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  1. science of us
    The Reason Comic Sans Is a Public GoodIt’s legible to more people.
  2. changing the world
    A Year After SNL’s ‘Papyrus’ Sketch, Avatar Picks a New FontWell done, Julio Torres.
  3. backstories
    What Does Nicki Minaj’s Promo Art Say About Her Upcoming Album?Kind of a lot, actually.
  4. fonts
    Everything in Wild Wild Country Is Amazing Except Its Horrible FontLike most documentaries, Wild Wild Country delivers all the information we need, but it does it in a font that is so ornate it’s nearly illegible.
  5. fonts
    Papyrus Creator Mounts His Defense Against SNL Avatar JokeThe guy behind the notoriously ugly font says he liked the SNL bit but stands by Papyrus.
  6. origin stories
    Star Wars Logo Designer Discusses Its Nazi RootsGeorge Lucas asked for something “intimidating.”
  7. The Legend of Prince’s Special Custom-Font Symbol Floppy DisksHow do you get magazines and newspapers to suddenly start using a brand-new symbol?
  8. language
    Introducing Dyslexie, a Font for Dyslexic PeopleIt’s designed to make reading easier for those with the disorder. 
  9. hail helvetica
    Design Nerds: There’s Now a Helvetica PerfumeThe scent of nothing. 
  10. fontastic
    Board of Elections Slowly Making Progress on Absurdly Tiny Ballot FontWe’ve gained a whole two points!
  11. fontastic
    NYC Spices Up Primary With Illegible BallotsVoting can now serve as your annual eye exam.
  12. fonts
    See Movie Titles With Crappy FontsSeriously, James Cameron — papyrus?
  13. helvetica
    See Famous Movie Characters Depicted in HelveticaCollect ‘em all!
  14. title sequences
    Learn About the Art of Film and TV Title DesignThe heart fonts want it fonts.
  15. fonts
    Read a Visual Guide to the Eighteen Most Manly FontsWell, hello, John Hancock!
  16. punk
    See Vintage Punk Flyers Redesigned in Swiss TypographyFont nerds and punk-rock enthusiasts come together for one night only!
  17. fonts
    Visit Comic Sans Project, a Blog That Reimagines Logos With the Worst FontWhat if all the famous logos were designed by the computer illiterate?
  18. fonts
    See a Font Made From Leg HairStop shaving, start saving, and you, too, can fashion a gross new font!
  19. clickables
    See a Star Wars–Themed AlphabetAw, Yoda’s the Y! Yoda’s the Y!
  20. art
    The Sexiest … FontThe NSFW alphabet.
  21. Fontastic
    Edible DesignIt’s a potato AND a typeface.
  22. mad men
    ‘Mad Men’ Fonts Basically All WrongMost of fonts used in the show were either created in the seventies or not yet used in America in the sixties. Boo!