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  1. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The GOP Has Become the Anti-Law Enforcement PartyTrump’s assault on Justice and the FBI merely heightens the party’s dangerous anti-government toxins.
  2. Nunes: Fine, the FBI Didn’t Lie, But Its Font Was Too SmallThe author of the famous memo scales back his accusation.
  3. Trump Didn’t Unify the FBI by Firing Comey. He Demoralized It.Newly released internal FBI emails cut against Trump’s characterization of the agency’s morale.
  4. roundup
    The Real Damage of the Nunes MemoThe integrity of the U.S. law enforcement system is under attack, and Trump may already be winning the battle.
  5. russia investigation
    Carter Page Claimed He Was Adviser to Kremlin in 2013 LetterThis guy.
  6. Nunes Could Accomplish the Hard Task of Making Himself Vulnerable Back HomeThe House Intelligence Committee chairman is from a pretty safe red district. But he’s going out of his way to paint a bull’s-eye on his own back.
  7. FBI Agent Accused of Fatal Anti-Trump Bias May Have Helped Him Win the ElectionDid Peter Strzok help tilt the election to Trump and then make up for it by inventing the Russia-collusion story? Probably not!
  8. politics
    Trump Reportedly Told Andrew McCabe to Ask His Wife What It’s Like to Be a LoserA true statesman.
  9. Trump Keeps Throwing Tantrums When He Remembers He Isn’t a DictatorNew reports suggest that whenever the Justice Department reminds Trump that it is not his private detective service, he flips out.
  10. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Opts for Early RetirementDonald Trump asked McCabe to tell him who he voted for in 2016. When McCabe refused, Trump asked for him to be fired.
  11. The GOP’s FBI Conspiracy Theory Just Got Even DumberLooks like the FBI wasn’t corrupted by a “secret society” of Hillary Clinton supporters, after all.
  12. the national interest
    Republicans Are Using the Russian Playbook on the FBIPublicize decontextualized messages, add paranoia, create fake scandal.
  13. Trump Reportedly Asked Acting FBI Chief Whom He Voted for, Didn’t Like AnswerDuring his chat with Andrew McCabe, Trump also complained about donations to McCabe’s wife’s campaign, which he’s falsely linked to Hillary Clinton.
  14. FBI Chief’s Reported Threat to Quit Over Trump Pressure Is Weirdly EncouragingThe part where Christopher Wray resisted calls to fire his deputy, not Trump’s continued attacks on the FBI’s independence.
  15. FBI Reportedly Investigating Clinton Foundation for ‘Pay to Play’The Justice Department is also (reportedly) looking one last time for a prosecutable offense in Clinton’s emails.
  16. Trump Lauds Cops, Rips Immigrants and Media in Speech to FBIDespite his criticism of the Bureau, Trump received a warm welcome.
  17. the national interest
    FBI Agents Sending Anti-Trump Texts Is Not a ScandalIt’s just another pretext to quash the Mueller probe.
  18. drama
    These FBI Agents Called Trump an ‘Idiot,’ Said He Shouldn’t Be President“God trump is a loathsome human … omg he’s an idiot.”
  19. We Now Know FBI Agents Called Trump an ‘Idiot,’ But Not Why That’s RelevantWhile the text messages released by the Justice Department added fuel to attacks on Mueller, we still know little about their significance.
  20. Presidential Attacks on the FBI Are Losing Their NoveltyWhile ex–Justice Department officials were upset by Trump’s tweet that the bureau is in “tatters,” the general reaction was underwhelming.
  21. Trump Goes After FBI in Morning TweetstormHe called James Comey a liar again, among other accusations.
  22. crime
    Hate Crimes in the U.S. Are on the RiseAccording to a new report from the FBI.
  23. Trump: FBI Must Arrest My Political Enemies (for Things That Aren’t Crimes)“The saddest thing is that because I’m the president of the United States, I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department.”
  24. extortion
    FBI Investigating Alleged Sex-Tape Extortion Plot Against Kevin HartThey’ve reportedly identified a suspect.
  25. select all
    Oh Look, Uber Is Under Federal Investigation AgainThe new investigation is over a secret software Uber allegedly used to track Lyft drivers.
  26. Man Accused of Right-Wing Bomb Plot Is Mentally Ill, Was Entrapped, Family SaysJerry Drake Varnell would have never tried to blow up a building without the FBI’s help, his family says.
