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    Why You Should Wait to Check Snapchat Until After You’ve Fenced in the OlympicsIf you’re fencing at the Olympics, your phone can probably wait a few minutes.
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    Meet America’s First Olympian to Compete in a HijabShe’s a PATH train veteran.
  3. Watch Two Comedians Who Don’t Know About Fencing Fight Each Other with […] Matt Ingebretson and Dave Ross are two Los Angeles comedians who host the excellent weekly live show Holy Fuck, and here’s a new YouTube video […]
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    Brooklyn Teen Race Imboden on Fencing for the U.S. in the OlympicsImboden spoke with The Sports Section before leaving for London.
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    Sword Fighting Has Prepared Bill English for His Hugely Important New Job of Keeping the Economy StableWe think it must have something to do with balance.