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  1. politics
    Eric Adams Now Incredibly Unpopular, Poll ShowsOnly 28 percent of New Yorkers approve of the job that Adams is doing, which is a record low for a New York City mayor.
  2. the city politic
    Adams Cuts the Budget and Puts Himself on the Chopping BlockSlashing services might be a bigger problem than a criminal investigation, and potential challengers are getting more interested in 2025.
  3. getting around
    Huge Hunks of Concrete Are Key to the Mayor’s Plan for Safer IntersectionsNot all approaches to “daylighting” are created equal.
  4. politics
    Eric Adams’s Troubles Extend to the PollsA new Marist poll found that 72 percent of New Yorkers polled believe Adams did something illegal or unethical in his dealings with Turkey.
  5. the city politic
    Would Andrew Cuomo Really Run for Mayor?He’s definitely been musing about replacing Eric Adams, but there’s another job he wants more.
  6. the city politic
    Eric Adams Is Battling for His Political LifeBut if history is any guide, don’t count him out yet.
  7. what we know
    Eric Adams Has a Lot of Ties to TurkeyHe reportedly helped clear red tape for the Turkish consulate’s new high-rise in 2021. It’s just one of mayor’s various links to the country.
  8. our mayor
    ‘Pretty Normal Mode of Operation’The real-estate world can’t see the problem with Eric Adams’s fire-code meddling.
  9. what we know
    What We Know About the Criminal Investigation Into Eric Adams’s CampaignFederal investigators are digging into the campaign’s possible links to Turkish money, but so far no one has been accused of wrongdoing.
  10. the city politic
    How a New York City Councilwoman Lost Her Job for Doing the Right ThingThe surprise election defeat of the Bronx’s Marjorie Velázquez is a bad sign for affordable housing.
  11. politics
    Eric Adams Got Stopped by the FBIFederal agents stopped him and seized at least two cell phones and an iPad as part of the growing inquiry into Turkish money and his campaign.
  12. our mayor
    The FBI’s Eric Adams Probe Focuses on Brooklyn Construction FirmKSK has ties to Turkey and is mostly been known for its unremarkable luxury buildings.
  13. the city politic
    Of Course This Is Happening to Eric AdamsDogged by investigations for his entire political life, the mayor encounters the biggest one yet.
  14. war at home
    Feeling Exposed in Little YemenMembers of a Bronx mosque met with the NYPD to talk about protecting their community. And why police seem to ignore their calls.
  15. politics
    FBI Investigating Adams Campaign Donations Tied to TurkeyAuthorities searched the home of a fundraiser for the mayor as part of a larger inquiry into whether the Adams campaign received illegal donations.
  16. the city politic
    The Left Can’t Find Anyone to Challenge Eric AdamsProgressives talk candidly about their 2025 anxiety, especially around race.
  17. politics
    Top Adams Adviser Under Investigation for Allegedly Shoving GuardThe Department of Investigation launched an inquiry into Timothy Pearson following an altercation with a migrant shelter guard earlier this month.
  18. getting around
    The Deadly School-Zone CrossingThe deaths of a 7-year-old in Fort Greene and a Woodhaven crossing guard were preventable and predictable.
  19. the city politic
    An Egregious NYPD Cover-up Poses a Moral Test for Eric AdamsThe mayor and his police commissioner must take action against the two cops who killed Kawaski Trawick.
  20. trash
    Small-Building Owners Will Soon Join New York City’s War on TrashMost of the city’s residential buildings will be covered by DSNY’s newest containerization rule.
  21. the city politic
    Some Advice to Eric Adams on Handling EmergenciesBe there when necessary. Use the media smartly. And always tell the truth.
  22. politics
    Eric Adams Was Missing During a Natural Disaster — AgainThis is becoming a pattern.
  23. members only
    Just Who Is Getting ‘Purged’ From Casa Cipriani?The private club has been accused of abruptly dumping members it deems not elite enough.
  24. developing
    Eric Adams’s Big Housing Plan Is 100 Small Ideas in a TrenchcoatA lot of them are good. But can he push them through neighborhood resistance?
  25. politics
    Joe Biden and Eric Adams Don’t Seem to Be on Speaking TermsThe president met with Governor Hochul during his trip to New York this week — but not his mayoral antagonist.