  27. Right Wing Terror Plot Thwarted in Oklahoma CityThe 23-year-old would-be terrorist told an FBI informant that he “wanted to start the next revolution.”
  28. The FBI Raided Paul Manafort’s Home Last MonthRobert Mueller apparently convinced a judge that there was probable cause to believe Trump’s ex–campaign manager had committed a crime.
  29. politics
    Here’s Why Lawmakers Want the FBI to Review Ivanka Trump’s Security ClearanceThey want to know whether she disclosed her husband’s and brother’s meetings with foreign agents.
  30. FBI Director Nominee Says He Wasn’t Asked For LoyaltyChristopher Wray was pressed on FBI independence and the Russia probe at his Senate confirmation hearing.
  31. select all
    The Encryption ‘Balance’ Trump’s FBI Nominee Wants Is Mathematically ImpossibleNo matter how much politicians and law enforcement might wish for it, a compromise on encryption can’t happen.
  32. Robert Mueller Is Reportedly Probing Jared Kushner’s Business DealingsThe investigation into the president’s son-in-law expands.
  33. Trump Lawyer Hints Comey Part of ‘Deep State’ ConspiracyAfter calling Comey a liar, Trump attorney identifies him with the leakers some Trump fans believe are trying reverse the election.
  34. Recap: James Comey Testifies on Trump to the SenateHere are the 9 most significant things we learned, and full blow-by-blow of the highly anticipated hearing.
  35. Comey Statement Shows President Doesn’t Know or Care About Limits to His PowerRegardless of what the president said to the FBI director, his insistence on inappropriate direct meetings amplifies his lack of respect for the law.
  36. 9 Quick Takeaways From James Comey’s Testimony About President TrumpThe former FBI director just confirmed that Trump repeatedly tried to compromise the independence of federal law enforcement.
  37. 3 FBI Officials Prepared to Corroborate Comey Testimony on Trump MeetingIf James Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee testimony boils down to his side of the story versus Trump’s, he’s bringing some FBI backup.
  38. Trump Nominates Christopher Wray for FBI DirectorWray is a former assistant attorney general — and was Chris Christie’s attorney during the “Bridgegate” scandal.
  39. Senate Intel Sets James Comey’s Public Testimony for June 8The fired FBI director’s testimony is going to be must-see TV.
  40. Nigel Farage Is a Person of Interest in the FBI’s Trump-Russia Probe: Report“He’s right in the middle of these relationships. He turns up over and over again.”
  41. FBI Refuses to Share Comey Memos With CongressThe former FBI director wrote detailed memos on his meetings with President Trump, and Congress is desperate to have them.
  42. investigations
    Fyre Festival Reportedly Under FBI Investigation for FraudThe festival’s parent company, Fyre Media, faces allegations of “possible mail, wire and securities fraud.”
  43. Democrats Don’t Want Lieberman in Position to Surrender to Another GOP PresidentHis deferential behavior toward George W. Bush is not a good precedent for tangling with Donald Trump in an unfamiliar job.
  44. Is Jared Kushner In Too Deep?Trump’s “moderate” son-in-law urged him to fire Comey and then attack the decision to appoint a special prosecutor. Is he stupid or scared?
  45. James Comey: Maker and Unmaker of Presidents?His judgments may have turned the 2016 election — and laid the groundwork for an early end to the Trump administration.
  46. Here Are the 8 (Reported) Finalists for FBI DirectorThe White House is considering replacing James Comey with a sitting Republican senator.
  47. Democrats Threaten Obstruction If GOP Doesn’t Make Concessions on Rule of LawDemocrats plan to bring Senate business to a halt if Republicans don’t take steps to protect the independence of the Russia investigation.
  48. politics
    Several Being Considered to Replace Comey, Who Declines Invitation to TestifyPresident Trump says he expects to make a decision on Comey’s replacement soon and has reportedly been considering “loyalty” as a criterion.
  49. the national interest
    Trump Has Sparked the Biggest Political Crisis Since WatergateThe president gives every indication that he literally does not understand the concepts of popular sovereignty and rule of law.
  50. 28 Reasons Trump’s Firing of James Comey Is a World-Historic Shit ShowThere are so many insane aspects to the White House’s handling of Comey’s dismissal, a listicle is required.
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