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  1. politics
    Can the Women’s March Survive Its Latest Controversy?The organization has had a very bad week.
  2. fallout
    PWR BTTM Address Sexual-Assault Allegations in Detail“We want nothing more than to be back performing together soon.”
  3. fallout
    PWR BTTM’s Music Yanked From Streaming Services Following Assault AllegationsThe band have also reportedly canceled their upcoming tour.
  4. fallout
    Mark Burnett Weighs in on the Other Trump TapesSilences continue to be broken.
  5. fallout
    Billy Bush Is Reportedly Very Unlikely to Ever Return to TodayBush’s suspension is likely to be a lasting one.
  6. influences
    4 Things Westworld Will Remind You of (and One Thing It Won’t)HBO’s Westworld is a series that’s layered with familiar influences and previous stories.
  7. Did the Makers of Fallout 4 Rip Off a Member of Its Devoted Fan Community?The game’s newest quest bears a striking resemblance to a user-made one released last year.
  8. Weirdo Fallout Players Are Obsessed With Cleaning WomenGotta have a clean face.
  9. fallout
    Christopher Abbott’s Girls Departure Had a ‘Huge Effect’ on the Show“It’s almost as if we skipped [Marnie’s] third season.”
  10. fallout
    City Agencies Descend on Lead- and Asbestos-Choked Apthorp BuildingThe Apthorp tenants were always an eye-rollingly wheedling bunch, but it’s hard to argue with a laundry list of wipe samples quoting six to ten times the legal amounts of lead in the air.
  11. fallout
    Is the Kanye West and Lady Gaga Tour in Trouble?Possibly!