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  1. mwah!
    The Chef’s Kiss in Emoji Form Will Soon Be a RealityPlus all the other new food emoji coming to a mobile device near you.
  2. culture
    What Is the Best Obscure Emoji?Cut staffers make the case for their personal favorites.
  3. Mila Kunis Reveals Glenn Close Is a Professional Emoji-erThat’s Doctor Close to you.
  4. niche drama
    Imagine Being Petty Enough to Inflict This Ugly Emoji House on Your Enemies“I feel like I’ve been directly attacked with my eyelash extensions.”
  5. texting and eating
    There Is Finally a Waffle Emoji!!!Move over, pancakes.
  6. redemption
    Apple Fixed Its Horrible Bagel EmojiSometimes, if you cause enough fuss, the corporate overlords listen.
  7. analysis
    Apple’s Bagel Emoji Is About to Upset a Lot of New YorkersThis bagel emoji should only be used to illustrate what kind of bagel you don’t want your friend to pick up on the way over.
  8. foodmojis
    Entire State of Maine Rejoices As Lobster Emoji Is Made OfficialIt was a hard-won battle.
  9. burgergate
    Google’s CEO Vows to Correct Company’s Glaring Burger-Emoji ErrorThey’ve promised to “drop everything” and move the cheese from the bottom.
  10. emoji movie
    The Emoji Movie Didn’t Deserve Christina AguileraMaking sense of how Xtina ended up in a post-language harbinger of the apocalypse.
  11. politics
    Guess Which Emoji White House Officials Use for Anthony ScaramucciJust like Gary Cohn and Reince Priebus, White House officials use a specific emoji to refer to Anthony Scaramucci.
  12. casting couch
    Sir Patrick Stewart Will Voice the Poop Emoji in the Emoji Movie[poop emoji] happens.
  13. candy
    Annette Bening Prefers Emoji to Words“I like the thumbs-up. I’m also big on the heart.” 
  14. emojiversity
    The New Emoji Are Out and They’re Actually Pretty GreatThere are single-parent families, a rainbow pride flag, and a range of female athletes.
  15. a lad in emoji form
    The Next iOS Update Comes Complete With a Pair of David Bowie EmojiFor when you’re feeling glam.
  16. art du jour
    The World’s First Emoji Are Going to Be Displayed at MoMA[Face with tears of joy emoji.]
  17. casting couch
    T.J. Miller to Voice a Face in Emoji MoviePresumably, he broke the news to friends with the “money mouth” emoji.
  18. This Restaurant’s All-Emoji Menu Is Exactly As Unhelpful As You’d ThinkNobody wants lunch to be an exercise in cryptology.
  19. so emojional
    Soon We’ll Live in a World With Iris Apfel EmojiLike Kimoji for Advanced Style fans.
  20. animated movies
    Don’t Fret, Sony’s Emoji Movie Will Feature AppsThe movie is the message.
  21. emoji speak louder than words
    Emoji Refuse to Conform to Your Outdated BinaryIn the future, you might be able to decide your emoji’s gender.
  22. emojis
    Text a Friend a Kim Kardashian Butt, Why Not?Kim Kardashian [Kim Kardashian butt] launched [rocketship] an emoji app [upside-down smile].
  23. Emojis
    It’s Time for the Dumpling EmojiA group of concerned citizens is lobbying for it.
  24. can u not
    Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year Isn’t Even a Word, It’s an EmojiWhat’s the emoji for “embarrassing bid for relevancy”?
  25. New Clinton Email Shows Great Emoji Struggle“On this new berry, can I get smiley faces?”
  26. emojiplomacy
    Red-Faced Putin Emoji Sparks Political Showdown in AustraliaThe perils of pictograms.
  27. Emojis
    The Taco Emoji Is HerePlus, popcorn, a cheese wedge, Champagne, and a hot dog.
  28. the industry
    Sony Is Going to Make an Animated Movie About EmojiAfter Minions, it was only a matter of time.
  29. so emojional
    Your Face Deserves to Be an EmojiA new app casts you in an emoji keyboard.
  30. self-expression
    These Cindy Sherman Emoji Know How You FeelAvailable for download and deployment. 
  31. correlations
    Can Emoji Ever Be Sexy, Though? Supposedly, emoji users have more sex. 
  32. Good Signs
    This Awesome All-Emoji Cocktail Menu May Be Too Clever for Its Own GoodSomewhere in tiki heaven, Don the Beachcomber is laughing. Or maybe sexting a friend.
  33. last night on late night
    Nick Offerman’s Giant, Wooden Emoji Are Now a Real ThingAnd they’re available for purchase.
  34. tv
    Nick Offerman Wants to Sell You Handcrafted Wooden EmojiNot in real life, just on Conan.
  35. texting with tay
    Taylor Swift Finally Reveals What Her Favorite Emoji IsAnd tells a curiously funny joke.
  36. tattoos
    Drake Got a Tattoo of the Prayer-Hands EmojiIf the @champagnepapi Instagram tag is to be believed.
  37. Weird Diets
    Someone Went on an Emoji-Themed Diet for a WeekHope they like rice.
  38. technology you don't need
    Karl Lagerfeld Released a Very Karl Lagerfeld Emoji AppIncluding, of course, a Choupette.
  39. emoji art
    The Definitive Emoji-Sexting GlossaryThe birds and the bees and the eggplants and the peaches.
  40. beyoncemojis
    This ‘Drunk in Love’ Emoji Video Is a DreamA modern masterpiece.
  41. feeling feelings
    Introducing the Cut’s Fashion Week EmojisSometimes, the only reply you can send is an Anna Wintour emoji.
  42. attention please
    Indoor Selfies Way More Popular for Ladies’ Dating ProfilesAnd :-) is better received than :).
  43. texts from last night
    Found: The Many Emojis of Girls’ Shoshanna[Panda with a gun.]
  44. watch the throne
    Read Aziz Ansari’s Translation of ‘N-ggas in Paris’ Using EmoticonsAziz Ansari turns a Watch the Throne track into a text-y masterpiece.