems!
  43. Update: Times Subscribers Spammed in E-mail ScrewupAll the News That’s Fit to Spam.
  44. the future is coming
    Did Facebook Just Announce the End of E-mail As We Know It?Mark Zuckerberg expands his reach. Again.
  45. the future is coming
    Facebook to Destroy Gmail in 3 … 2 ... 1Facebook comes to bury Gmail, not to praise it.
  46. the future is coming
    Google Knows Which E-mails You Really Want to ReadA new Gmail feature.
  47. e-mails
    Will Smith to Maybe Join Kathryn Bigelow’s FrontierSo says a secret Paramount e-mail.
  48. oh albany!
    State Senators NOT Taking Off Until 2015An e-mail glitch with hilarious/depressing consequences.
  49. the internet age
    Fed Flamed Bank of America CEO in E-mails, Threatened to Have Him FiredYOU ARE TRASHIN’ MY SCENE!
  50. things that are wonderful
    Undo Send: The E-mail Recall That WorksGoogle introduces a solution to a common problem. Can they fix the economy next?
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