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  1. last night on late night
    Colbert Gives Steve Carell a Thoughtful Christmas Gift, 25 Years in the MakingIt involves Fabio.
  2. amore
    Fabio Is Looking for a Nice, Simple Woman to Eat Butter Substitute WithWhy is that so complicated?
  3. hairy situations
    Fabio Takes Care of His Hair Better Than YouCan’t you tell?
  4. Canada Gets Drake and Trudeau, But America Can Now Claim FabioUSA! USA! USA!
  5. celebrity impressions
    See a Hunky Young Steve Carell Imitate FabioColbert did the voice. Carell did the body. A wig did the hair.
  6. clickables
    Meet Your New Old Spice Guy: FabioOh, you already knew him?
  7. Fabio Is Jon Daly’s Imaginary Friend This is pretty incredible. The latest Funny or Die production features comedian Jon Daly and his imaginary friend, who just so happens to be […]
  8. ballsy crimes
    Rod Blagojevich Kicks Off Charm Offensive With Karaoke, FabioTake that, Sarah Palin.
  9. Top Chef
    Where Are They Now? Top Chefs Carla, Fabio, and Jeff Dish Ice CreamFabio and Jeff have gone from charming housewives all over America to charming ‘Real Housewives’ cast member Jill Zarin.
  10. Top Chef
    The Fabio ShowStefan might have a dubiously titled book coming out, but his Euro bro Fabio is getting his own TV show.
  11. Top Chef
    How Fabio RollsThe ‘faux’-hawked one was spotted hitting the town last night.
  12. Top Chef
    The Last SupperWe talk with Platt about last night’s episode.
  13. Separated at Birth
    The World Is Fabio’s Empty ClamshellFabio from ‘Top Chef’ looks a lot like Scarface.
  14. Top Chef
    Adam Platt Wants to Know, Who Was Really on the Top Chef Futon?Was that really Hosea making out with Leah?
  15. Top Chef Chat
    Adam Platt Sees a Kinder, Gentler ‘Top Chef,’ Evil Baldy AsideThe new season of ‘Top Chef’ is finally upon us. Adam Platt rejoins us for a post-show chat.
  16. quote machine
    Crispin Glover Invites You to Creepiest Thanksgiving Celebration EverPlus: Quotes from T.R. Knight and Joshua Ferris!
  17. gossipmonger
    Sheryl Crow Finally Has Something to Say About Ashley and Lance Sheryl Crow thinks it’s “pathetic” that Lance Armstrong is dating Ashley Olsen. Paris Hilton has been frequenting New York hot spots very late at night (or, rather, early in the morning). Donald Trump Jr. is suing the board members of his West Side condo for kicking him off. Jon Corzine’s ex, 48-year-old Carla Katz, is dating a 32-year-old American soldier and former model. Torch, a new club slated to open tonight, is scrambling to get Tiki Barber and 800 other invitees not to show up because the plumbing isn’t ready. A guy on the subway once told Matthew Broderick that he looked and sounded exactly like Matthew Broderick.
  18. gossipmonger
    Heath and Michelle Disorient Their ChildHeath Ledger and Michelle Williams are creating identical bedrooms for their daughter at their respective abodes in Soho and Brooklyn. Sumner Redstone and his daughter have reconciled after a lengthy feud over money. A Detroit preacher has come to the defense of Star Jones, who was accused of skipping out of a charity event for overweight girls. Office mates John Krasinski and Rashida Jones canoodled at an SNL after-party. Brandon Davis was “surprisingly sober-esque” at the fifth-anniversary party for Butter, only falling down once. Philanthropist Loida Lewis sold her Fifth Avenue co-op for $33 million ($12 million less than the asking price).