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  1. Being Mindful Makes You Less Likely to Screw Up Your RelationshipIt helps to be “aware of, and then cope constructively with, negative reactions to challenging relationship experiences.”
  2. Your Emotions Are More Malleable Than You ThinkHere’s how to turn your stress into excitement.
  3. fitness
    Tell Yourself You Like Your Workout, You’ll Do It MoreManipulation helps.
  4. To Save Money, Pay Attention to Your MoodCertain emotional states make for better shopping decisions.
  5. How the Way You Breathe Affects What You RememberThis one applies to the nose only — sorry, mouth-breathers.
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    The Chinese Word for Anger Shows the Best Way to Get MadWhether personal or political, it’s good to generate qi.
  7. Switching Detention for Meditation Seems to Really WorkTeach kids to process their emotions and their teachers won’t have to.
  8. 3 Ways to Channel Your Raging Emotions Into ActionInsights from behavioral scientists on how to pin down your feelings.
  9. There’s a Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Understanding Your BodyPeople who have a difficult time knowing when they’re sad or happy also struggle to identify things like fatigue or hunger.
  10. A Little Loneliness Can Be a Very Good ThingIf you use it correctly, that is.
  11. Why Psychologists Say Anxiety Is the ‘Shadow’ of IntelligenceWhat else is going to make you plan for stuff?
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    Get Yourself to Do Stuff by Appealing to Your Own Sense of PrideIn a new book, a researcher argues that pride is the secret key to motivation.
  13. Judges Give Harsher Sentences When Their Football Team LosesAnd it’s worse for black defendants.
  14. It’s Almost Impossible to Tell a Joyful Face From an Anguished OneTwo extreme emotions, one facial expression
  15. 10 Extremely Precise Words for Emotions You Didn’t Even Know You HadAre you feeling awumbuk, that emptiness after a guest leaves? Or are you in the grips of torschlusspanik, the jitters elicited by a looming deadline?
  16. How Only Being Able to Use Logic to Make Decisions Destroyed a Man’s Life“To obtain the best results, emotions must be kept out.”
  17. Here Are the Feels That Make Internet Things Go ViralDoes contentment make good content?
  18. The People Who Store Their Emotions in Their FingertipsWith tactile-emotional synesthesia, just touching fabric is enough to trigger extreme sadness or disgust.
  19. Nothing Wrong With Bottling Up Your Feelings, British News Site ArguesAn appropriately reserved defense of the stiff upper lip.
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    Gilmore Girls to End With the Secret Four WordsIn four short words, Amy Sherman-Palladino will eviscerate our hearts.
  21. Hearing Your Own Voice Can Change Your MoodAfter people heard themselves sounding happy, they became a little bit happier.
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    NFL Players Simultaneously Style Their Daughters’ Hair and Melt Your Icy HeartThat thud you just felt was your egg dropping.
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    Watch Inside Out Without the Inside PartsWhere do we put all these feels?
  24. jealousy
    How Envy Changes As You Get OlderThe things you’re jealous of at 20 aren’t the same as the things that will drive you nuts at 50. 
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    Here’s the Science of the Happy CryBecause the geniuses at Oxford Dictionaries just chose the corresponding emoji as “word of the year.”
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    Your Guide to the New Facebook Response ButtonsFinally, we don’t have to “Like” everything.
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    The Creative Perks of Feeling Happy-SadMixed emotions seem to fuel the imagination. 
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    The World’s First Robot With Feelings Is a Big Hit“Pepper” sold out in under a minute.
  29. social psychology
    Is There an Antidote for Emotional Contagion? Protect yourself from catching other people’s bad moods. 
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    A Very Emotional Shot-by-Shot Reaction to the Star Wars TeaserYou win, Disney.
  31. crying
    How to Stop Yourself From CryingA general rule to remember.
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    A Sense of Wonder May Be Good for Your HealthNew research on the benefits of feeling awe.
  33. social psychology
    Looking at Money Makes You an Emotionless RobotIt seems to prompt us to act businesslike.
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    Smelling Something Fishy Actually Makes People More SuspiciousAnd four more clichés that mean more than you think.
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    Why Angry Faces Look the Same EverywhereThe science of grrrrrrrrrr.
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    Jack White Displayed Emotion During a Baseball Game AgainHappy! (Sort of.)
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    An Emo Moment With Robert PattinsonLonely in a crowd. 
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    Let This App Make Sense of Your EmotionsMove over, mood rings.
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    Women Sad, Men Fearful; Humans E-MailThe first large-scale study of sentiment in e-mail found that men and women e-mail differently.
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    Watch Just How Sad Drew Barrymore Can GetThis video shows the many ways she can weep, bawl, sniffle, and scream. So very sad.
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    Meghan McCain Says Obamas Deserve an ‘Emoticon’ of Privacy :(
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    The Price of Happiness in New York Is Two Times the National AverageThe good news is that anxiety is sold at a discount.
  43. titans of finance are people too
    Larry Fink Is a Real Human Being With Feelings and EmotionsJust because he runs a firm with a market cap of $40 billion doesn’t mean he’s just an automaton.
  44. white men who aren't afraid to cry
    Bill Ackman Explains How He ‘Lost Control of His Emotions’ at Last Week’s Target MeetingThe activist investor explains himself in a 5,000-word letter.