  26. the city politic
    The Unwise GuyA top official in the Adams administration gambled with the mob and, allegedly, took bribes.
  27. schools
    Did New York City Forget How to Teach Children to Read?This fall, Eric Adams is pivoting to phonics.
  28. the city politic
    What Eric Adams Is Getting Wrong About the Migrant CrisisYes, it’s a huge challenge. No, it’s not going to “destroy” New York City.
  29. politics
    Adams Weirdly Says Migrant Crisis Will ‘Destroy New York City’During a town hall meeting on the Upper West Side Wednesday night, the mayor said he doesn’t “see an ending” to the problem.
  30. politics
    The Week the Migrant Backlash Turned Into RageFrom Gracie Mansion to Staten Island, protests are growing and getting ugly.
  31. are u coming?
    Is There a Serial Killer Stalking the Brooklyn Mirage?Or maybe this EDM club is just too big and messy.
  32. politics
    Hochul to Feds: The Migrant Crisis Is Your ProblemThe governor has sent President Biden a letter asking for additional funds and requesting expedited work authorizations for asylum seekers.
  33. politics
    Poll: New Yorkers Aren’t Thrilled With Anyone or AnythingA Siena College poll found that a majority of voters see the migrant crisis as a serious problem and give leaders low marks for their handling of it.
  34. right to shelter
    ‘We Can’t Sleep Because of the Worry’Overnight at the Roosevelt Hotel, where hundreds of migrants are still waiting for somewhere to go.
  35. the city politic
    With One Easy Trick, Eric Adams Can Fix NYC’s Housing LotteryIt’s time to let go of a city policy that promotes segregated neighborhoods.
  36. local
    Asylum Seekers Are Sleeping on Buses Outside the Roosevelt HotelAn intake center at the Roosevelt Hotel reached capacity, forcing asylum seekers to take shelter in buses over the weekend.
  37. politics
    Who Is Edward Caban, the New NYPD Commissioner?He has been a member of the department since 1991 and will be the first Latino commissioner in NYPD history.
  38. getting around
    So Is the BQE Going to Collapse?Talking to the former chief engineer of the DOT about highway nightmare scenarios and the long, long road to a real fix.
  39. politics
    6 Indicted in Scheme to Help Elect Eric AdamsOne of the defendants is reportedly friendly with Adams, but the mayor himself is not implicated.
  40. politics
    Weathered Photo Eric Adams Keeps in Wallet Reportedly Created by AidesThe mayor said he’s kept a photo of a fallen officer in his wallet for decades. But sources told the Times it’s a new image doctored to look old.
  41. the city politic
    London Breed and Eric Adams Built Their Own Doom LoopBoth mayors may end up paying a price for telling voters that crime was worse in their cities than it actually was.
  42. the city politic
    A Make-or-Break Moment for Public Housing in New York CityA promising $1.5 billion plan to demolish and rebuild two projects in the heart of Chelsea is an important test for local leaders.
  43. the city politic
    Eric Adams, MicromanagerIt’s clearer than ever that he’s running New York on his own.
  44. politics
    Adams Gives No Explanation for Sewell ResignationThe mayor downplayed reports that his administration micromanaged Sewell and suggested the local media didn’t “show her love” when she was here.
  45. just asking questions
    Bill de Blasio on Post-Mayoral Life and His Biggest Regrets (Groundhog Included)The candid ex-pol stands firmly by his record but wishes he hadn’t been so stubborn while in office.
  46. politics
    Keechant Sewell to Step Down As NYPD CommissionerTensions reportedly grew between her and Eric Adams over alleged micromanagement from City Hall.
  47. housing
    Can New York City Even Enforce Its Airbnb Rules?Staffing shortages under Mayor Adams are making implementation difficult, according to city councilmembers.
  48. canada wildfires
    What New York Should Do Next Time There’s SmokeAccording to the experts, basically the exact opposite of what we did this time.
  49. canada wildfires
    Learning to Live in the SmokeWhat six years of California’s worst wildfires, and two kids, have taught me about getting by.
  50. crime
    Eric Adams’s New NYPD Units Are Engaged in Illegal Stop and FriskThe notorious anti-crime squads were rebranded, but a federal monitor finds they routinely violated Black and brown people’s rights.
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