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  1. horny police
    This New Emoji Is Flirting With MeWho is she?
  2. beans
    We’re Finally Getting a Beans EmojiAt long last, some respect for legumes.
  3. coronavirus
    There Will Be No New Emoji Next Year Because of the CoronavirusThe Unicode Consortium, like everything else, is experiencing delays.
  4. select all
    Instagram Accidentally Made Emoji Fun AgainWouldn’t it be nice if social media was a little weirder all the time?
  5. emoji
    Unicode Introduces New Emoji for 2019Many of the new emoji are focused on accessibility.
  6. emoji
    World’s Shadiest Aquarium Calls Out Anatomically Incorrect Squid EmojiTurns out squid don’t have noses.
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    Good News, Google’s Salad Emoji Is Vegan NowGoogle removed the egg from its salad emoji.
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    Accessibility-Themed Emoji Could Be Coming SoonApple proposed several new emoji, including an ear with a hearing aid, a guide dog, and a person in a wheelchair.
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    Oh Good, a Meghan Markle EmojiKate Middleton is getting her own emoji, too.
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    Lobster Emoji Now Has Proper Number of Legs Since a Bunch of Mainers ComplainedThe newest set of emoji will now include an anatomically correct lobster.
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    The Skateboard Emoji Has Been Fixed With Help From Tony HawkThe Unicode Consortium and Hawk updated the icon over DM.
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    Tony Hawk Finally Got a Skateboard Emoji. Now He Just Has to Fix It.The retro board is getting a few tweaks before it arrives later this year.
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    Bagel, Redhead, and Flat Shoe Among 157 New EmojiPlus a bald person, a peacock, and a superhero.
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    Why Is Emoji Black Santa Sad?Unsurprisingly, emoji white Santa looks content.
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    Sh*t Is Hitting the Fan Over the New Poop EmojiThe argument started over a proposed poop emoji with a frown instead of a smile.
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    Here’s How to Download Apple’s 70 New EmojiHighlights include an adorable porcupine, a cursing face that also censors itself, and a curling stone (for all of your curling-related emoji needs).
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    DOJ Subpoenas Twitter Users Over Smiley-Face-Emoji TweetTwitter is fighting it.
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    These Are the 56 New Emoji Coming to the Next iPhone UpdateHedgehogs, cursing smilies, and a whole lot of spooky options: Apple’s latest emoji are going to step up your texting game.
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    New iPhone ‘Animoji’ Will Mirror Your Facial ExpressionsHighly personal emoji for those moments when you need the perfect reaction.
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    It’s Not All Heart-Eyes Emoji for Taylor Swift AnymorePeople on Twitter are using very different emoji to talk about Swift’s forthcoming album than they did for 1989.
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    These Are the 67 New Emoji Already Being Considered for Next YearWe might be getting a frowning poop emoji to go with the smiling one.
  22. These Are the New Emoji Coming Soon to Your iPhoneThe vomit emoji is great.
  23. select all
    These Are the New Emoji Coming Soon to Your iPhoneThe vomit emoji is great.
  24. select all
    Howdy, I’m the Sheriff of Memes, and I’m Here to Explain This Sheriff MemeThe new meme involves building a tiny sheriff out of only emoji.
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    Facebook Puts Gay Pride in a Digital ClosetFacebook’s pride-flag emoji is only available in select areas, and users have to opt in to access it.
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    An Emoji-to-English Dictionary, As Translated by CherIn case you’ve ever wanted to know what the palm tree emoji really means in Cher-speak.
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    Google’s Blob Emoji Get Sad, Circular RedesignRIP, blobs.
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    Apparently Everybody Is Using the Exact Same Emoji for These Artists on SpotifySpoiler: Drake is, understandably, fire.
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    This App That Turns Your Face Into an Emoji Is Surprisingly GoodThe app is easy to use, and the finished products are too funny.
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    Merman and Breastfeeding Woman Among 69 Emoji Coming Soon to a Keyboard Near YouThere’s also a pretzel, a dude in a sauna, and some dinosaurs.
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    Mike Pence Wrongly Tweets Nicaraguan Flag Emoji Instead of Israeli FlagThe vice-president’s attempt to show solidarity with Israel on Twitter totally backfired.
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    Despite Those Calls for a Dislike Button, Love Is Still Top Facebook ReactionIt’s been exactly a year since Facebook introduced reaction emoji.
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    Who Really Designed Apple’s Emoji?Justin Bai just wanted to know about the origin of the Rolodex emoji; instead, he discovered something bigger.
  34. sex lives podcast
    The Terrors of the Side-Eye EmojiOn Snapchat, it symbolizes one-way relationships.
  35. Finally, an Emoji Video Worth WatchingLots of sketch pitches feature emojis. Most of them are just okay, because they rely on a kind of knee-jerk creative commentary on our modern […]
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    Sean Spicer’s Press Briefing a Sea of Angry Emoji on Facebook LivePeople are using Facebook’s emoji reactions to let Sean Spicer know how they feel about him.
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    Emoji Are Here to Ruin MonopolyHasbro is holding a vote to decide new game tokens.
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    Very Official Study Finds Peach Emoji Most Often Paired With EggplantEmojipedia delves into how people are using the peach emoji online.
  39. linguistics
    Emoji Have a Dual NatureDepending on what they’re describing, people write with emoji using one of two logics.
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    Donald Trump’s New Cold War With Twitter Overshadows Tech SummitTwitter wasn’t invited because of an emoji.
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    This Company Will Pay You to Translate Emoji for ThemA London translation firm is looking for an emoji translator.
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    Here’s What Apple’s New Emoji Look LikeEverything you need to know about today’s new emoji release.
  43. Apple Made the Peach Emoji Look More Like a Butt AgainA wise change of course.
  44. select all
    Apple’s New Peach Emoji Doesn’t Look Like a Butt (But We’re Getting a Face Palm)Women get jobs! Harambe gets an emoji!
  45. art du jour
    The World’s First Emoji Are Going to Be Displayed at MoMA[Face with tears of joy emoji.]
  46. Can You Tell What’s Wrong With Samsung’s Fingers-Crossed Emoji?Oops.
  47. Everything You Need to Know About The New EmojiWomen get careers! Santa gets a beard! Poop gets more realistic!
  48. select all
    Some Depraved Genius Turned the Eggplant Emoji Into a Sex ToyIt’s called the Emojibator. In case you didn’t already get the joke.
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    Microsoft: Squirt Gun Emoji? Nah, Let’s Make It an Actual RevolverThe company’s gun emoji used to look like something from a sci-fi movie.
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    Apple Will Replace Its Pistol Emoji With a Squirt GunYou can still use the bomb, the syringe, and the skull for naming your exes in your address book.
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