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  1. ethics
    What Really Caused ‘America’s Best Burger Place’ to Shut Down?What the viral Thrillist article about Bar Stanich left out.
  2. It Might Be Impossible to Be an Ethical Sports FanWhat should we do when good players are bad people?
  3. Business Insider Retracted a Bad Piece — and Set a Terrible PrecedentThere’s a reason retractions are so rare in journalism — and for the health and vibrancy of the craft, they need to stay that way.
  4. Scandalous EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Finally ResignsPruitt heads off to the Scandal-Ridden Cabinet Members Hall of Fame, without so much as a moment’s acknowledgement of his misdeeds from the president.
  5. drain the swamp
    Scott Pruitt’s Lobbyist Landlord Tried to Get EPA Job for FriendNewly released emails reveal Vicki and J. Stephen Hart’s correspondence with, and requests of, Pruitt and his chief of staff.
  6. Pruitt Used Position and Staff to Pursue a Chick-fil-A Franchise for His WifeThe EPA administrator is building an amazing record of abusing public resources for private gain and comfort.
  7. Embattled Congressman Accused of Turning Staff Into His Personal ServantsVirginia’s Tom Garrett was already struggling to win reelection. A report that he and his wife routinely used staff for personal chores won’t help.
  8. select all
    How Storyful Kept a Very Close Eye on What Journalists Looked AtA social-media aggregator monitored what journalists were looking at, hoping to gain an edge on what content was about to go viral.
  9. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Finally Gets Her Own Ethics ScandalHer many interviews with her shipping magnate father feature the Transportation Department emblem and highlight her government connections.
  10. EPA Chief Got Sweetheart Deal From Lobbyist LandlordScott Pruitt has been renting a one-bedroom luxury condo in prime D.C. for $50 a night (a sum he doesn’t have to pay on nights he’s out of town).
  11. Trump Org Donates $151,000 in Foreign Profits to U.S. TreasuryCritics say the donations are an admission that Trump violated the foreign emoluments clause.
  12. conflicts of interest
    Are Foreign Payments to Trump’s Businesses Unconstitutional? We’ll Find Out.A federal judge in Manhattan heard arguments on whether Trump’s business profits violate the obscure foreign emoluments clause.
  13. Democrat: Kushner ‘Enriched Himself’ by Lying on DisclosureCalifornia’s Ted Lieu says Jared Kushner made millions by hiding his stake in a start-up.
  14. ethics
    House Ethics Office: ‘Substantial Reason’ to Think Collins Broke the LawThe panel found issues with the New York Republican’s efforts to promote a biotech company he is invested in.
  15. ethics
    Tom Price Used Private Jets for Trips That Mixed Business With PleasureHis “demanding schedule” did not allow for commercial flights — but included lunch with his son and arriving at a resort 40 hours early.
  16. ethics
    HHS: Tom Price Spent $300K on Private Jets Because He’s a Man of the PeopleWhen asked why he took 24 flights on private charter planes since May, HHS said Price is “focused on hearing from Americans across the country.”
  17. Health Sec. Tom Price, Critic of Wasteful Spending, Insists on Flying PrivateJust last week, Price flew on a chartered jet to Philadelphia, spending tens of thousands of dollars to travel 135 miles.
  18. The Trump Admin Won’t Release Names of Mar-a-Lago Guests, Despite Court OrderThe Justice Department turned over the names of only 22 guests, all of them staffers for Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
  19. Trump’s ‘USA’ Hat Criticized by Ethics Group and Those Who Don’t Like Ugly HatsThe president has spent this week promoting a hat that his campaign is selling for $40.
  20. DOJ Ethics Watchdog Resigns Because Trump Made Her Feel Like a HypocriteHolding companies responsible for complying with ethics laws felt like “shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic,” Hui Chen wrote.
  21. Trump Drains Swamp by Granting Ethics Waivers to Many White House StaffersHe had been granting the waivers in secret, and clashed with the Office of Government Ethics over its effort to make them public.
  22. The Trump Administration Has Declared War on the Office of Government EthicsThe office asked the White House to disclose any ethics waivers it provided to ex-lobbyists. The White House said the office can’t make them do that.
