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Empire State Building

  1. 7 Ways to Safely Celebrate the Holidays in NYCThe holiday magic never dims in NYC, and here’s where to find it.
  2. closings
    Heartland Brewery Is Set to Close Another LocationIs this the beginning of the end for the New York-born chain?
  3. light show
    The Empire State Building Is a 32-Story Election Tracker TonightWith election results, maps, campaign photos, animations, and social-media mosaics.
  4. best light
    That Photo of the Purple Empire State Building Was a HoaxSorry, Prince.
  5. boobs
    Topless Photography Not Welcome at Empire State BuildingIt’s legal in NYC, but you’ll still get sued.
  6. manhattan real estate
    A Slice of the Empire State Building Starts at $13The Empire State Realty Trust prices its IPO.
  7. buddies
    Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Should Post Buddy Photos Every DayBuddies being buddies.
  8. adaptations
    The Story of the Empire State Building Is Becoming a MovieCue the Jay Z.
  9. Man Learns Guns Not Welcome Atop Empire State BuildingThat’s why they have the metal detectors.
  10. manhattan real estate
    Thor Equities Wants in on the Empire State Building Bidding WarJoe Sitt ups the ante.
  11. Bidding War for Empire State Building Hits $2.1 BillionA “mystery Middle Eastern bidder” makes an offer.
  12. tall buildings
    You Can Buy a Piece of the Empire State Building NowYou won’t get discount tickets, though.
  13. material world
    5 Shopping Sprees So Wild, They Made HistoryMeet the millionaire shopaholics of yore.
  14. Coming Soon
    Empire State Building Will Get a New Restaurant Next YearIt’s going to be on the ground floor, though.
  15. election day
    CNN Covering Election on Empire State BuildingCNN is running “a vertical LED-illuminated ‘meter’” on the mast.
  16. The Value in ‘The Onion’s’ Response to the Empire State Building ShootingYou can read the full post here. (Before you react, I just want to point out that this was originally a post they had up yesterday. They had to […]
  17. empire state building
    The Empire State Building Will Glow Green for the Next Two Days To mark the end of Ramadan.
  18. talking about the weather
    Here’s a Photo of Lightning Striking the Empire State Building YesterdayBrought to you by Keith Olbermann.
  19. going green
    Empire State Building Green-ified6,500 new windows and 25,000 sensors later.
  20. very tall things
    Empire State Building Hush-hush on 1 WTCOdd …
  21. tallest building in new york
    One WTC Set to Top Empire State Building Within WeeksAlready within 40 feet of Empire State’s roof height.
  22. equal rites
    Two Same-Sex Couples Enjoy Arguably Tacky Wedding EqualityThey got married today on top of the Empire State Building.
  23. real estate
    The Empire State Building Is Going PublicThe company that owns the famous skyscraper filed for a $1 billion IPO today.
  24. lights out
    New York Landmarks Shutting Out the Lights for One Hour This EveningSome Times Square spots will be without electricity.
  25. photo op
    People Who Are in Better Shape Than You, Part XXVIIIThis man ran up 86 flights of stairs in ten minutes this afternoon.
  26. architecture
    The Ungainly Monoliths of Manhattan’s FutureThe Empire State Building is losing its splendid isolation, part of a crop of ungainly monoliths that will soon make up Manhattan’s skyline.
  27. face-lifts
    The Coming Skyscraper Boom: Shabby Manhattan Skyline Needs New BuildingsIs Manhattan poised for a skyscraper boom?
  28. very tall things
    Empire State Building–Blocking 15 Penn Plaza Approved by City CouncilA skyscraper grows in Manhattan.
  29. very tall things
    Is the Empire State Building As Special As It Thinks It Is?The battle for New York’s skyline.
  30. the summer of bedbugs
    Bedbugs Hit the Empire State BuildingThe vermin has made itself known, and it’s not going away just yet.
  31. the evil empire
    Empire State Building Owner Calls Decision ‘Final and Irrevocable’And takes a shot at Bill Donohue while he’s at it.
  32. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Defends Villains Du JourLeave Tony Hayward and the Empire State Building alone!
  33. symbolic lights
    The Empire State Building Dimmed Its Lights for the Pope in 2005So why won’t it light them for Mother Teresa?
  34. empire state building
    Christine Quinn, Catholic League Team Up in Honor of Mother TeresaEmpire State Building refuses to put up lights in honor of holy woman.
  35. sad things
    Man Leaps to His Death From Top of Empire State BuildingPlunges from 86th floor observation deck.
  36. neighborhood news
    Somebody Ran Up the Empire State Building in Under Eleven Minutes This MorningWhat have you done so far today?
  37. Openings
    Swank You Very Much: The Empire Room, Jane Hotel, and Hotel GriffouA new bar in the Empire State Building, details about Hotel Griffou, and what’s being served at the Jane Hotel’s new lounge.
  38. photo op
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Actually Show Up for Own Empire State Building LightingSplinter, naturally, stayed at home.
