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Everything Old Is New Again

  1. trailer mix
    Watch the First Trailer for Crackle’s New Snatch SeriesYes, that is Chuck Bass in a tiny robe shooting an assault rifle.
  2. everything old is new again
    Cat Marnell Is Back at xoJaneThe prodigal daughter returns.
  3. everything old is new again
    What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance?The mid-aughts audio scene is making a big comeback.
  4. books
    Who Should Rewrite Jane Austen? Oh, No One?Regarding a little-known writer no one reads anymore because of her clear lack of contemporary relevance.
  5. music videos
    Paris Hilton Is Perpetually Throwing a Pool Party in 2003It’s Paris Hilton’s new music video, featuring Lil Wayne and hefty glow sticks.
  6. everything old is new again
    MySpace Is Back, to Nobody’s DelightThe hottest social network of 2004 gets a makeover.
  7. everything old is new again
    Conservatives Reveal October Surprise: Another Old Obama VideoNow with more Bush-bashing.
  8. ice cube
    Ice Cube May Join 21 Jump StreetIce Cube, infiltrating high schools!
  9. everything old is new again
    Slash Takes Fergie and Cypress Hill to ‘Paradise City’Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.
  10. everything old is new again
    Paranormal Activity Inspires Blair Witch 3The Handycam is coming out of storage.
  11. everything old is new again
    Lilith Fair Set to Return in 2010No performers have been announced yet, but if you’re a Katy Perry fan, we’re guessing you should get ready for a road trip.
  12. everything old is new again
    Michael Jackson Remade ‘Thriller’ Before He DiedAnd yes, there are still zombies.
  13. mouse-eating lizard people
    ABC Officially Picks Up V Reboot, Curtains for Sawliet?Looks like the Jack-Sawyer-Kate triangle will be back in play!
  14. everything old is new again
    Who Do You Think Deserves Their Own Behind the Music Treatment?Spacehog!
  15. everything old is new again
    V Remake Set To Bring Mouse-Munching Back in VogueOnly question: Are the mouse-eating lizard people meant to be Nazis or Al Qaeda?