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  1. voting rights
    A Murder Charge Threatens the Voting Rights Crusade of Al Sharpton’s BrotherAs Pastor Kenneth Glasgow campaigns to re-enfranchise ex-felons across the South, he faces the possibility of imprisonment himself.
  2. Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights for More Than 200,000 Ex-FelonsGovernor Terry McAuliffe described his executive order as an effort to undo the legacy of Jim Crow. Republicans call it “political opportunism.”
  3. The Chicago Cell-Phone Jammer Is a Folk Hero and a FelonHe does what we only wish we could.
  4. ballsy crime
    Alleged Felon Stephanie Sabouni Already Has Her Media Strategy Planned OutThe 27-year-old child-services worker, arrested yesterday for fabricating reports, is already thinking about what she’ll say once she gets on national television.
  5. the industry
    Idris Elba and Cuba Gooding Jr. Join the Juice CrewPlus industry news on Andy Serkis, Alan Jackson, and Emmy Rossum.