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  1. behind the scenes
    A Movie Based on Harry Styles Fanfic Managed Not to Include Harry Styles at AllAnna Todd’s After made millions in its opening weekend. Here’s the messy story of how an X-rated teen-romance blog made it to the silver screen.
  2. trailer mix
    The Next Fifty Shades Started as Harry Styles FanficWhat if Harry Styles went to college in America and loved kissing and hated wearing a shirt?
  3. sex lives podcast
    The Life-Changing Power of Lesbian Monica Lewinsky FanficWhy Rachel Kramer-Bussel left law school to write erotica full time.
  4. fanfic
    Meet the Guy Behind the Beyoncé-Jay Z FanficHe’s written up to part five!
  5. fanfic
    Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson’s IMDb Page, 2017–2047We can smell what the Rock is cooking for the next 30 years.
  6. fanfic
    Run Warren Run Concedes to RealityIt turns out that Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t want to be president right now. Who knew?
  7. just kiss already!
    Boehner Spoils the End of New Rom-Com Starring America and Israel“The world is on fire” — as are our hearts. 
  8. balls
    Which World Cup Player Inspires So Much Fan-Fic?Manuel Neuer is World Cup erotica’s main muse.
  9. that's a lot of money
    One Direction Fan Fiction Just Sold to a Publisher for 6 FiguresThere’s money in imagining your favorite boy band. 
  10. history
    Why We’re Obsessed With Founding Father SexFan-fic or otherwise.
  11. vulture lists
    20 Awesomely Absurd X-Files Fan-Fic CrossoversTwenty years after the premiere of The X-Files, Vulture breaks down the goofiest crossover cases dreamed up by fan-fic writers. A 53,905-word Beauty and the Beast mash-up, anyone?
  12. fanfic
    Bret Easton Ellis Has Some 50 Shades Casting Gossip“Her first choice for Christian was Rob Pattinson.”