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  1. fights
    Justin Bieber Still Pretty Sure He Could Take Tom Cruise in a Fight“I’m the Conor McGregor of entertainment.”
  2. fights
    Wow, Look at This Photo of Trump and Bloomberg FightingAnother riveting day of politics!
  3. r. kelly
    R. Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriends Fought Each Other On-Camera on His 53rd BirthdayFollowing Savage’s arrest, she has reportedly reunited with her family. Meanwhile, Clary is considering working with the Feds against Kelly.
  4. marriage: an investigation
    The One Thing I Wish My Partner Would Say When We Fight“He accused me over overreacting when all I wanted him to say was, ‘I’ll fix this.’”
  5. the law
    Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty in Parking-Spot FightHe also has to complete a short anger-management course.
  6. money troubles
    8 Women on the Biggest Money Fight in Their RelationshipArguments about how to spend and how to save — but also about power, priorities, and different visions of a shared future.
  7. death threats
    Why Brad Pitt Reportedly Threatened to Kill Harvey Weinstein in the ’90s“He’s the best,” Gwyneth Paltrow said.
  8. science of us
    An Argument Expert Explains the Best Way to Fight With Your PartnerSo that you still like each other afterward.
  9. media
    A Guest Made Fun of Laura Ingraham for Losing Advertisers“High-school kids shut you down.”
  10. fights
    Joe Biden Says He Regrets Telling People He Wants to Fight TrumpThis was not the first time the former VP said he’d beat the president up behind the gym if they were both still in high school.
  11. Trump: ‘Crazy’ Biden Would Go Down ‘Fast’ and ‘Crying’ in a FightA preview of 2020?
  12. fights
    71-Year-Old Tells 75-Year-Old That He Could Actually Kick His AssTrump-Biden is this year’s Mayweather-McGregor.
  13. media
    Katie Roiphe’s Man Seems to Be Tweeting Angry Responses at Her Critics“You are a moron wrapped inside a moron.”
  14. angry birds
    Trump and Bannon Battle It Out on Covers of NYC NewspapersThey enter a “cuckfighting” arena and then go back in time to ancient Rome.
  15. drama
    Fight Breaks Out at Sample Sale Over a Leather Jacket“One woman scratched another woman’s face.”
  16. drama
    How One Florida Woman Plunged a Wedding Into Absolute ChaosShe crashed a wedding to spy on her boyfriend and ended up in a brawl.
  17. Machete Guy Took on Trash Can Guy in a Bloody UWS Street FightSurprisingly, a trash can is a decent shield against a giant blade.
  18. what your therapist really thinks
    ‘If We Always Threaten Divorce, Is Our Marriage Doomed?’What Your Therapist Really Thinks: This week’s column.
  19. fights
    Aaron Carter Reportedly Attacked by Fellow Musician for Racist RemarkHe dismissed a Latinx musician by saying, “Bye Felipe.”
  20. inauguration 2017
    Kellyanne Conway Reportedly Punched a Man at an Inaugural BallFox Business correspondent Charlie Gasparino claims she threw some punches to break up a fight between “two guys in tuxes.”
  21. feuds
    Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe Are Feuding Following a Hotel-Room ConfrontationBanks and Crowe have offered differing takes on why Crowe kicked her out of his party.
  22. fights
    Who Would Win in a Fight, Batman or Superman? Celebs and General Zod Weigh InAnd comics creators, too!
  23. easter bunny
    New Jersey Mall Easter Bunny Is Too Jersey for Mall, Beats Up ParentThe whole thing was caught on video.
  24. Envy Nearly Wrecked My Best FriendshipI wanted what he had, which I imagined to be the Dream.
  25. fights
    Things Got a Little Crazy at the Opening of This Queens Daiquiri BarA huge fight involving dozens of people broke out. 
  26. splitsider
    A Rival Public Access Producer Almost Started a Brawl on ‘The Chris […]Last night’s Chris Gethard Show started out with an innocent concept: Bring 200 kazoos to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network studio and see […]
  27. america's sweetheart
    The Palin Family Just Wants to Clear Up a Few Things About That Party BrawlThey definitely don’t deny that it took place.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    Three City Employees Arrested After Brawling With Cops Outside a Sangria BarCivil servants versus civil servants.
  29. candy
    Watch: Raid Director Dissects His Five Favorite Fight ScenesLots o’ Jackie Chan.
  30. crazy things
    Video: FDNY and NYPD Get Into Hockey BrawlEverybody loses!
  31. bar fights
    Man With His Hand in a Cast More Dangerous Than One Might ThinkThose things are hard.
  32. tabloid dreams
    Lindsay Lohan Reportedly All Up in a Fight With a Young Hilton BrotherGetting some culture at Art Basel. 
  33. fake feuds
    Jennifer Lawrence Is Sorta in a Fashion FeudFirst goes her hair, then goes her popularity.
  34. fighting words
    This Couple Broadcasts All Their Fights on TwitterAnd they delight us.
  35. calm yourselves
    Study: Women, It’s All on You to Recover Post-FightLet your husband stew and fuss. He doesn’t matter.
  36. Knife-Wielding Man Sends Five to Hospital in Epic Brooklyn BrawlIt was a rip-roaring night in Vinegar Hill.
  37. studies
    Are We Fighting for Power or Are We Just Cranky?Two new social psychology studies.
  38. lawsuits
    Dog Fight Leads to People Fight in Central ParkA 74-year-old “cold-cocked” someone.
  39. crimes and misdemeanors
    Teens Arrested for YouTube-ing Fight Between Elementary School Girls [Updated]Kids today.
  40. At The Drive-In
    Former NHL Players Busted For Fracas at Laguna Beach Jack-in-the-BoxFormer Toronto Maple Leaf player Rich Costello broke a car’s window and tried to slug a customer after cutting in line at the drive-in.
  41. Video Feed
    Matrimony and Mayhem: Video Captures Wedding Parties Brawling in Society HillMany were beaten with billy clubs, one man was tasered, and another suffered a fatal heart attack.
  42. fights
    The Most Exciting MTA Board Meeting Ever“Be a man,” said the chairman to a board member.
  43. fights
    Men in Suits Almost Decide to Fight Each Other Over TaxiThere is a semi-headlock, though.
  44. sad things
    Homeless Man in Times Square Crutch Fight Needs New Crutches:(
  45. fights
    Times Square Hosts Insane Crutch Duel(1) Watch two grown men hit each other with crutches. (2) Feel bad about humanity.
  46. Chevy Chase Once Dressed like a Punk and Proceeded to Fight Punks Fast-forward to the 6:50 mark. How crazy is this? How strong must Chevy have been? All those years of physical comedy must’ve given him super […]
  47. Video Feeds
    Watch a Brawl Turn Denny’s in Downtown Redlands Into Total Chaos“it looked like a bomb went off in here,” one manager claims.
  48. Don’t Mess With Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin does not like the paparazzi. Proof: these two amazing photos of him tussling with a Daily News photographer, an interaction he […]
  49. new york's finest
    Punching Each Other Didn’t Help Cops Squash Their BeefAn NYPD grudge-based boxing match just led to more bad blood.
  50. the third terminator
    Gang Member Attempts to Stage Fight With Mayor Bloomberg, Gets ArrestedOne-on-one.
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