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F. Scott Fitzgerald

  1. video
    You Can See These NYC Panoramas Promoting a New Art ShowPromoting Louis Vuitton’s art show “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez,” which opens tonight.
  2. lost works
    Long-Lost F. Scott Fitzgerald Story Found“Temperature” will appear in the next issue of The Strand quarterly.
  3. failures in impermanence
    Taylor Swift Never Erases Her ChalkboardA full 11 months and counting. 
  4. novelty sweatshirts
    Taylor Swift Wore a Great Catsby SweatshirtNovelty screen-prints. TAYLOR. You are branching out, girl.
  5. adaptations
    HBO Is Adapting F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Last TycoonCaptain Phillips writer Billy Ray will also write and direct.
  6. endorsements
    James Franco, Random Fitzgerald Endorse Luhrmann’s Gatsby“I came all the way from Vermont to see what you did with my grandfather’s book.”
  7. cover girls
    Carey Mulligan Finally Got Her Vogue Cover for GatsbyThis was a long time coming.
  8. things that are printed on paper
    Dree Hemingway Would Rather Read FitzgeraldThan her great-grandfather’s oeuvre.
  9. Curiosities
    F. Scott Fitzgerald: Tender Is the Turkey Bound With Dental FlossThe tortured author sought solace with watch-stuffed turkeys.
  10. real estate
    Land’s End, Potential Buchanan Mansion From The Great Gatsby, Is No MoreIt’ll be replaced by five $10 million homes.
  11. literary houses
    Gatsby-Linked Long Island Mansion to Be Razed to Make Way for SubdivisionCould there be anything more ugly than that?
  12. lit girl
    Keira Knightley Doubles Chances of Appearing in an F. Scott Fitzgerald AdaptationAnd with Matt Damon to boot.
  13. the industry
    Brace Yourself: Keira Knightley to Star in Historical DramaPlus: a “modern reimagining” of ‘Moby Dick’ from the guys who brought you ‘National Treasure’!