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  1. r kelly
    R. Kelly’s Ex-wife Believes He Was Behind Gun Threat at Lifetime Screening“I believe it was somebody connected to him.”
  2. wow
    Chill Guy Owen Wilson Reportedly Caused Highly Unchill Hotel EvacuationThe party foul was apparently caused by him smoking a cigarette indoors.
  3. Hurricane Irma Takes Aim at FloridaIts hurricane-force winds could span the entire state coast-to-coast.
  4. international news
    The U.S. Evacuated Its Consulate in LahoreCiting “specific threats.”
  5. surreal things
    It Must Be Surreal to Evacuate DisneylandSome people got to find out.
  6. Health Concerns
    Cold Cut Catastrophe Averted In BridesburgA small chemical leak prompted the evacuation.
  7. hurricane sandy
    Bellevue Hospital Can Operate Via Bucket Brigade No LongerThe national guard has been hauling fuel up 14 floors.
  8. evacuations
    Storm Forces Evacuation of Lollapalooza The weather will probably be better in Tel Aviv next summer.
  9. breaking
    World Financial Center Evacuated Due to Suspicious Package [Updated]It was a toy grenade.
  10. Mediavore
    Chemical Leak at a Glassboro Cocoa Plant Prompts Evacuations; Nothing Says LovePlus: Antioxidant-rich spices counter the effects of high-fat foods; and despite the FDA’s passing of new food-safety laws, salmonella outbreaks are still frequent, all in our morning news roundup.
  11. suspicious packages
    ‘Suspicious Package’ in Times Square Leads to Evacuation, Deemed Non-ThreateningIt was just trash.
  12. explosions
    Four Midtown Buildings Evacuated After Underground FireOver 135 firefighters sent to the scene.