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    There’s a Secret Kaomoji Keyboard on Your iPhoneStep up your texting game.
  2. How to Be a Smarter Emoticon UserLearn how to put your best :) forward.
  3. What Emoticons Reveal About How We See EmotionDo you look for happiness in the eyes or smile?
  4. girlsplainer
    The 5 Reasons Girls Type Like Thissss“Thaaaanks” is the new “thanks so much.”
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    Women Twice As Likely As Men to Use Emoticons:/
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    Meghan McCain Says Obamas Deserve an ‘Emoticon’ of Privacy :(
  7. watch the throne
    Read Aziz Ansari’s Translation of ‘N-ggas in Paris’ Using EmoticonsAziz Ansari turns a Watch the Throne track into a text-y masterpiece.
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    Emoticons Are Now Easier to Read, Times ReportsThere’s a new development in text message technology.
  9. Leslie Knope: Human EmoticonThe many faces of Leslie Knope: human emoticon. But where’s David Cho’s favorite emoticon? You know, this one: t(-_-t)
  10. clickables
    Read the Leslie Knope Guide to EmoticonsYou don’t see “tilde mouth” in the wild very often.