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First Person

  1. self
    They, Then and NowAsking for pronouns has become a social standard. Who is it serving?
  2. mental health
    My Manic First Days of MotherhoodPostpartum psychosis convinced me I was thriving as a new mom. But was any of it real?
  3. pregnancy
    How Being Trans Prepared Me for PregnancyI was used to feeling like my body wasn’t quite my own.
  4. self
    Celibacy As SurvivalSex — having it, thinking about it — dominated my life for years. When it stopped, the truth behind why became impossible to suppress.
  5. i tried it
    Can Reciting a Daily Mantra Make You Treat Yourself Better?For weeks, I’ve been repeating kind messages to my reflection.
  6. i tried it
    Okay, Fine, Journaling Kind of WorksAfter years of carrying around an empty notebook, I finally forced myself to write down my weirdest, dumbest thoughts.
  7. work
    My Breakup With Those 3 Little Words: ‘Happy to Help!’The phrase defined my ambitions — then those ambitions changed.
  8. formula shortage
    My Life Revolves Around BreastfeedingAs the formula shortage continues, keeping my daughter fed is a full-time responsibility. And I’m one of the lucky ones.
  9. i tried it
    Can Golden Hour Fix Your Brain?For a week, I attempted to find out.
  10. productivity
    The Unreasonable Pleasure of To-Do ListsThe Unreasonable Pleasure of To-Do Lists
  11. book excerpt
    What My Toddler’s Nom-Noms Taught MeOn a trip to the grocery store one day, I had an epiphany about me, my son, and the meaning of life.
  12. war diary
    The Ukrainian Soldier From New York Magazine’s March Cover Got MarriedAnd other updates from the authors of our oral history of the war.
  13. first person
    My Neighborhood, After the ShootingIn texts and calls, my neighbors and I checked in on one another, wondering, Why Sunset Park?
  14. book excerpt
    The Life I GrewDoctors said my disability would make it impossible to get pregnant. I was 5 months along when I realized the truth.
  15. first person
    What White Men Say in Our AbsenceTheir darkest thoughts on Asian women have obsessed me for years. With the spike in violence against us, my private fear has become a public one.
  16. power
    My Journey out of UkraineRussia’s invasion has forced 10 million Ukrainians to leave their homes. I saw firsthand how difficult it is to reach safety.
  17. celebrity
    We Still Don’t Know How to Talk About KanyeAs someone who shares his diagnosis, it’s clear recent coverage misses a big part of the story.
  18. first person
    My High-Risk Son Shouldn’t Have to Risk His Life for SchoolJack has cystic fibrosis. Virginia’s attempt to ban school mask mandates puts him in danger.
  19. first person
    I Didn’t Start Weight Lifting Because I Wanted to Be StrongI was still obsessed with dieting. But eventually, I saw what I’d been missing.
  20. first person
    The First Time Was Terrifying. Now, It’s Just Excruciating.My family’s second bout with COVID might be worse.
  21. self
    I’m Tired of Explaining Why I Don’t DrinkWe have to expand our language beyond “sober.”
  22. book excerpt
    This Boy We MadeThe day motherhood divided into Before and After.
  23. the money game
    Striking It Rich in the Meme-Coin Casino“I think this is all stupid and absurd. But I’m not going to complain.”
  24. nervous state
    How Mindful Masturbation Got Me Through 2021When my usual form of stress relief stopped working, I had to get creative.
  25. first person
    Why Did I Think Ketamine Could Cure Me?It seemed like a miracle drug. At least for a while.
  26. first person
    Good-bye, Goldman SachsGetting a job there was a dream. The pandemic changed my perspective.
  27. nervous state
    The Anti-Mantra for 2022These four words will hit you like a loving slap in the face.
  28. nervous state
    Will My Money Anxiety Ever Go Away?After a tumultuous year, I’m not sure I want it to.
  29. first person
    My Penis, a Love StoryI didn’t need a penis to be a man. But I needed one to be me.
  30. first person
    What I Learned From Pretending to Be Rich and Cool OnlineAs a new student at a mostly white, affluent school, I didn’t have a community. Until I found the message board.
  31. first person
    Losing My Teenage DreamBefore Colton Haynes came to Hollywood, he was confidently queer. Years of mixed messages in the industry changed that.
  32. first person
    Frank Rich on His Friendship With Stephen SondheimA lifetime making sense of the extraordinary songwriter — as young fan; critic and “enemy”; and, by now, old friend.
  33. first person
    How Mel Brooks Fell for Anne Bancroft“We started talking one day, and we never stopped.”
  34. first person
    Will My Tigrayan Family Ever Really Be Free?In 1990, we escaped from a Sudanese refugee camp. Now my father is trapped in Tigray again.
  35. covid diary
    An Atheist Reconsiders God in the PandemicI thought several hundred times this year, Maybe I should go to church.
  36. power
    What About the Missing Women Who Look Like Me?As a Native woman, I’ve lost so many loved ones to predatory men. None of them received the media coverage they deserved.
  37. first person
    When I Feared My FatherHe made my childhood chaos. Now I can see the wounds we both share.
  38. 9/11: 20 years later
    I Lost My Dad on 9/11. I’m Still Searching for Who He Was.Twenty years later, I’ve started to find him outside of the tragedy that took his life.
  39. 9/11: 20 years later
    The Patriot Act and MeAs a kid, I tried out photography. Then the FBI searched my home.
  40. book excerpt
    Mi Mami Tells Me to Get Out of the SunGrowing up, my Nicaraguan mother worried about the darkness of my skin. But I can’t be held back by colorism.
  41. first person
    I Dated My Entire Quarantine PodOur polyamorous fivesome kept me sane during the pandemic. Then the world opened up again.
  42. the first rule
    Fight Club Spoke to MeTwenty-five years later, a novel that shouldn’t have resonated still does.
  43. everybody hurts
    The Diary of a Teenage AdultPandemic dating made me feel feelings I hadn’t felt in years.
  44. first person
    Ballet LessonsYears after I quit, I’m still plagued by my own relentless perfectionism.
  45. first person
    I Still Worry That I’ll Be NextA lifetime of being taught to fear sexual assault didn’t make it easier for me to call what happened by its name.
  46. book excerpt
    Those Were the Days of Our LivesThis generation will never know the true freedom — and neglect — of being an ’80s kid.
  47. first person
    I Know What It’s Like to Have Your Sanity QuestionedListening to Britney Spears’s testimony reminded me of my own time in psychiatric care.
  48. in memoriam
    Janet Malcolm Couldn’t Escape Being a WriterThe late journalist famously despised her own profession, but she knew it was the best tool she had.
  49. first person
    Rachel Lindsay Has No Roses Left to BurnI thought I could change The Bachelor franchise from within. Until I realized I was their token.
  50. games
    Tennis Lessons and Learning to Feel at Home in My BodyAt age 28, I began transitioning. But my body didn’t become mine until I picked up a racket.
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