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  1. today in eric adams
    Mayor Opens Airport, Demands End of TraumaPlease don’t be a mess near this man.
  2. crime
    The Return of New York’s Most Notorious CopsThe new mayor and police commissioner want to fight gun crime by bringing back anti-crime units, which were disbanded after a history of abuse.
  3. new york city
    What We Know About the Shooting of Two NYPD Officers in HarlemOfficer Jason Rivera, 22, was shot and killed in the line of duty in Harlem on Friday. Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, remains in critical condition.
  4. politics
    Of Course, Eric Adams Is Turning His Paycheck Into CryptoThe mayor once talked about getting paid in bitcoin, but he’ll have to settle for the next best thing.
  5. streets
    New York City Is Finally Getting Raised CrosswalksThey serve the dual purpose of slowing down drivers and making pedestrians more visible.
  6. today in eric adams
    What If We Stopped Drivers From Killing People?Doing very little hasn’t worked yet. What if we tried?
  7. today in eric adams
    The Celebrity Everyman at the Fruit StandMake that content!
  8. today in eric adams
    Greasing the Civilian-to-Soldier PipelineHave we figured out Eric Adams’s plan?
  9. the city politic
    ‘His First Week in Office Has Been Quite Extraordinary’The mayoralty of Eric Adams is very new — so why does it feel like so much has already happened?
  10. today in eric adams
    Eric Adams and His Spicy Subway FitEric Adams is keeping it surreal.
  11. today in eric adams
    Today in Eric Adams: The Mayor Demotes, Hires BrotherWho will watch the swagger man?
  12. politics
    Eric Adams Scales Back Brother’s Role in NYPDBernard Adams, a former police sergeant, will serve as executive director of mayoral security, which comes with a $210,000 salary.
  13. politics
    Adams Taps Ex-Cop Implicated in Bribery Scandal to Serve in City HallBanks was previously named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal corruption investigation.
  14. reopening
    Eric Adams Has Already Lost New York’s Restaurant WorkersThat was fast!
  15. politics
    The HoneymoonersUnlike their predecessors, Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams get along. Can it last?
  16. criminal justice
    Alvin Bragg to Do Away With Prison Time for Most CrimesThe new Manhattan DA will stop prosecuting lower-level offenses ranging from prostitution to fare evasion.
  17. nyc schools
    Eric Adams Really Wants to Keep NYC Schools OpenThat may be easier said than done amid an Omicron tsunami.
  18. the city politic
    Mayor Adams’s Big, Beaming DebutAfter the old mayor dropped the ball, Eric Adams vowed a New Year’s comeback for the city he now runs. It’s not yet clear what that will entail.
  19. the city politic
    A New Mayor, a New BeginningAs the curtain rises on the Adams administration, it’s worth looking back at how previous mayors have handled the act of taking office.
  20. our mayor
    Eric Adams Is Returning His Well-worn Borough Hall Mattress to AideYou know, the one he’s had in his office for the past two years.
  21. getting around
    The New Department of Transportation Commissioner Is a Clear ImprovementYdanis Rodriguez has a long track record of pushing safer streets policies in New York City, unlike his predecessor.
  22. covid-19
    New York’s Hospitals Are WaitingWhat they think about the arrival of Omicron.
  23. the city politic
    The Education of Eric AdamsWhen the new mayor takes office, keep a close eye on what happens in New York City schools.
  24. new york city
    Eric Adams Names Keechant Sewell First-Ever Female NYPD CommissionerSewell, the Nassau County chief of detectives, was officially named to the position on Wednesday.
  25. our mayor
    Eric Adams and Just His Mattress Are Moving to Gracie MansionThere will be no West Elm for this mayor-elect.
  26. politics
    Eric Adams Celebrates Hanukkah at a Chabad House in GhanaThis is like Mad Libs.
  27. eric’s trip
    Eric Adams Jets Off AgainWith his trip to Ghana this week, the incoming mayor has gone on three international outings since the primary.
