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Why Latino Voters Didn’t Bury Trump

Trump may have done better than Romney among Latinos. Some may have been indifferent to immigration policy, while others really did not like Mitt.

By Ed Kilgore

How Trump Won, by the Numbers

The GOP nominee outperformed Mitt Romney among men, low-income households, union members — and, to a lesser degree, black and Hispanic voters.

By Eric Levitz

Should You Trust Slate’s Early Numbers?

The online magazine has launched an ambitious effort to provide real-time information on how the deal is going down. If nothing else, it is fun.

By Ed Kilgore

Clinton’s Base Returns in Force, and at Just the Right Moment


"Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years." Once again the immortal words of LL Cool J somehow perfectly apply to an American political trend. Tuesday was indeed Clinton's comeback night, and she owes it all to whites, Latinos, women, the working class, late-deciders, the elderly, the moderately educated — just about any demographic group that can possibly be identified and analyzed through exit polls. But the numbers alone don't tell the whole story — here are some of the more interesting takes on last night's exit polls.