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  1. good one podcast
    The Story Behind Eugene Mirman’s Hilarious Viral Parking-Ticket Open LetterThe Bob’s Burgers star talks about his viral letter to a New Hampshire town on the Good One podcast.
  2. Talking ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and ‘Hold On’ with Eugene MirmanYou know when you’re in the middle of telling a good story and your friend interrupts you to ask for more details? Eugene Mirman is that […]
  3. Eugene Mirman’s Storytelling Show ‘Hold On’ Launches as a Podcast Next WeekEugene Mirman’s storytelling series Hold On is launching as a podcast next week. Here’s the logline for the series, which debuted on Audible […]
  4. Check Out the Trailer for Michael Ian Black’s ‘Debate Wars’There’s no doubt, people love to argue. Trump vs Hillary, NYC vs LA, cats vs dogs – everyone’s got an opinion. So who better to settle such […]
  5. Watch a Clip from Seeso’s ‘The Comedy Show Show’ Featuring Phoebe RobinsonSeeso has a brand new show premiering today called The Comedy Show Show, which “highlights the best themed comedy shows across the US, from […]
  6. The 10 Best Standup Specials and Albums of 2015 Of all the things to celebrate in comedy this year, the resilience and power of standup’s cherished documents – the album and the TV special […]
  7. Eugene Mirman Is the Best Kind of RidiculousBasking in the afterglow of his most recent Netflix special, Vegan on His Way to the Complain Store, and his increased global popularity from […]
  8. Eugene Mirman’s New 7-LP Comedy Album ‘I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome)’ Is Very […]Eugene Mirman is certainly not new to the game of selling handcrafted, one-of-a-kind products online, but his latest offering might go down as […]
  9. ‘Eugene Mirman: Vegan on His Way to the Complain Store’ Is Now on NetflixLast week, Eugene Mirman made headlines after he took out a full-page ad to protest a $15 parking ticket in New Hampshire, but that’s not the […]
  10. Eugene Mirman Took Out a Full-Page Ad Over a $15 Parking TicketEugene Mirman recently had an unfortunate experience while visiting Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and as he is known to do, he decided to deal […]
  11. parking tickets
    Eugene Mirman Knows the Best Way to Deal With Parking TicketsFull-page local-newspaper ads!
  12. The 2015 Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Announces Its LineupThe Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival returns next month in Boston and Cambridge, and the full schedule was announced today. The festival takes […]
  13. Eugene Mirman Reviews a Bunch of Farts for ‘Vulture’Proving that “if people are polite, I don’t mind doing whatever,” comedian and Bob’s Burgers voice actor Eugene Mirman recently agreed to […]
  14. farts
    Bob’s Burgers’ Eugene Mirman Very Seriously Reviews FartsThe voice of Gene Belcher opines on bottom-toots.
  15. The Cast of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Is Going on a Live Tour in MarchFox’s Bob’s Burgers is hitting the road. The show revealed today that creator and executive producer Loren Bouchard will join voice cast H. Jon […]
  16. Treat Yourself to a Mystery Sack from H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman’s […]H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman just opened up an online store. Called Flotsam General Store, the “post-structural online shopping […]
  17. Eugene Mirman Makes the Coolest Malt Liquor Ad Ever on ‘The Approval […] brightcove.createExperiences(); Here’s a sneak peek at Monday night’s episode of SundanceTV’s The Approval […]
  18. The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Announces Its 2014 LineupThe seventh annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is set to take place at The Bell House and Union Hall in Brooklyn next month from September […]
  19. ‘The New Yorker’ Profiles Eugene Mirman’s Live Version of ‘StarTalk’“Throughout the show, these jokes created pauses for laughter, welcome little breaks in the onslaught of science, that allowed our brains to […]
  20. Eugene Mirman on The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival and WhiteHouse.Gov […]Eugene Mirman is a master of incorporating his absurd humor into places you wouldn’t expect to find it. Whether he’s making silly […]
  21. Eugene Mirman Talks About the Most Awkward Time He Was Recognized in Public Here’s a clip from A Night at Whiplash in which Eugene Mirman tells a story of being recognized in Guitar Center. It gets a little […]
  22. mistaken for strangers
    Video: The Time Eugene Mirman Got Mistaken for HimselfYou don’t need to tell Eugene Mirman that the Bob’s Burgers kid shops at your store.
