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  1. adaptations
    Harry Styles Fanfic After Gets Not One, But Two More SequelsThe third and fourth books are being adapted as we speak.
  2. why?
    We Read the New Twilight Book So You Don’t Have ToAn annotated reading of Midnight Sun.
  3. reviews lol
    The Joy of Sleeping With Harry Styles (on the Calm App)At least one of us had sweet dreams.
  4. fan-fiction
    Exclusive! The Real Housewives React to Bethenny Frankel Ditching BravoYou heard it here first.
  5. close reads
    The Magicians’ Queliot Episode Is a Landmark Moment For Slash FandomThe Syfy fantasy drama embraced a queer relationship that viewers pined for, but don’t call it fan service.
  6. sex
    Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue Is Pure SexYou’ll need a cold compress, and a hug.
  7. select all
    Gamemaster Anthony, Crossover Fanfic Legend, Reviews Ready Player OneThe fourth wall has shattered …
  8. select all
    Is President Trump Tweeting About Sonic the Hedgehog’s Chaos Emeralds?The president denies “chaos” in the White House, while Obama chuckles.
  9. The Real Housewives Give (Fake) Depositions About Their Boat Ride From Hell We got ahold of the cast’s depositions in this lawsuit, before they even happened.
  10. select all
    Ice Dancers Moir and Virtue Have the Fan-Fiction World Feeling Real HornyThe Canadian duo took gold in Pyeongchang and inspired a whole lot of good smut online.
  11. select all
    The Best New Star Wars Fan Fiction, From Pregnant Kylo Ren to Droid SlashAll the droid-on-droid action you didn’t know you needed.
  12. fanfiction
    Alleged Author of Legendarily Bad Fanfic ‘My Immortal’ Steps ForwardThe infamous, epic, Harry Potter–based document has been a great online mystery for more than a decade.
  13. fan fiction
    The True Story of Shoshanna Shapiro’s Absolutely Perfect WeddingThe day when when our favorite girl finally becomes Mrs. Byron Long.
  14. fan fiction
    Inside the Mind of The Americans’ Henry JenningsHe’s not that innocent.
  15. fan fiction
    What Could Chloë Grace Moretz and Victoria Beckham Possibly Talk About?A few theories. 
  16. fan fiction
    Whatever Happened to Kalinda Sharma?Here’s a little closure.
  17. fan fiction
    Return to Downton Abbey: Lady Edith Goes Home39 years later …
  18. fan fiction
    B.J. Novak Still Thinks of Ideas for Michael Scott: One Dumb, One Sad He was not superstitious, but he was a little stitious. 
  19. Force Awakens Ship Power Rankings“Reylo” is apparently a thing.
  20. U.K. Tabloids Publish Tumblr Lesbian Fan Fiction As a Real News StoryWhat happens when a fictional text exchange between two CW characters goes viral?
  21. slash fiction
    That Book of Hannibal Slash Fiction You Always Wanted Is HappeningThis is all we ever wanted.
  22. high school tv showdown
    The Continual Resurrection of Buffy in Fanfic“There are days you never forget, moments you remember. Even after three centuries.”
  23. vaseline dude
    Read Crazy Eyes’ Time Hump Chronicles HereThe story of Vaseline Dude.
  24. the industry
    That Sexy One Direction Fanfic Movie Is One Step Closer to Actually HappeningParamount’s film adaptation of Anna Todd’s After has landed a writer.
  25. stan fiction
    Stan Fiction: A Day in the Life of Mad Men’s Resident Art DirectorIt had been a day of disappointments for Stan Rizzo.
  26. 6 Famous Authors Who’ve Written FanfictionThe Outsiders author S.E. Hinton wrote fanfiction about … The Outsiders?
  27. One Direction and a Death in Justified’s Harlan CountyOriginal Justified–One Direction fanfiction from fanfiction star Kevin Fanning. 
  28. fanfiction
    The Bizarre, Unsolved Mystery of ‘My Immortal’No one knows who wrote this infamously bad, now-legendary Harry Potter fanfiction.
  29. It’s a Fanmade World: Your Guide to the Fanfiction ExplosionThe tense tug-of-war between artists and their creations’ biggest admirers, the video-game obsessives who bootlegged Nintendo, and Harry Styles.
  30. vulture lists
    House of Cards’ Edward Meechum Is a Fan-Fiction LegendHe could be the father of Claire’s baby. One time he had a toothache!
  31. fanfiction
    The International Bill of Human Rights, According to Martin O’MalleyIncluding Wi-Fi.
  32. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow Act Out ‘Friends’ Fan […]On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel told guest Jennifer Aniston that he had written some Friends fan fiction and asked if she’d be […]
  33. fan fiction
    How Would Ryan Murphy Have Killed Off Kurt? Kurt Colfer’s Twitter account was hacked. But we speculated anyway.
  34. that's a lot of money
    One Direction Fan Fiction Just Sold to a Publisher for 6 FiguresThere’s money in imagining your favorite boy band. 
  35. fan fiction
    Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Just MarriedIt’s a very perplexing, unbelievable plot twist in the world of teen romance.
  36. fan fiction
    5 More Things Rowling Should Regret About PotterRon and Hermione are not the only bad pair.
  37. just your luck
    Luck Writer Is Basically Writing More Luck ScriptsRead episode one!
  38. fan fiction
    Another Piece of Twilight Fan Fiction Gets a Book DealIt’s called The Office, but not like that The Office.
  39. fifty shades of wtf
    And Now They’re Writing Fifty Shades–ish Sex Scenes Into Jane AustenThis is what we call “fan fiction.”
  40. ken cosgrove
    Damon Lindelof Now Writing Mad Men Fan FictionThose Ken Cosgrove robot stories don’t write themselves.
  41. Ten Sitcoms You’d Be Surprised to Learn Have Fan FictionI may or may not have a friend, potentially a girl, who’s admitted to me that he or SHE’s read — and quite possibly even written — […]
  42. This Erotic Stefon/Seth Meyers Fan Fiction Will Drastically Change the […]Erotic Stefon fan fiction: it exists. And it will make you very, very, very uncomfortable. I made it to the part where Stefon was tonguing Seth […]
  43. Please Enjoy These Beautiful Illustrations of Fantasy Community CouplesHere are those lovely Community couples portraits you ordered, minus Shirley-Annie, and the Shirley-Britta romance that we all know is actually […]
  44. tina brown
    Newsweek, a Leading Weekly Journal of Fan Fiction, Checks In With Princess Diana at 50Tina Brown has maintained the gift of a vivid imagination well into adulthood.
  45. Fan Fiction Theatre: Law and Order SVUThe premise of this Landline video is pretty straightforward: they found some god-awful Law and Order SVU fan fiction on the internet and […]
  46. fan fiction
    The Creepiest Mad Men/30 Rock Fan Fiction EverJack Donaghy and Sally Draper.
  47. books
    Read Wait, Wait, Don’t Eat Me, the Zombie NPR Fan-Fiction ScreenplayZOMBIE: Brains?
  48. fan fiction
    A Peek Inside the Shadowy World of Twilight Fan FictionLike almost everything, it’s just like ‘Fight Club’!
  49. fan fiction
    Story of Mad Men Twitter Scandal Retold in Way More Than 140 CharactersOne fake ‘Mad Men’ Twitterer recounts the explosive drama in way more than 140 characters.
  50. fan fiction
    Lloyd Blankfein’s Christmas WishThe Goldman Sachs CEO and his spokesman share a moment.
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