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  1. Researchers Created Literal Windows Into the Brains of Fruit FliesUnfortunately, it’s kind of morbid.
  2. monogamy
    Monogamous Fruit Flies Are DumberFaithful flies: slower on the uptake.
  3. it's science
    Beyoncé Is a Horsefly NowUh, why?
  4. Blechtacular
    Waiter, There’s a Fly on My Menu. Lots of Them, ActuallyThis is when you know a restaurant just doesn’t give a damn.
  5. panic-demics
    Bloomberg: Flies Can Spread Swine Flu!Ahhh, it’s mutating! Everyone freak out!
  6. crazytown
    PETA Playing a Dangerous Game With Obama, FlyNow the animal-rights group has extended its protection to flies. What next?
  7. lord of the flies
    Obama’s Fly-Swatting Abilities Weren’t Always So GreatThere was a time when Obama would simply cut interviews short if a fly was bothering him.