  23. ‘Eugene Mirman Day’ Is Now an Official Holiday in the City of BostonComedian Eugene Mirman now has his own holiday. The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is in Boston this weekend, and in honor of that, Boston Mayor […]
  24. Ken Burns Made a Short Documentary About Eugene Mirman Here’s a mini-documentary that Ken Burns made about Eugene Mirman for Hampshire College, a school they both attended. Watch Ken Burns bring […]
  25. Watch Eugene Mirman Do Standup on ‘Late Night’Eugene Mirman was Late Night’s featured standup last night, and if the concept of sad Gandalfs, “Get Out of Hell Free” cards, or Mirman’s […]
  26. Support Eugene Mirman’s Uganda Petition on the White House Website (2ND […]Comedian Eugene Mirman managed to sneak a vulgar petition past the folks at the open petition section of The White House’s website. Mirman […]
  27. Eugene Mirman, Ira Glass, and Yo La Tengo Star in a Music Video for a Cool […] Here’s “Toymageddon,” the first video from the upcoming comedy and music album, 2776. The album, from The Daily Show’s Rob Kutner and the […]
  28. Talking to Eugene Mirman About The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, ‘Bob’s […]It’s going to be an exciting weekend for Eugene Mirman. Not only is Bob’s Burgers, the Fox animated comedy he lends his voice to, returning for […]
  29. The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Announces Its LineupEugene Mirman’s comedy festival, aptly titled Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, just announced its 2013 lineup, and it’s full of great comedians […]
  30. Help Eugene Mirman Get Samuel L. Jackson to Read a Monologue He WroteYesterday, Samuel L. Jackson asked the Reddit community to write him a 300-word monologue, promising that he’ll record a video of himself […]
  31. Jon Glaser on Being One of the Last Comedians Left in New York“It’s weird. I mean, I bumped into Michael Showalter on the subway and we were having that discussion and came up with the funny idea of some […]
  32. comics talk to comics
    Eugene Mirman Interviews Jon GlaserGet a glimpse at Glaser’s future as the improv king of Cancun.
  33. Eugene Mirman’s Reddit AMA Session Got Really WeirdComedian Eugene Mirman did a question-and-answer session on Reddit today, and things instantly got super weird. Right off the bat, Mirman was […]
  34. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Eugene Mirman - An Evening of Comedy in a […]Maybe you know Brooklyn comedian Eugene Mirman from his stand up or variety show hosting gigs, or perhaps you recognize his voice as weird kid […]
  35. That’s a Thing: How Eugene Mirman Cut His Own Path in ComedyEugene Mirman’s first hour-long Comedy Central special, Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy In a Fake Underground Laboratory, will be arriving […]
  36. Eugene Mirman’s First Hour-Long Comedy Special Will Be in a Fake […]Eugene Mirman just announced on Twitter that his first hour-long standup special, Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground […]
  37. Neil deGrasse Tyson Teaches Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, and John […] Here’s StarTalk Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new web show, which premiered this week on the Nerdist Network. It’s based on Tyson’s podcast of the […]
  38. Jon Benjamin ‘Legtimately Annoyed’ by His Fellow ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Cast […]“I am legitimately annoyed by the other [Bob’s Burgers] actors a huge part of the time… Recording sessions for [creator] Loren [Bouchard]’s […]
  39. Diving Deep Into Brooklyn’s Own Eugene Mirman Comedy FestivalLast Friday night, outside of the Bell House, the warehouse-turned-ballroom venue in Gowanus, Brooklyn, a single protester paced back and […]
  40. lincoln
    See a Clip From Lincoln“Civil war, blaaaargh!”
  41. Fun Fun Fun Fest Has a Funny Funny Funny Comedy Line-UpWhat a great trend it has been for music festivals to include comedians. Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, which this year runs from November 2-4, is […]
  42. 8 Promising Series That Comedy Central Didn’t Pick Up This YearEvery year, Comedy Central, like all of the other networks, announces a new slate of shows it’s developing, and it’s always an impressive […]
  43. Andy Samberg Gives Harvard’s Class Day Speech in a Very Andy Samberg Way Last year Harvest Harvard had Amy Poehler (below) speak at Class Day and this year they had Andy Samberg. It’s not fair. My commencement […]
  44. Call in Sick And Watch An Episode of ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ and ‘Bunk’ You might be reading this while you’re already at work. If so, start pretending to cough. Can you do a fake sneeze? Yes? Then do it… now. […]
  45. Rich Pregnant Teenager’s Eugene Mirman Is Always Named GeneFirst things first: Eugene Mirman’s production company is called Rich Pregnant Teenager, which is the premier A+ best name for anything. Second […]
  46. Eugene Mirman Will Deliver A Commencement Address to Hampshire CollegeDamn you, Hampshire College, getting a commencement address from Eugene Mirman. What, you weren’t satisfied with your other notable alumni, […]
  47. Things I Want to Do to Comedy Central’s Amazing Development SlateComedy Central is developing shows from Rob Delaney, Eugene Mirman, Amy Schumer, Anthony Jeselnik, Kumail Nanjiani, Wyatt Cenac, and more (full […]
  48. Sitting Down with Eugene Mirman in LondonI don’t make it a habit to go meeting comedians, especially American ones who live far away, and especially funny ones who have the power to […]
  49. Check Out Photos of Splitsider’s Birthday BashThis past Saturday, we celebrated the one year anniversary of Splitsider (technically it’s in a couple of weeks, but who’s counting?) with a […]
  50. You Have Four Hours to Make the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival a Much […]Eugene Mirman has been raising funds on Kickstarter for the past month in order to make his Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, happening in […]
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