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  1. fantasy land
    Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Budget Would Make Smaug Blush at About $465 MillionAnd that’s just for the first season.
  2. fantasy land
    The Fantasy Shows Are at It AgainUpdates on House of Dragon, the new Lord of the Rings series, and more.
  3. cruel winter
    9 Stylish One-Piece Swimsuits to Buy Now on AmazonGive yourself a mental escape from winter.
  4. rare and special things
    Check Out Louis Vuitton’s Over-the-top Fantasy BoxesDoesn’t everyone need a Christmas ornament case?
  5. fantasies
    What Awards Season Would Look Like If Hollywood Were Run by WomenAccording to insiders on the red carpet.
  6. fantasy land
    See a Makeup Artist’s Stunning, Surrealist Take on BeautyRankin’s latest book is a collaboration with fantastical makeup artist Andrew Gallimore.
  7. Adorable Chris Christie Still Thinks He and Springsteen Can Be FriendsNot likely.
  8. fantasyland
    Fantasy Series Shannara Gets TV AdaptationEpic, bro. 
  9. Fantasyland
    All Chefs Want for Christmas …What do chefs want for the holidays?
  10. fantasy baseball
    Are There Still People Who Think Fantasy Baseball Is Strange?A look at ‘Fantasyland,’ the movie.