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  1. emmys 2020
    Jennifer Aniston Put Out an Actual Fire at This Year’s EmmysA great reminder not to just set things aflame on live television.
  2. climate crisis
    We’re Getting Far Too Used to Living in HellThe dull horror of watch the world burn over social media.
  3. calamities
    Gender-Reveal Parties Continue to Cause DestructionThis time, an explosive announcement ignited a 10-acre blaze.
  4. life after warming
    Global Apathy Toward the Fires in Australia Is a Scary Portent for the FutureA months-long climate disaster in a wealthy, white country is tailor-made to dominate news coverage. It hasn’t.
  5. game of thrones
    Here’s What Happened to the Iron ThroneAnd now we know.
  6. fire!
    8 Essential New Grilling Techniques You Need to KnowAfter four decades of open-fire cooking, Mark Bittman knows how to win grilling season.
  7. lawsuits
    Edward Norton’s Production Company Sued After Fatal Set-Fire in HarlemOn March 22 a fire broke out in a building being used by Norton’s Class 5 Films for Motherless Brooklyn.
  8. investigations
    Mall Fire in Russia Leaves at Least 64 DeadAuthorities say the alarms were disabled and exits blocked when a fire broke out at the mall in Kemerovo.
  9. select all
    If You Left Your Jacket on the F Train, It’s on FirePlease come collect the ashes.
  10. tragedies
    Officials: Horrific NYC Fire Caused by Child Playing With StoveThe apartment-building fire left 12 dead and 6 injured.
  11. first person
    More Than Vineyards Were Lost in the California FiresLast month, I watched the place I’m from burn down.
  12. science of us
    There’s a Scientific Explanation for Why Fires Are So RomanticThe fire pit in my boyfriend’s backyard was the only place I felt like I could open up, possibly because that light has a special power over us.
  13. New Video Shows Man Setting Arizona LGBT Youth Center on FireThe suspect is believed to have used the center’s services for three years.
  14. select all
    Fidget Spinners Are Bursting Into FlamesA very good reason to stick to your average, low-tech, non-Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinners.
  15. that's a bop
    This Beth Ditto Song Was Made for Struttin’And that’s just what you’ll do.
  16. select all
    Officials Say Hoverboard Caused Fatal FireHundreds of thousands of the devices were recalled last summer.
  17. Oakland Fire Likely Caused by an Overloaded Electrical SystemThe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is expected to announce the findings of their investigation on Tuesday.
  18. awful things
    36 Confirmed Dead in Oakland Inferno As D.A. Mulls Criminal ChargesThe fire was among the most deadly in California’s modern history.
  19. r.i.p.
    Them Are Us Too’s Cash Askew Among the Confirmed Dead in Oakland Warehouse FireThe fire, which took place during a dance party, is among America’s deadliest of the past ten years.
  20. select all
    Carriers Stop Offering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ReplacementsThe devices were catching on fire, frequently.
  21. select all
    Exploding Batteries Delay Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7This is one hot device!
  22. select all
    This Flaming Wind Turbine Is Terrifying and AwesomeBad news for the turbine, good news for us.
  23. scary things
    4-Alarm Fire Breaks Out at Historic Flatiron ChurchThe Cathedral of Saint Sava in Manhattan caught fire around 7 p.m. Sunday.
  24. Minor Setbacks
    Kitchen Fire Erupts at Grand Central Location of Junior’s CheesecakeThe Fire Department says there are no reported injuries.
  25. Disasters
    Devastating Fire Causes Famed Edwards Smokehouse to Close IndefinitelyTheir ham is renowned by chefs around the country.
  26. not good
    Massive Fire Swallows Empty Building in ChelseaThe fire was under control by 7 a.m.
  27. pool party
    Las Vegas Hotel Suffers a Cabana InfernoHotel employees believe it was started by a lit cigarette.
  28. Scary
    Man Blames Nutella Jar for Horrible House FireHas a spread ever attracted this much drama?
  29. Fire
    Colonia Verde Damaged by Fire, Will Close for Several Weeks“Hugs are greatly appreciated.”
  30. stand clear of the closing doors
    Fire Fills Manhattan Subway Station With Smoke, Causing ‘Total Bedlam’ No injuries reported, but commutes have been disrupted.
  31. fire
    A Huge Roller Coaster Is on Fire at Magic MountainThe wooden Collosus in Valencia caught fire on Monday.
  32. bad romance
    Man Tries to Be Romantic, Disaster Ensues Do not try this at home.
  33. Fire
    Fire Destroys Legendary Blueberry-Pie Destination in MaineIt’s been a terrible week for restaurants on both coasts.
  34. Video Feed
    This Restaurant Owner Paid Employees $144K Out of Pocket After Devastating Fire“He actually paid us out of his own pocket until the store was rebuilt.”
  35. Fire
    Fire Damage at Manresa Will Take 4 to 5 Months to Repair“I think we’re going to be a stronger and better restaurant.”
  36. Fire
    Acclaimed West Coast Restaurant Manresa Damaged by 2-Alarm FireDavid Kinch is en route to San Francisco to assess the damage.
  37. Fire
    Kitchen Fire Closes A Voce Columbus for 2 WeeksCustomers are being diverted to A Voce Madison.
  38. FAQ: Common Misconceptions About the Fire Department, by Brian Agler and […]Q: So what exactly is this “fire department”? I’ve heard a lot about it and I’m not sure it’s right for me. A: The fire department is an […]
  39. Fire
    Coors Banquet Used to Extinguish Truck FireWorks every time.
  40. neighborhood news
    New Yorkers React With Varying Degrees of Alarm to Rumbling Midtown FireVideos from the scene, near the Time Life building.
  41. Temporary Closings
    Hell’s Kitchen Institution Barbetta Closed by FireNo one was hurt.
  42. Fire
    Four-Alarm Fire Damages Hunts Point Market BuildingThe Bronx site is the highest grossing terminal produce market in the world.
  43. Reopening Soon
    Fire-Damaged Sarge’s Deli Just About Ready to ReopenKnish wishes will most likely be granted in the next few weeks.
  44. Smoked Out
    Jamie Oliver’s ‘Cathedral to Fire’ Restaurant Actually CaughtThe restaurant dedicated to all things grilled and smoky is temporarily closed.
  45. Fire
    Fire Destroys Sandy-Damaged Jersey Shore RestaurantsApproximately 50 businesses have been wiped out completely.
  46. sad things
    New Jersey Boardwalk Up in FlamesSeaside Heights suffered a six-alarm blaze.
  47. scary things
    Ominous Photos of the Queensboro Bridge FireThe FDNY is on the scene.
  48. Video Feed
    Fire at Famed Tokyo Restaurant Sukiyabashi JiroChefs at the Michelin three-star restaurant use straw to smoke fish.
  49. Fire
    Early Morning Fire Deals Roxborough a Burrito BummerFortunately, no one was hurt, but the restaurant suffered damage that will keep it closed for a while.
  50. terrible things
    Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire Kills EightThe clothing industry’s death toll inches closer to 1,000.
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