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  1. southwest airlines
    The Heroic Southwest Pilot Wasn’t Supposed to Be on the Fatal Flight She LandedTammie Jo Shults opens up for the first time since a woman was partially sucked out of her plane.
  2. travel
    Fart Drama Forces Plane to Make Emergency LandingA fight broke out when one passenger refused to stop passing gas.
  3. sexual misconduct
    The Problem of Sexual Assault on Commercial FlightsFBI investigations into midair sexual assaults have increased 66 percent since 2014.
  4. Laptops Won’t Be Banned on European Flights, But Option Remains ‘on the Table’Travelers are spared for now, but Secretary Kelly could go ahead “if intelligence and threat level warrant it.”
  5. First Scheduled Commercial Flight to Cuba in Over 50 Years Just Took OffFlying from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Santa Clara, Cuba.
  6. justice department
    The Justice Department Is Investigating Why Your Vacation Flights Cost So MuchThe federal government thinks a few airlines may be illegally working together to keep prices high.
  7. antics
    Disruptive Passenger Kate Moss Calls easyJet Pilot a ‘Basic Bitch’After the police escorted her from a flight.
  8. Hot Soup
    Line ’em up: Chowder Shots Are a Thing NowDoc Magrogan’s is ladling them up at two locations.
  9. bomb scares
    Someone Forgot Their Camera on a Plane and Caused a Bomb ScareFighter jets scrambled to escort plane to Logan Airport.
  10. unfriendly skies
    Laser Pointer Temporarily Blinds JFK-Bound JetBlue PilotThe first officer was hospitalized for injuries.
  11. agenda
    ‘Flight Explorer’ Gathers Venerable Kid-Friendly ComicsKazu Kibuishi’s beloved anthology of hot new comics artists, Flight, has always carried a whiff of kiddie adventure story.
  12. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Flight 4’
  13. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Flight 4’