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  1. Bernie Sanders Is Quietly Building a Digital Media EmpireHis live videos now regularly draw more viewers than CNN. So is this a 2020 strategy? It sure could be.
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    Man Shot Dead While Filming Facebook Live VideoHis killer is still at large.
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    Facebook Really Wants You to Use Live, So Here Are a Few More Ways to Do ItYou can now chat privately with friends while you all watch the same Live video.
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    Man Dies After Lighting Himself on Fire in Facebook Live VideoHe later died from his injuries in a local hospital.
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    Facebook to Hire 3,000 People to Watch Facebook Live for Murders and SuicidesWhat took it so long?
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    Thai Man Kills Baby Daughter on Facebook Live, Later Kills Himself OffscreenThe video was available online for 20 hours before Facebook removed it.
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    40 People Watched a Teen Get Sexually Assaulted on Facebook Without Reporting ItChicago police are currently investigating the crime.
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    Join Us for a Live Talk With The OA’s Brit MarlingMeet The OA creator and star at 10:15 a.m. today.
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    Nashville Gets Online AftershowThe cast and crew will debrief Nashville happenings on a Facebook Live chat.
  10. Man Livestreams 115-mph Joyride on Facebook, Promptly CrashesThis is why they add “closed track, professional driver” to the bottom of stunt-y TV car ads.
  11. An Artist Is Body-Painting People to Look Like the Electoral MapRed-state and blue-state results, in real time.
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    Bill Maher Hopes Trump Is Our Y2K“I hope when we look back on this, Trump is […] a bunch of nothing.”
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    If You Steal a Cop Car, Maybe Don’t Stream Your Escape on Facebook LiveHe allegedly used the police officer’s iPad to stream while driving.
  14. Those Popular Space Livestreams Probably Aren’t LiveThey’re an attempt to game Facebook’s algorithm.
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    Vin Diesel Got a Trophy for Being Good at FacebookHe recently hit 100 million fans on “Vinbook.”
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    Inmate Smuggles Phone Into Jail, Streams Live on Facebook7,000 people watched the video before it was taken down.
  17. Thousands of People Watched This Car Get a Parking Ticket on Facebook LiveAnother triumph for Facebook Live!
  18. Serious Food Experiments
    New York Post Forces Reporter to Endure French-Fry Feeding FrenzyIs the paper attempting a human version of BuzzFeed’s exploding-watermelon experiment?