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  1. face time
    17 Under-Eye Creams That Actually WorkNothing totally obliterates dark circles, but these come close.
  2. face time
    The Best Under-Eye Cream Is Actually a Tea BagYou don’t have to spend a lot of money to decrease puffiness.
  3. love these days
    Are You Planning a Zoom Date?Twenty ideas to get you started.
  4. obsessive tester
    The Absolute Best Moisturizers for Dry FacesHere are the most dry-face-proof creams.
  5. let me upgrade you
    Meghan Markle’s Favorite Exfoliator Just Got an UpgradeMeet the new and improved Tatcha Rice Powder.
  6. face time
    A Face Mask That Will Shake Up Your Beauty RoutineIt comes in a shot glass.
  7. face time
    10 Face Washes Made for Oily SkinThese oil-minimizing cleansers will leave your skin glowing, not greasy, this summer.
  8. face time
    12 Eye Creams to Solve Every Anti-Aging IssueWith their thin skin, eyes are the first feature to show their age — but these eye creams will yield smoother, brighter, and firmer-looking lids.
  9. twitter love
    Beyoncé FaceTimed With a Cancer Patient From HoustonShe called a high-school student who has a stage-four diagnosis of cancer.
  10. Get a Rare Look at Hillary Clinton As a Grandmother in ActionAll of the feels.
  11. select all
    Exclusive: Aaron Carter Does Not Have a Favorite MemeWe FaceTimed with Aaron Carter for three whole minutes to get this scoop.
  12. modern love
    Gwen and Blake Are Officially That Annoying Couple That Won’t Stop FaceTimingOkay guys, we get it, you really like each other.
  13. sex lives
    Sexting’s Strange Paradox: It’s Just No FunHalf the people who send lewd messages are just not that into it. So why press “send”?
  14. What People Really Use Facetime Videochats For Well, I mean, technically people don’t really use Facetime at all, but I guess that doesn’t make for much of a video.
  15. iphone therefore i am
    Obviously, iPhone’s FaceTime Feature Will Be Used for PornThis was bound to happen.
  16. phone sex
    The Inevitable iPhone Video Sex Chat Services BeginOn Craigslist, of course.
  17. movies
    See the Sam Mendes–Directed New Commercial for iPhoneYou’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll buy an iPhone.