  28. hizzoner
    Eric Adams Flies Air CryptoPolitico reports the next mayor traveled to Puerto Rico with the controversial billionaire Brock Pierce, who is advising him on crypto.
  29. new york city
    Eric Adams Gives Stephen Colbert a Bag of ‘Weed’As expected from his celebrity-filled victory lap, the mayor-elect had some fun with his late-night hit.
  30. crypto
    Could Eric Adams Actually Be Paid in Bitcoin?Today’s boast could be tomorrow’s reality.
  31. the city politic
    Eric Adams Needs to Knock Off the Globe-trottingThe mayor-elect’s frequent international jaunts could come at a political cost.
  32. school mask mandates
    Eric Adams Already Has Big Ideas for New York City SchoolsThe incoming mayor said he wants to end school mask mandates if it can “be done with the science” and wants to start teaching cryptocurrency to kids.
  33. eric adams
    We Finally Have Our First Crypto-Bro MayorEric Adams wants to get paid in bitcoin, at least for a while.
  34. the city politic
    What It Means That New York Just Elected Its Second Black MayorA generation after David Dinkins made history, Eric Adams won in an atmosphere of almost casual inevitability.
  35. nightlife
    I Hung Out With Both Curtis Sliwa and Eric Adams on Election NightIt was the best of parties, it was the worst of parties.
  36. winning
    Eric Adams’s Victory Tour Is UnderwayAfter a 40-point win, he all but promised to be a mayor that will keep the attention of New Yorkers.
  37. politics
    Eric Adams Romps to Victory As the Next Mayor of New YorkThe ex-cop who ran on fighting crime and reforming police at the same time is now poised to be the city’s strongest leader in generations.
  38. politics
    What the Mayoral Candidates Brought With Them to the PollsEric Adams carried a photo of his late mother with him into the polling place. Curtis Sliwa brought one of his 16 cats.
  39. politics
    Will Tuesday Change How We Talk About Crime?Election Day promises new left-wing mayors with plans to deliver the promise of last summer’s protests by redefining “public safety.”
  40. the city politic
    Who Will Be Eric Adams’s Partner in Power?City Council Speaker is an extremely powerful position that can help shape a political era in NYC. But it’s not on the ballot.
  41. nyc mayoral race
    Key Moments From the Second New York City Mayoral DebateSliwa yelled at Adams, Adams ignored Sliwa, and both insulted de Blasio in the final contest of the 2021 mayoral race.
  42. the city politic
    Eric Adams Has Already WonBeloved from East Brooklyn to Billionaires’ Row, he is poised to be the most powerful mayor in decades. But who is he?
  43. nyc mayoral race
    Key Moments From the First New York City Mayoral DebateHighlights and noted insults from the first contest between Democratic front-runner Eric Adams and Republican long shot Curtis Sliwa.
  44. politics
    Whistleblower Cop Says Eric Adams’s Sexist Smear Job Ruined Her LifeHe accused a female officer who exposed a dirty cop of doing it because she was a scorned lover, and showed a photo of her in a bikini.
  45. education
    Will Ending Gifted and Talented Programs Help Desegregate Schools?Even parents and advocates of the programs acknowledge how much they have disadvantaged Black and brown students.
  46. the city politic
    De Blasio Could Have a Great Final Act — Under One ConditionThe mayor can’t let his gubernatorial dreams prevent him from making tough political decisions.
  47. the city politic
    Eric Adams Isn’t Expecting a HoneymoonHe predicts that he will be misunderstood, even heckled. At first, anyway.
  48. pop quiz
    We Asked Curtis Sliwa to Name All 16 of His CatsAn unusual challenge for an unusual Republican candidate for New York City mayor.
  49. forgotten new york
    The Forgotten City Hall RiotIn 1992, thousands of drunken cops raged against the mayor of New York — leaving an indelible mark on the city’s likely next mayor.
  50. de mayor
    Bill de Blasio’s Most Severe Senioritis SymptomsThe mayor has been dressing down, riding roller coasters, demolishing dirt bikes, and generally enjoying his final months in office — maybe too much.
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