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  1. experiments
    A Marxist Hack to Spice Up Any RelationshipGetting paid for chores is not just for kids.
  2. new shows
    Chris Gethard Is Finally Returning to TelevisionAnd he’s bringing his favorite up-and-coming comedians with him.
  3. experiments
    I Tried (and Failed) to Do My Hair Like Gentleman JackThe show’s lead stylist gave me a few tips on how they create those ridiculous curls.
  4. vegetables
    Does Kevin Hart Know How an Onion Works? A Vulture InvestigationWe decided to conduct an experiment to find out if onions are, in fact, endless.
  5. experiments
    A Movie’s Popularity Will Determine Ticket Prices at Some Regal Cinemas in 2018Less popular movies and off-peak showtimes will become cheaper, while blockbusters and date nights will get more expensive.
  6. celebrities know best
    I Took Pregnancy Advice From Famous PeopleBeing pregnant is so confusing. What do you eat? How much do you vomit? Only a celebrity would know the answer.
  7. experiments
    Steven Soderbergh Gives New Details on Upcoming Interactive HBO Project MosaicIt sounds extremely fascinating and extremely complicated.
  8. the industry
    AMC Is Hoping You’ll Pay More Money to Watch Shows Live Sans CommercialsEfforts like this could prove essential to the survival of old-school networks.
  9. swellness
    Lessons From a 4-Day Experiment With Laxative TeasDo laxative teas work? It depends on what you’re going for …
  10. experiments
    I Tried to Trick Myself Into Being More ProductiveBut all I wanted to do was read my book and think about Justin Bieber.
  11. experiments
    I Survived My Terrifying Hour in a Sensory-Deprivation TankOnce I stopped freaking out, it felt great!
  12. experiments
    The Weirdest Stuff We’ve Tried to Use As Dry ShampooA girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.
  13. experiments
    I Was a Human Guinea Pig: 6 Self-ExperimentationsFrom “smart” stretch pants to text-message psychotherapy.
  14. experiments
    I Tried Hypnotherapy to Get Over My BreakupI wanted it to be like a spa treatment for my feelings.
  15. experiments
    My Weekend With Kim Kardashian’s Crazy NailsIs trapping yourself in a nail-prison the ultimate luxury?
  16. me me me me me
    Behold: My Week of Dangerous Self-IndulgenceHere is what happens when you unchain your id.
  17. experiments
    What Happens When a Woman Walks Like a Man?Move aside, manspreading. There’s a new microaggression in town.
  18. David Cross Needs Your Help Distributing ‘Hits,’ and the ‘Mr. Show’ […]David Cross has decided to take a different approach in releasing his directorial debut Hits through a new Kickstarter campaign. The film – […]
  19. experiments
    Can You Train Yourself to Accept Your Body?A wearable device delivered an electric jolt every time I had a negative thought about my appearance. 
  20. experiments
    I Tried ‘Vinotherapy,’ aka Bathing in Red Wine“My legs are drunk!” I screamed.
  21. experiments
    My Week With a Flip PhoneFeeling very cool with T9 and infinite battery life.
  22. experiments
    I Attempted to Train My Waist With a CorsetJust like a Kardashian.
  23. A Barcelona Comedy Club Is Charging Audiences Per Laugh Through Facial […]Well this is weird. BBC News reports that a comedy club in Barcelona called Teatreneu is experimenting with a new way to get more customers to […]
  24. media
    Al Jazeera America Less Than Half As Watched As Network It ReplacedNielsen calls audience “negligible.”
  25. waiting to exhale
    I Took Breathing Classes, and They Were Kind of Worth ItMastering the thing you’ve done automatically since exiting the womb.
  26. experiments
    Who Knows What Men Want on OkCupid — Men or Women?I let my friends write me two new profiles, and went on dates with the guys they attracted.
  27. experiments
    I Went to an Orgasmic Meditation ClassAnd I didn’t even achieve enlightenment.
  28. Like Birchbox for Sex Toys: Testing 5 New KitsGet ready for lingerie, lube, and Luna Bars (?!) by mail.
  29. yeah it's a diet story
    Madonna’s Diet Is the Hardest I Have Ever TriedCan a woman survive on sea vegetables alone?
  30. experiments
    My Week With Passive Exercise: Losing Weight Without Working Out?Weighted sneakers, ab belts, seaweed wraps, and more.
  31. sexual healing
    How My ‘Sexts’ Became a Work of ArtAlong with Karen Finley, the nineties performance artist, who interpreted them into a painting.
  32. yeah it's a diet story
    I Tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s DietTurns out I love raw honey.
  33. experiments
    Steven Soderbergh Is Writing a Novella on TwitterIt’s called Glue.
  34. experiments
    Can Taping Your Face Actually Reduce Wrinkles?Frownies, Furlesse, and the low-tech alternative to Botox as usual.
  35. experiments
    My Sloppy, Sad Adventure in ‘Pajama Dressing’After three days, I’ll never wear them again. And no one will even notice.
  36. Corked
    You Can’t Taste Wine Nearly As Well As You ThinkSeveral studies indicate you don’t know what you’re talking about.
  37. la vida manti
    I Bought Three Fake Girlfriends on the InternetA week of living like Manti Te’o.
  38. adventures in sex
    The Great Spanx Sex ExperimentYou know the slit in the crotch of Spanx? I tried to have sex through it.

  39. adventures in sex
    I Went to a Tantric Sex Class and All I Got Was Awkward Dry-HumpingOn practicing orgasms with a platonic friend.
  40. experiments
    Raw Eggs in Milk? Trying Marilyn Monroe’s DietsMarilyn Monroe went on two famous diets. I tried both.
  41. adventures in sex
    Sex With a Fake Hymen“Restore your virginity in five minutes,” the advertisement said.
  42. experiments
    Cottage Cheese Mixed With Sour Cream? I Tried the Liz Taylor DietShe liked peanut butter with beef.
  43. Experiments
    New Report: Yogurt Gives Mice Big Balls, Lots of SwaggerJust think what it could do for you.
  44. Experiments
    Wing-Seeking New Yorkers Liken Boston’s Buffalo Wings to Murder Scenes andOh, and moth balls, too.
  45. clickables
    Attempt the Flaming Lips’ Latest Musical Experiment, ‘Two Blobs F-cking’Sadly, Blob Fish is not involved.
  46. human behavior
    The Test for Self-awareness in Animals Might Not Be Sensitive EnoughMacaques demonstrate their self-awareness by touching their genitals in a mirror.