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  1. the city politic
    Are Eric Adams’s Big Plans for the City Still Too Small?As he enters his second year in office, Adams is sticking with his grind-it-out approach to governing.
  2. politics
    Eric Adams’s Approval Rating Is FallingCrime is the top issue for New Yorkers, and very few say it’s gotten better under his watch.
  3. tyre nichols
    Eric Adams Defends Specialized Police Units Following Tyre Nichols CaseThe New York mayor said that, while he did not want to second-guess the decision to disband Memphis’s SCORPION unit, “units don’t create abuse.”
  4. streets
    Clearing Vendors From the Brooklyn Bridge Won’t Solve Its Overcrowding ProblemThe bridge deserves a more comprehensive plan.
  5. state of the city
    Working for New York City When Everyone Else Is LeavingEmpty cubicles, giant caseloads that leave low-income tenants without rent aid, and “no end in sight.”
  6. crime
    Here’s Why Everything at Walgreens Is Suddenly Behind PlasticThe recent spike in shoplifting is both overblown and real. And almost everyone is profiting from it (including you).
  7. diary of a hospital
    Eric Adams’s Plan to Commit the Homeless Has Little Meaning in the ERPeople who are unhoused already use the city’s hospitals all the time.
  8. politics
    Adams Says New York ‘Cannot Take More’ Asylum SeekersDuring a recent trip to the southern border, Adams called on the federal government to provide more support to cities that have taken in migrants.
  9. rats
    ‘We Were Killing Them With These Little Pitchforks’Talking to Matt Deodato, rat specialist.
  10. mysteries
    Why Can’t We Figure Out Where Politicians Live?Lester Chang and George Santos are just the latest.
  11. rodent trouble
    Curtis Sliwa Has Solution for Eric Adams’s Rat Problem: Two CatsThe Guardian Angels founder on his offer to set up a small feral-cat colony to fix the rodent problem on the mayor’s block in Bed-Stuy.
  12. our mayor
    Eric Adams Has More RatsEven his patented rat bucket didn’t solve the problem.
  13. goodbye 2022
    The Year in RentBreaking down the 12 months in which everything got more expensive, then more expensive, and then even more expensive.
  14. street view
    Can the Hochul-Adams New New York Actually Happen?The Hochul-Adams mission statement is big on sweeping ideas — and way short on explaining how any of this happens.
  15. the city politic
    Eric Adams Has a Goal on Mental Illness — But He Needs a PlanHe wants to involuntarily hospitalize those with the most serious problems. Does he understand the challenges he’ll face?
  16. first person
    I Lost My Brother TwiceFirst to schizophrenia, then forever to the city.
  17. just asking questions
    How Frighteningly Strong Meth Has Supercharged HomelessnessJournalist Sam Quinones on the radically transformed picture of drug addiction in America.
  18. our mayor
    Eric Adams Has RatsAccording to an unpaid summons for his Bed-Stuy townhouse.
  19. ‘i can do my time’
    Why Was Eric Adams Really in Qatar?The mayor went to some World Cup matches, met investors, and didn’t appear to say much about the tournament’s alleged abuses.
  20. reasons to love new york
    Eric Adams Is Certainly Enjoying HimselfPerformance is an inherent part of politics. But perhaps no prior mayor has ever leaned so far into spectacle.
  21. urban fauna
    The City’s Listing for a Rat Director Is a Bit MuchThe right candidate will have a “general aura of badassery.”
  22. politics
    Eric Adams Says His Upcoming Trip to Qatar Is ‘On My Dime’The mayor is set to travel to Doha, Qatar, in preparation for New York City to serve as a host city for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
  23. migrant crisis
    Eric Adams Closes His Big Tent on Randall’s IslandMigrants are moving to hotels, which is what many advocates asked for in the first place.
  24. city agencies
    The Department of Buildings Seems Like a Mess Right NowThe Buildings commissioner was just interviewed in relation to an illegal gambling investigation, and that’s just the half of it.
  25. politics
    It Took 157 Years, But New York Has a Female Fire CommissionerMayor Eric Adams officially appointed Laura Kavanagh, who has been serving as the interim fire commissioner since February.
  26. the city politic
    The Banks Administration Inside the Adams AdministrationDavid Banks is serious about turning around New York’s schools. And it’s just one part of his family’s political project.
  27. it’s his town
    Things Eric Adams Has Called ‘My’My cops, my nightlife, my Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
  28. migrant crisis
    The Randalls Island Migrant Shelter Is Looking a Lot Less Temporary“There is no limit to how long people that are seeking asylum can stay in this facility.”
  29. haunted
    I Brought a Medium to Gracie MansionThe mayor says there are ghosts. I wanted to believe.
  30. migrant crisis
    Is Moving Migrants to Randalls Island a Solution?Critics of the plan say the mayor is swapping one isolated floodplain for another.
  31. parks and recreation
    The City Quietly Stopped Pruning a Lot of Its TreesAnd now it’s hurricane season.
  32. the city politic
    New York’s Leaders Are Sleeping Through a Housing EmergencyThe political response should reflect the size and speed of the worsening crisis. It hasn’t even come close.
  33. society pages
    Eric Adams, Shouldn’t You Be Working?The party mayor and Anna Wintour kicked off Fashion Week with cocktails at Gracie Mansion.
  34. our mayor
    Who Are the Petrosyants Brothers?Eric Adams’s friends are also the city’s most unconventional restaurant power brokers.
  35. profile
    The Tragedy of Jayquan McKenleyHe wanted to be a drill star. He became a symbol in a culture war instead.
  36. getting around
    Eric Adams vs. New York’s Greatest Boat RidePay the Staten Island Ferry staff, please.
  37. the city politic
    A Kid Accused of a Crime Is Still a KidYoung New Yorkers should be protected from the inequities of the criminal-justice system, not demonized by the mayor for cheap political points.
  38. the unhoused
    Trump’s Grotesque Plan to ‘End Homelessness’ Is Already Mainstream PolicyAmong plenty of Democrats, too.
  39. urban fauna
    Rat Dinnertime May Be Pushed Back by 4 HoursWhat is this, Europe?
  40. getting around
    We’ve Surrendered the Subway to the FloodThe water is winning.
  41. the city politic
    Brooklyn’s Democratic Boss Is Taking a Step Back — for the Happiest of ReasonsRodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn isn’t done with politics though.
  42. the return to the office
    No One Wants to Work for New York City AnymoreBlame the office, among other things.
  43. the city politic
    Where Is Phil Banks?Eric Adams’s man in charge of public safety hasn’t talked to the public once, and veteran observers can’t tell what he’s doing.
  44. the real estate
    The Woo-woo Agents of Real EstateCan unblocking your chakras get you a house? Maybe!
  45. nypd
    The NYPD Changed Its Fitness-Test RequirementsAnd some cops are upset about it.
  46. the city politic
    Waiting (and Waiting) for an Adams DoctrineSix months into a highly energetic mayoralty, how has Eric Adams changed the city — if at all?
  47. crime
    A Mother Pushing a Stroller Was Shot and Killed in ManhattanInvestigators say 20-year-old Azsia Johnson was shot at “very close range” while on the Upper East Side Wednesday night.
  48. our mayor
    Eric Adams Tracks Homeless Encampments on a Google DocIt’s his “system,” and he gets mad when police don’t use it.
  49. our mayor
    Meet Eric Adams’s Other Brooklyn ApartmentAn unofficial tour of the Prospect Heights co-op he forgot he still owned.
  50. getting around
    Bring on the SUV CrushingIf New York City wants to do safety spectacle, let’s go big.
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