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  1. science of us
    The 15 Most Stressful Sentences From That Big Fungus StoryWhy isn’t everyone more terrified of drug resistance?
  2. fear
    Hiding Out in the Wikipedia Page of a Horror MovieExperts weigh in on your habit of reading plot summaries instead of actually watching.
  3. fear
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Latina and a Socialist. Both Terrify Conservatives.The right’s disdain for the 29-year-old representative-elect echoes age-old fears of both Latinos and socialism.
  4. science of us
    Nothing Is Scarier Than Bugs Crawling Into Bodily Orifices“In most places,” though, “the odds of waking up with an insect inside you are slim.”
  5. interview
    Bob Woodward on the ‘Best Obtainable Version of the Truth’ About TrumpThe legendary journalist explains Trump’s nervous breakdown, when to believe a White House official, and why he isn’t visiting Moscow anytime soon.
  6. the national interest
    Trump Officials Keep Getting Misquoted Questioning President’s IntelligenceHe’s a very stable genius! He said so himself. Why can’t the media get this right?
  7. the national interest
    Report: Everybody in the White House Considers Trump an IdiotAnd also a gigantic liar. Still more tales from the court of the mad king.
  8. science of us
    What Your Ability to Handle Horror Movies Says About YouFor everyone too easily spooked to go see Hereditary.
  9. Investigating My Lifelong Phobia of Cotton BallsIt’s called sidonglobophobia, and it’s a lot more emotionally fraught than it sounds.
  10. If You Learn What a Bedbug Looks Like, You Won’t Freak Out Over False AlarmsMost people can’t pick a bedbug out of a lineup, leading to a lot of unnecessary angst when they spot another type of bug.
  11. How Growing Up With the Threat of Nuclear War Shapes Kids’ PsychesResearch on children during the Cold War shows that the pervasive fear affected how they later related to the world as adults.
  12. ‘Fear’ Is One of Kendrick Lamar’s Best Tracks to DateIt wouldn’t be true Kendrick Lamar if he didn’t bring up the most problematic problem.
  13. When Awe Turns FrighteningIt’s not all sunsets. It’s also thunderstorms.
  14. political psychology
    Are Conservatives More Scared of Stuff Than Liberals?A new study adds some weight to the idea that they might be, but it’s important to recognize the caveats.
  15. Scientists Can Hack Your Brain to Help You Forget Your FearsIt’s a trickier form of exposure therapy.
  16. How the Way You Breathe Affects What You RememberThis one applies to the nose only — sorry, mouth-breathers.
  17. Insects Are Scary Because Your Brain Confuses Disgust With FearHow can something so small and harmless be so terrifying?
  18. Why Some People Never Grow Out of a Fear of the DarkNight-light, anyone?
  19. People Fear Clowns for the Same Reason They Fear UncertaintyWhy clowns’ creepiness isn’t confined to horror movies.
  20. The Neurological Reason Fearmongering Is Such a Powerful Political ToolIf you want to convince people of something before they can even think about it, scare them.
  21. Abandoned Car at La Guardia Airport Shut Down Terminal BThe city is still on high alert after the Chelsea bombing.
  22. How Scary Stories Help Kids Learn to Handle Fear in Real LifeEven at a young age, horror has its benefits.
  23. Running From Nothing: Why False-Alarm Freak-outs HappenThe LAX stampede is the most recent example of this recent trend of false-alarm freak-outs.
  24. No, Your Ruse Did Not Scare Me, Despite Evidence to the Contrary, by Andy […] Ho ho, I see you’re up to your old tricks, Nathan. Popping out out from behind a corner, yelling “Boo!” and hoping to offer me up a great […]
  25. Look at This Dumb BusThis seems like a bad idea.
  26. You Could Probably Lift a Car, If You Really Needed ToThe science of superhuman strength says your body is stronger than it lets on.
  27. health
    The Fear of Terrorism Is Dangerous on a Biological LevelResearch reveals the physiological impact of “consistent exposure to terror threats.” 
  28. Celebrate Fear with Aidy Bryant and ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ TonightThe Chris Gethard Show’s fourth episode airs on Fusion tonight with special guest Aidy Bryant, and it’s gonna be super spooky! This week’s […]
  29. psychology
    What Motivates Extreme Athletes to Take Huge Risks?For many, the answer isn’t what you’d assume. 
  30. vulture lists
    All 32 Reese Witherspoon Movies, Ranked by WildnessBecause of that new movie … what’s the name again?
  31. the brain
    Partial Lobotomy Cures Man’s ArachnophobiaNow he kind of likes the little guys.
  32. How to Get Over Stage FrightAnd two more mind tricks to get over your fear of public speaking. 
  33. We’re Going to Need More Men, by Chason GordonWhoa, whoa, do you know who we’re dealing with here? This is no regular guy. Those men you sent in—they’re already dead. Arrange catering for […]
  34. nostalgia
    Let’s Not Forget What Reese Did in FearShe and Mark Wahlberg did some very crazy things. 
  35. fear
    Jimmy Fallon Really Hates T-Shirt Cannons“No one wants a T-shirt.”
  36. phobias
    See a Woman With a Crippling Fear of SnowmenWow, Maury Povich suddenly sounds so regal!
  37. The Open Mic DiariesI’ve always wanted to go back to stand-up. Well, “go back” is probably an overstatement. I did a few low-grade open mics around San Francisco […]
  38. it's science
    Science Says It’s Possible to Fear Nothing“She eagerly held a snake for more than three minutes, rubbing its scales and touching its flicking tongue.”
  39. the future is coming
    Choose Your Own Music-Video AdventureThe executive responsible for “Who Let the Dogs Out?” finds a new way to drive Americans nuts.
  40. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Does Stephen Colbert Fear Conan?Plus, Naomi Watts sits quietly while Jon Stewart mocks co-star Sean Penn, on our regular late-night roundup.
  41. fears come true
    An Air Conditioner Fell Six Stories and Landed on Someone’s HeadThis is the realization of a very specific nightmare.
  42. Wal-Mart Is Terrified of Selling Clothes, Especially Fashionable OnesKathy Lee Gifford is partly to blame.
  43. anxiety-inducing studies
    You Have a Limited Amount of Time in Which to Have SexThe clock is ticking.
  44. fearmongering
  45. everyday things that might kill you
    Bored? It Could Kill You!Good gracious!
  46. fearmongering
    Breaking: You Can Be Obese Without Even Knowing ItThink you’re thin? THINK AGAIN.
  47. everyday things that might kill you
    The Silent But Deadly Danger That’s Under Your Bum Right NowIt’s not what you think!
  48. the greatest depression
    The Fearmongers of FinanceClick through to read about ten analysts who predict economic gloom and doom. IF YOU DARE.