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Everything Is Terrible

  1. they complete us
    You Can Visit a Jerry Maguire–Only ‘Video Store’They had us at hello.
  2. everything is terrible
    Very Depressing New Study Links Alcohol to 7 Forms of CancerEven moderate drinkers are at risk.
  3. grub guides
    12 Comforting New Dishes to Help You Forget About All of the Horrible NewsCrab-cake sliders from Zadie’s, classic chocolate mousse from Le Coucou, and more.
  4. Guys Try to Collect Every VHS of Jerry MaguireSo far, they have 12,240.
  5. The Rise of the Economic-Policy TruthersObamacare is a fraud! Inflation is rampant! The truth is out there!
  6. everything is terrible
    Wisconsin Frat Investigated for Roofie SchemePolice are trying to determine whether the frat used a color-coding scheme to choose which girls to roofie.
  7. football
    Elevator Video: Ray Rice Knocks Out Then-FiancéeThe Baltimore Ravens running back received a two-game suspension for domestic violence.
  8. Tig Notaro Books Doug Benson, Wyatt Cenac, Herself and More for The Betzen […]The Bentzen Ball, the Washington DC comedy festival curated by Tig Notaro, returns again this October 10 through 13 with an awesome looking […]
  9. Tenacious D, Chris Elliott, Maria Bamford, and Tons More Are Doing […]Everything Is Terrible is having their fourth annual “Everything Is Festival” starting next week, and they have one heck of a lineup for it. […]
  10. Everything Is Terrible Guys Explain How They Find Everything TerribleHave you ever wondered where the found footage finders find their found footage? The Everything Is Terrible guys are back from tour and […]
  11. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 7: The EndThe Final chapter of the Everything is Terrible tour diary, where we reflect, repent, deny and distort and say shit like, “Damn that […]
  12. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 6: Canadian Trouble, Hank Williams III, and the […]All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 6:  Where we battle Canada, Hank the III, and a bunch of auto mechanics, and finally our shoes get licked.   We […]
  13. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 5: Duck Guts, Weed For All, and the Border PatrolAll Dogs Go On Tour, Part 5: Where we get pelted with animal parts, feel at home in Cali, get the cops called on us at college, and get some […]
  14. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 4: Shady Mechanics, the Border Patrol, and Local […]All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 4: Where we escape America, play our way down the coast, go to Hollywood in Portland, and the news is that local news […]
  15. All Dogs Go On Tour, Part 3: Blizzards, Colorado Medicine, and Strip Club […]All Dogs Go On Tour, Part Three: Where we forget stuff, prepare to die in the snow, dance the night away, fear and loath strip clubs and […]
  16. All Dogs Go on Tour, Part 2: Everything Is Terrible in Middle AmericaPart two of Everything is Terrible’s tour journal: where we travel from Minneapolis to Wichita, weird out middle America, steal bedrooms from […]
  17. All Dogs Go On Tour: Hitting the Road with Everything is Terrible“Terrible” is scrawled backwards in blood across the hood of our van. It’s backwards so you can see us coming in your rear view mirror. Still, […]
  18. clickables
    Learn Proper Telephone Manners From Some Rapping Teenagers“Could you tell me if you have any boy-band CDs?”
  19. clickables
    Consider the Financial Benefits of ‘Barbie Investing’“You should buy what you like, but there’s nothing wrong with a little gambling here and there either.”
  20. clickables
    Let a Hip Yellow Dinosaur Teach You About Tricky PeopleAre dinosaurs lizards?
  21. video
    Best Bad Viral Videos, by Everything is Terrible!From Colby the Christian robot to ‘Scanner Cop’ to break-dancing Duane!
  22. music
    How to Make It in Heavy Metal, an Amusing Guide From the PastManager, thy name is Satan.
  23. movies
    Watch Three Minutes of Jay Leno Spouting Racist, Sexist InsultsCelebrate Jay’s return to the ‘Tonight Show.’