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  1. slop ‘em up
    We Slopped Some Steaks I Think You Should Leave StyleSloppy steaks: Piece-of-shit food or actually good? Or … both?
  2. dupes week
    The 7 (Plant-Based) Pantry Staples That Help Me Stay Vegan“You know that game where you curate your last meal on earth? This would feature on mine.”
  3. cursed
    This Is What Greets You at the Gates of HellKraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream is here, and it’s already sold out.
  4. sure why not
    Oh Cool, a Nice Tasteful One PieceIt’s from … Panera?
  5. The 7 Best Movies Set in L.A. — and Their Perfect Sandwich PairingsWe paired the films with some of L.A.’s finest takeout options.
  6. recommended by experts
    The Best Olive Oils, According to People Who Consume a Lot of ItPiquant, peppery, mild, grassy, and fiery, from California, Italy, Spain, and Greece.
  7. gift guides
    26 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love to Cook (or Eat)Whether he’s into wine, coffee, or Sichuan spices.
  8. rebecca is a food critic now
    We Tried Chipotle’s Drag Queen Menu Just to Taste the Corporate PrideWe’re all born naked and the guac is extra.
  9. wellness theories
    Ghia’s Mélanie Masarin Doesn’t Define Her Sobriety“Maybe someday someone will make an amazing cocktail, and I want to have a sip of it, but in general, I don’t drink.”
  10. trailer mix
    Anthony Bourdain Leaves No Parts Unknown in His Roadrunner Documentary Trailer“Travel isn’t always pretty. You go away, you learn, you get scarred, marked, changed in the process.”
  11. rsvp yes
    Rating All the Snacks in Billie Eilish’s New Music VideoThe “Lost Cause” video is just one big sleepover.
  12. openings
    Casual, Community-Minded Dame Is the Restaurant We’ve Been Waiting ForIt’s the house that fish and chips built.
  13. spicy!
    Oooh, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos DramaAn upcoming biopic directed by Eva Longoria has led to questions over who actually created the beloved spicy snack.
  14. how i got this business
    “For Me, It Was Like Extreme Business School”How Bridget Connelly launched the hard-kombucha brand of her dreams.
  15. What Happened in Episodes 7-8 of Top Chef: PortlandHalfway through the season, here’s where things stand.
  16. women in the workforce
    What It Takes to Make It in the Food IndustryTen women who run their own restaurants, bakeries, and catering businesses on finding success in a notoriously precarious industry.
  17. cut covers
    Where Would Food Be Without Padma Lakshmi?The food expert and author speaks with Sohla El-Waylly about this past year’s reckoning, double standards, and bringing inclusivity to the table.
  18. Top Chef’s Portland-Based Season ContinuesWhat you missed on Top Chef this week.
  19. supply chain
    At One White Street, They Don’t Write the Menu. They Plant It.“I don’t want to go to the farmers’ market at Union Square and fight for the same sunchoke that’s on every other menu.”
  20. rebecca is a food critic now
    Britney Spears’s Tiny Sandwich Tutorial Is So Haunted“It looks like fish, but it’s not.”
  21. extremely online
    Lorde Fans Can Have an Onion Ring Review, As a TreatBut may we have a crumb of music?
  22. people’s choice
    The Best Espresso Machines on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“Upon her first taste of her first cup, my wife looked me in the eye and said, ‘That’s the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had.’”
  23. Top Chef Kicks Off Its Eighteenth Season in PortlandTop Chef is back!
  24. An Anti-Morning Person Rethinks Her Daily Caffeine BoostsWe tried Monster Energy Ultra for a week.
  25. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: Egg SaladHow I learned to enjoy an essentially gross sandwich with reckless abandon.
  26. a new york minute
    New York Minute With: Restaurant Critic Adam Platt“Nothing beats a steamy bowl of pork-and-chive dumplings.”
  27. recommended by experts
    The Essential Pasta-Making Tools, According to Professional Pasta-MakersMaking fresh pasta isn’t hard to do when you have the right gear.
  28. strategist investigates
    What’s the Next Status Chocolate?Including a bar produced by John Cadbury’s great-great-great grandson.
  29. extremely online
    Florence Pugh’s Instagram Story Cooking Show Is Back for 24 Hours OnlyAn Instagram Story exclusive.
  30. the streaming wars
    Oh No, HBO Max Is Turning the Bon Appétit Fallout Into a Workplace ComedyAdam Rapoport’s former assistant, Ryan Walker-Hartshorn, will consult on Enjoy Your Meal.
  31. How the Founder of Cookware Brand Great Jones Brightens Her DaysSierra Tishgart tells us about her daily routines.
  32. ?!?!?!
    Okay, What the Hell Is in a Subway ‘Tuna Sandwich’??A new lawsuit alleges that the ingredients masquerading as tuna are “not tuna and not fish.”
  33. rebecca is a food critic now
    I Ate the Shawn Mendes Bowl the Way Shawn IntendedIn a suburban strip-mall parking lot in Ontario, Canada.
  34. recalls
    Beware the Hot PocketsThe USDA has received reports of “pieces of glass and hard plastic” buried inside some pepperoni pockets.
  35. obits
    Kerry Vincent, Food Network Star and Cake Expert, Dead at 75She judged Food Network Challenge.
  36. we tried this
    The Time I Tried to Make a Meat HouseThe best holiday gift is … not this one.
  37. nyff 2020
    This May Be Purest Film of The YearThe Truffle Hunters is for foodies and dog lovers.
  38. semantics
    Nigella Lawson’s Pronunciation of ‘Microwave’ Is Bloody BizarreMee-cro … what?
  39. Now and Then: The Global Flavors That Have Defined the Last 20 YearsA look at the flavors driving culinary trends from past to present, and recipes for you to try them at home.
  40. trailer mix of herbs and spices
    Mario Lopez Is Horny Colonel Sanders in This Lifetime x KFC Original Movie“The secret’s out, chicken man.”
  41. niche drama
    This Meatball Merch Drama Is *Chef’s Kiss*The Meatball Shop reportedly filed a lawsuit against Jersey Shore stars Snooki and Deena for their new meatball-themed merch.
  42. hotshot
    Thank You for Your Service, Brad PittStill he refuses to leave us in peace.
  43. happy holidays
    I Am Mesmerized by These Tiny Meat HousesIt seems people are making gingerbread houses out of charcuterie now.
  44. openings
    Will This Be the Next Big Fashion Hangout?A power-lunch favorite just opened at Brookfield Place.
  45. people’s choice
    The Best Hot Sauces on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“This stuff is hotter than Pamela Anderson circa 1994.”
  46. extremely online
    Alton Brown’s Crazed Preelection Twitter Rant Is Food for the Soul“Turn off the lights and run 23 Slim Jims through the juicer.”
  47. niche drama
    This Is the Best Drama on the Internet Right NowMembers of a 331,000-person Crock-Pot Facebook group are in trouble for calling one another’s roasts ugly.
  48. roll clip!
    The New Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Is Here, and It Sure Is DifferentBrad, Andy, and Chris are sticking around, with eight new Test Kitchen stars joining them.
  49. rebecca is a food critic now
    My Tummy Hurts and I Blame Wiz Khalifa’s Ghost Kitchen RestaurantProceed to order HotBox by Wiz with caution.
  50. painless shopping
    21 Healthy Snacks You Can Buy on AmazonWhether you’re a snacker who skips breakfast, has a sweet tooth, or wants snacks to satisfy the whole family.
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