  39. neighborhood news
    Empire State Building to Turn Green for Turtle PowerAfter 25 years, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finally get their day above ground.
  40. geniuses
    Man Stunned to Be Punished for Attempting Illegal Jump Off Empire State Building’He expressed surprise and disappointment at the verdict.’
  41. tabloid mayhem
    Daily News Commits Crime, Admits ItIn an adorably obnoxious stunt, a reporter forged documents in order to transfer himself the deed to the Empire State Building.
  42. Super Mario
    ‘This Is Even Better Than Being Front-Row at U2!’Mario Batali turns the Empire State Building orange.
  43. Super Mario
    Orange Alert: Mario Batali Attacks Empire State BuildingThe building will be his favorite color on Monday. But it’s all for a good cause.
  44. cultural capital
    Empire State Building to Look Fierce This WeekendThis weekend, New York’s skyline is going to be a little more pink and purrrty, in honor of Mariah Carey.
  45. company town
    Rupert Murdoch Isn’t Ruining the ‘Journal’ — the Reporters AreMEDIA • You know how the stories in The Wall Street Journal have gotten punchier and shorter? Yeah, well, apparently it is not the great soft hand of Rupert Murdoch making these changes. The journalists are cleaving to him of their own free will. “Our people are doing this in advance, I think, to make him happy,” a reporter told the Washington Post. [WP] • “Is the Hillary Clinton campaign staffed with morons or do they just not care anymore? It is unbelievable that on the night before the Texas and Ohio (and Vermont and Rhode Island) primaries they would set up an impromptu press room in a freaking men’s bathroom, complete with urinals.” [HuffPo] • Fox and CNN to go head-to-head. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]
  46. photo op
    Also, There’s a Bright Golden Haze on Sheep Meadow Shot this morning by pmarella and happened across just now on Flickr. A cliché, sure. But a pretty one. Top of the World, Ma! [Pmarella’s Flickr]
  47. it just happened
    ESB Suicide Discovered When Leg Found on 33rd StreetThis just in from the Associated Press, and more than a bit disconcerting: NEW YORK (AP) — A man jumped to his death Friday out the window of a 69th-floor law office in the Empire State Building. Police responded to the New York City landmark shortly before 3 p.m. after a 911 caller reported seeing a severed leg — covered in a gray sock — on the street below. The rest of the body was recovered from a setback on the 30th floor. Apparently more than 30 people have jumped to their deaths from the 76-year-old tower. The AP does not report how many dismembered themselves in the process. Man Jumps to Death From Empire State Building [AP via NYT]
  48. the morning line
    DHS Now Officially Full of Shit• The federal formula used to allot New York its pitiful share of anti-terrorism funds has been officially discredited. A new GAO report says — in as many words — that Homeland Security officials lack methods to assess risk. Actuarial math aside, failure to classify the Empire State Building as a landmark was a bit of a giveaway. [NYDN] • In related news, the Empire State Building is America’s favorite piece of architecture, according to the American Institute of Architects poll. The White House is number two. [WNBC] • Meet Tom DiNapoli. As New York’s Chris Smith reported yesterday, state legislators reneged on a deal with Governor Spitzer and installed the assemblyman as the new state comptroller. On the upside, according to the Times, DiNapoli is apparently the nicest guy in Albany. [NYT] • The plot thickens in the Long Island fake-cop case. The con man in question not only wore fake uniform and a prop badge; he owned a car complete with a siren, maintained the cop identity 24/7, and shook down criminals for a living. [NYP] • And it’s official: The bankrupt Air America now belongs to real-estate mogul Stephen Green, brother of Mark. The price tag on the voice of the American Left? $4.25 million. We assume they threw in The Nation. [amNY]
  49. intel
    Stair Masters Some 216 brave souls high-stepped it up 86 floors in New York Road Runners 30th Annual Empire State Building Run-Up event yesterday morning. We caught up with four novice runners after they survived 1,576 quad-burning steps and a blast of nine-degree weather as they crossed the finish line on the observation deck — in just their sweat-soaked T-shirts and shorts.
  50. the know-it-all
    Random Fact of the Day: Don’t Worry About Falling Pennies Here’s a bit of information we’re passing on to you for no good reason except that we find it moderately interesting (and that it was sent to us by a pretty high-level editor at the magazine, and we feel we ought to humbly accept his advice): Contrary to received wisdom, a penny dropped from the Empire State Building cannot kill you. “A penny isn’t the most aerodynamic of weapons,” says the Website LiveScience, which is owned by the folks behind Space.com. “A combination of its shape and wind friction means that, tossed even from the 1,250-foot Empire State Building, it would travel fast enough merely to sting an unlucky pedestrian.” We’re thrilled to have one fewer thing to worry about as we journey through midtown. Now if LiveScience could only do something about crowds of slow-moving tourists. A Penny Dropped From the Top of a Tall Building Could Kill a Pedestrian [LiveScience]
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