  23. select all
    Covering Your Ass Legally and Covering Your Ass Ethically Are Not the Same Thing“It’s in the terms of service” is a flimsy excuse.
  24. Team Trump Scrapped Ethics Training Program for Incoming White House StaffersIt was the kind of course that may have prevented a senior adviser from promoting the first daughter’s clothing line from inside the White House.
  25. White House: Kellyanne Conway Was Trying to Stand Up for Ivanka With EndorsementIn a new letter, the White House says Kellyanne Conway’s endorsement was made “without nefarious motive.”
  26. Watchdog Hits Kellyanne Conway With Formal Ethics ComplaintThe complaint says she violated federal law with her comments about Ivanka Trump’s line.
  27. WATCH: This Elephant Sanctuary Is Trying to Save Elephants From HumansIt acts as a retirement home for overworked and injured elephants.
  28. ethics
    Things Are Looking Up for Donald Trump’s U.S. BusinessesWhatever other chaos is in store for America, you can rest assured that Trump is doing fine, financially.
  29. ethics
    The GSA Canceled a Planned Statement About Trump’s Hotel-Lease IssuePerhaps the single most obvious legal and ethical issue facing the Trump presidency will, for now at least, remain unresolved.
  30. ethics
    Chaffetz Goes After Ethics Watchdog Who Dared to Criticize TrumpEarlier this week, the House Oversight Committee chairman vowed that he wouldn’t defend Trump at every turn.
  31. ethics
    Ethics Office Struggling to Vet Trump’s Cabinet Picks, Warns Against GOP RushThe head of the Office of Government Ethics says GOP lawmakers are pushing ahead with hearings before the required background checks can be completed.
  32. who are we to judge
    Let’s Talk About the Ethics of Passengers’ Big TwistIn space, no one can hear you debate deontological ethics.
  33. Jimmy Fallon’s Trump Interview Was the Opposite of InoffensiveFallon’s interview was satire in its most irresponsible form.
  34. now smell this
    What Does Female Empowerment Smell Like?Should it be floral?
  35. People Would Generally Prefer Your Self-Driving Car Kill You, Instead of ThemHmmmmm.
  36. It’s Easier to Like the Office Jerk If They’re Good at Their JobCompetence, ethics, and likability are a messy triangle.
  37. Scientists Discuss Synthetic Human Genomes in Secret, Scientists-Only MeetingThis turns out to be a reliable way to draw public attention to your private meeting about the future of human genetics.
  38. oh florida
    Florida Mayor Pays $4,000 Fine in Loose ChangeBuckets and buckets of pennies
  39. technology
    Your Driverless Car Could Be Programmed to Kill YouAdventures in the ethics of autonomous vehicles.
  40. the future
    Genetic Engineering for Our Babies Is RealA new gene-editing technique makes “designer babies” seem like the least of our worries.
  41. work
    Disgusting Environments Lead to Unethical Behavior Reminders of cleanliness seem to promote cooperation. 
  42. The Other Critics
    Food Critics’ Group Acknowledges the Internet, Revises Ethics CodeCompeting with bloggers, and staying anonymous, is tough these days.
  43. scandal-stained wretches
    Shilling for Malaysia Is Pretty Nice Work If You Can Get ItA conservative commentator got shady content into HuffPo.
  44. scandals
    Andrew Cuomo’s Ethics Committee Chair Accused of Acting UnethicallyShe may have improperly helped her maid receive welfare.
  45. andrew cuomo
    Governor Cuomo: Not Just a Car Guy, Also a Plane GuyHe flies back and forth to work sometimes. Not everyone likes this.
  46. rangeling
    Ethics Committee Recommends Censure for RangelThe House will vote on the issue after Thanksgiving.
  47. rangeling
    Rangel Ruled to Have Violated Ethics RulesA House ethics panel today convicted the Representative on eleven of the charges against him.
  48. crimes and misdemeanors
    Maxine Waters Declares InnocenceLike Rangel, she’s wondering why it’s taking so long to start the trial.
  49. charlie rangel
    President Obama Hopes Charlie Rangel Ends His Career ‘With Dignity’But will Rangel be ending his career at all?
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    After All That, Charlie Rangel Might Just Get a Little Slap on the WristAn ethics subcommittee recommends a reprimand.
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