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  1. rebounds
    Armie Hammer Debuts Divorce Mustache in British GQArmie Handlebars.
  2. celebrity
    How Do You Feel About Harry Styles’s New Mustache?There’s a lot to take in here.
  3. sport
    Look at This Glorious MustacheSteve Underwood is in the news for something related to football (??), but his facial hair has stolen the show.
  4. coronavirus
    Why Is the Government Endorsing Soul Patches?Some styles of facial hair are better in a coronavirus outbreak than others, according to the CDC.
  5. his dark materials
    Lin-Manuel Miranda’s His Dark Materials Mustache Was His IdeaFor his big entrance into the HBO series, Miranda tapped into Lee Scoresby’s yeehaw energy through the transformative power of facial hair.
  6. hairy situations
    The Weeknd Looks … DifferentSomething’s missing, and it’s not just the “e” in the Weeknd.
  7. vulture lists
    Jaime Lannister’s Facial Hair Situations, Ranked by SeasonFrom the boring clean-shaven face of season one to his current Stark-like beard.
  8. trends
    Cruisin’ With the Mustache CrewMeet the facial-hair style taking over every gay bar in the city.
  9. facial hair
    Undeterred by Critics, Ted Cruz’s Beard Grows OnIt just keeps gaining strength.
  10. mysteries
    Ted Cruz’s Beard Is Only Growing StrongerTwo weeks in, the Senator’s facial hair is beginning to take shape.
  11. beards
    3 Theories About Ted Cruz’s New Facial HairHe’s changed up his look … but why?
  12. hairy situations
    Update: Timothée Chalamet’s Hair Is Good AgainBut it comes at a cost.
  13. facial hair
    So, Was Henry Cavill’s Mission: Impossible Mustache Worth It?His Mission: Impossible mustache may have screwed up Justice League, but consider the merits.
  14. wig!
    Who Do You Think Leo DiCaprio Looks Like With His New Tarantino-Movie Sideburns?They’re for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
  15. avengers infinity war
    Avengers: Infinity War’s Facial Hair, RankedThere are good guys and bad guys and Infinity Stones, but this is really a movie about facial hair.
  16. facial hair
    Milo Ventimiglia Shaved His This Is Us Facial Hair, and We Need to Know WhyA facial-hair journey comes to a new chapter.
  17. the politics of hair
    Donald Trump Also Finds Mustaches UnacceptableJohn Bolton’s mustache may have cost him the secretary of State gig.
  18. facial hair
    The Story of Late-Career John Travolta, As Told by His Late-Career BeardsLife on the Line shows Travolta once again making strange facial-hair choices.
  19. circle of beard
    Why Did Chris Pine Make His Face Like ThisIt’s a confusing circle of beard.
  20. beardology
    How Do You Tell an ‘Achievement Beard’ From a Loser Beard?It’s so hard to know your beard breeds.
  21. advice
    What Should You Do With Your Mustache?Anything you want.
  22. chat room
    John Slattery on Roger Sterling’s New Mustache“The ‘stache, the sideburns, the velvet tux … It’s a good entrance.”
  23. scene stealers
    The Best Beards at Florence’s Pitti UomoSo hairy. 
  24. movies
    This Is What Kevin Smith Looks Like Without His BeardHe looks like a brand-new person!
  25. ’stache news
    Ryan Gosling Put a Shady ’Stache on His FaceFuzz. 
  26. The Kid from ‘Two and a Half Men’ Said Some More Religious Stuff, Has a […]Two and a Half Men’s titular half man Angus T. Jones left the show last summer, calling the show “filth” in a testimonial video for a Christian […]
  27. hairy situations
    Hail to the Mustache: The Men of Movember 2013The Blind Barber’s Adam Kirsch and Rob McMillen talk facial hair and men’s health.
  28. Video: Alex Trebek’s New MustachesIt was an entire category on Jeopardy! last night.
  29. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Ethan Hawke’s Gentlemanly GoateeO Captain! My Captain!
  30. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Adrian Grenier’s Curly Mop of HairVince Chase is coming back.
  31. year in culture 2012
    Can You Guess Which Character’s Facial Hair This Is?Go face to facial hair and see which ones you recognize.
  32. hairy situations
    How Movember Made Men’s Health (and Mustaches) SexyThe rapidly growing movement had a rec0rd-breaking 1,124,765 participants this year.
  33. beard and moustache championships
    This Is What Happened at the 2012 National Beard and Moustache ChampionshipsGrow and show!
  34. hairy situations
    A Tale of Five Mustaches: Movember, Week ThreeA handlebar emerges!
  35. hairy situations
    A Tale of Five Mustaches: Movember, Week TwoChecking in with our Movember participants.
  36. hairy situations
    A Tale of Five Mustaches: Movember, Week OneTracking the progress of Movember participants.
  37. whiskers
    Happy Movember, Everyone!An ode to all the facial hair we’ll see over the next month.
  38. grooming
    A Close Analysis of Shia LaBeouf’s Evolving Facial HairThere are messages hidden in that beard.
  39. grooming
    A Close Analysis of Shia LaBeouf’s Evolving Facial HairThere are messages hidden in that beard.
  40. cable news news
    Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room Getting Even LongerCNN is canceling John King’s show and replacing it with more beard.
  41. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bernard Kerik Is a Changed ManSuperficially, at least.
  42. rihanna
    Watch an Inexplicably Hypnotic Rihanna Lip-Dub (and Note the Facial Hair)Epic goatee, dude.
  43. beards
    See a Poster Featuring Famous Beards in FilmAll the beards! In one giant beard!
  44. cover girls
    A British Tatler Makeup Artist Drew a Mustache on Christy TurlingtonSophomoric-chic!
  45. men’s fall 2012 trend report
    Fall 2012 Menswear Beauty Trend: BeardsGet ready for furry faces.
  46. ke$ha
    Watch Ke$ha Profess Undying Love for BeardsKe$ha breaks for beards, also eats them.
  47. clickables
    Check Out Adam Lambert’s Remarkable New Beehive-Goatee ComboWho do you see?
  48. continuity errors
    The Eight Signature Looks of Sylvester Stallone’s Versatile GoateeThe Gran Torino! The Auteur! The Smoke Monster!
  49. ballsy crime
    The SEC Will Never Squeeze Anything From the StonesJeffrey Stone says he has “no intention of ever paying” the regulators who accused him of running a pump-and-dump scheme.
  50. olympics
    Apolo Ohno Is Now the Greatest U.S. Winter Olympian of All TimeMove over, Bonnie Blair.
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