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  1. life in pixels
    Can You Spot a Deepfake? Does It Matter?If you want to imagine the future, don’t imagine an onslaught of fake video. Imagine an onslaught of people telling you a video is fake.
  2. courts
    Sony Says It Didn’t Admit Posthumous Michael Jackson Songs Were FakeThe label says it did not concede in court that three songs on 2010’s Michael were actually sung by an impersonator.
  3. Huh, Would You Believe That Forcing Employees to Act Happy Is a Terrible Idea?Lessons from a complaint filed by a former Trader Joe’s employee.
  4. popularity
    Katy Perry Is the First Person With 50 Million Twitter FollowersThat’s 0.7 percent of the world.
  5. knock-offs
    Prom Dress Company Says Fakes Make You Look FatKnock-offs don’t pay.
  6. fakes
    There’s a Psy Impostor Running Around CannesThis continues to be a strange festival.
  7. jerry saltz
    Saltz: Make Me a Faux Gerhard Richter PaintingOne guy in Jersey knew how.
  8. jerry saltz
    Saltz: Make Me a Faux Gerhard Richter PaintingOne guy in Jersey knew how.
  9. fakes
    That ‘Leaked’ Breaking Bad Script Is FakeObviously! And officially.
  10. fakes
    New Justin Timberlake Song Is a Fake, But There’s Good News“Justin has no involvement with either the song or the artist but wants to assure his fans that when he releases new music, they will be the first to know.”
  11. fakes
    No, That Crazy Beyoncé Interview Isn’t RealThough it’d be nice if it were.
  12. fakes
    Has James Frey Secretly Been Writing Best-Selling Sci-Fi Books?Some believe Frey is the real identity of mysterious author John Twelve Hawks.
  13. fakes
    Beware of Fake Drakes“It has been brought to my attention that false promoters and booking agents are illegally using my name and likeness to promote concerts and club appearances.”
  14. Mediavore
    Seinfeld Star Shills for Jenny Craig; $177,000 Tuna Protested in HongJason Alexander becomes a Jenny Craig model and a record-breaking tuna is boycotted.
  15. Imposters
    Faux FieriGet a load of the dude posing as Guy Fieri at a Kansas City Royals game.