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  1. food fights
    France May Ban Food Discounts Following Its Nutella RiotsMore fallout after a grocery chain’s hazelnut-spread sale went awry.
  2. michelin guide
    The Michelin Guide Will Allow a Famed French Chef to Forfeit His StarsIt’s the first time it’s happened in the guidebook’s history.
  3. books
    Journalist Asks Nigerian Writer If There Are Bookstores in Her Home Country“I think it reflects very poorly on French people that you have to ask me that question.”
  4. France Descends Into Chaos Over Nutella SalesHazelnut riots hit Paris.
  5. condiments
    Crazed French Shoppers Riot Over Discounted NutellaPrices of the chocolate-hazelnut spread were slashed to €1.41 at supermarkets across France.
  6. rip
    How Paul Bocuse Became the Most Legendary Chef in FranceAn icon in his home country, Paul Bocuse was considered to be a culinary god by chefs around the world.
  7. crime
    ‘Black Widow of the Riviera’ Allegedly Seduced, Killed Wealthy MenPatricia Dagorn is accused of drugging men and then having them name her in their wills.
  8. France to Ban Oil and Gas Drilling by 2040Emmanuel Macron wants to “Make Our Planet Great Again.”
  9. Jitters Rise in Europe As Merkel Can’t Form GovernmentIf Angela Merkel can no longer govern Germany, how can Germany govern the EU?
  10. news you can booze
    Famous Liquor Store Says French Bandits Stole $800,000 Worth of Fine WhiskeyThe heist included a 1960 Karuizawa, the world’s oldest Japanese single malt.
  11. the art of diplomacy
    Trump Kicked Off First Call With French President by Saying, ‘I Love Your Wine’“You know my country. You know many great Americans.”
  12. red alert
    France Is on the Brink of a Major Croissant CrisisThe country simply doesn’t have enough butter.
  13. how to be french
    Watch As Emmanuel Macron’s Dog Interrupts a Meeting by Peeing on a FireplaceNemo’s meeting urination is the ultimate power move.
  14. sexual harassment
    France Is Reportedly Considering Fining Men for CatcallingIn the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations.
  15. hope
    French Ads Now Have to Tell You If a Model Is PhotoshoppedThe legislation went into effect on Sunday.
  16. Two Stabbed and Killed in Marseille in ‘Likely Terrorist Act’Police shot and killed the attacker.
  17. crime
    4 American College Students Were Attacked With Acid in a French Train StationThe young women were passing through the Saint-Charles Station in Marseille.
  18. this is very french
    France Now Has 24-Hour Oyster Vending MachinesWho said the French were no longer culinary innovators?
  19. Trump Defends Don Jr. and Says ‘We’ll See’ on Paris Accords at Macron PresserAt a press conference in Paris, he couldn’t escape the big controversy here at home.
  20. lawsuits
    Woman Sues Disneyland Paris After Getting Burned by a Crème-Brûlée TorchYikes.
  21. international relations
    Here’s Donald Trump Telling the French President’s Wife She’s in ‘Good Shape’The Trumps’ Paris trip begins.
  22. Trump Says Globalism Is a Threat to ‘the West.’ Macron Says Trump Is.Ahead of Trump’s visit to Paris, the French president says that the Western world has been “cracking up since the American election.”
  23. lobsters
    Macron Will Make Trump Eat Lobster and Caviar While He’s in ParisThey’ll dine out at Alain Ducasse’s Eiffel Tower restaurant this week.
  24. rip
    The Life and Legacy of Alain Senderens, the ‘Picasso of French Cooking’The celebrated chef passed away this week at the age of 77.
  25. rip
    Legendary French Chef Alain Senderens Has DiedHe’s credited as one of the pioneers of Nouevelle cuisine.
  26. terrible things
    Here’s How an Exploding Whipped-Cream Dispenser Can Kill YouThe accident that killed a French fitness model has happened before.
  27. More Women Were Elected to France’s Parliament Than Ever BeforeThe recent election saw 223 of 577 Parliamentary seats go to women.
  28. Macron’s Party Wins Clear Majority in French ParliamentEn Marche defeated the two establishment parties, though turnout was at a record low.
  29. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Forced to Give French People Forks and Knives With BurgersBut you have to buy the $15 “top-of-the-line” sandwich.
  30. Paris Mayor Wanted to Ban Black Feminist FestivalAnne Hidalgo also suggested that the organizers be prosecuted “for discrimination.”
  31. international affairs
    Centrist Macron Defeats Far-Right Le Pen in French Presidential ElectionThe European political Establishment exhales.
  32. french presidential race
    On Eve of French Presidential Election, Macron Campaign Claims It Was HackedSome security experts believe the attack came from the same Russia-linked hackers who sought to disrupt the U.S. election.
  33. select all
    The French Don’t Get the Alt-Right’s MemesEven the country that loves Jerry Lewis doesn’t get the alt-right.
  34. l'amour
    French Women Reportedly Down With Macron’s Marriage to a Much Older WomanThe presidential candidate, 39, is married to his former high-school teacher, who is 64.
  35. gallery
    See Dreamy Watercolors of French FashionsArtist Rae Dunn sketched her travels from Paris to Provence.
  36. l'amour
    French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron Married His High-School TeacherA fun little fact from the French presidential race.
  37. roundup
    What Pundits Are Saying About the French ElectionEmmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are headed into a historic race.
  38. france
    Macron and Le Pen Advance to Runoff for French PresidencyThe centrist Macron and far-right Le Pen will go head-to-head on May 7.
  39. John Oliver Warns French Voters: ‘Don’t Make the Same Mistake That We Did’Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver takes a closer look at the upcoming French presidential election and the […]
  40. international affairs
    Man Shot and Killed at Paris Airport Was Under Influence of Drugs and AlcoholHe told soldiers he wanted to “die for Allah,” but investigators aren’t sure that terrorism was his motivation.
  41. Zut Alors: Bannon’s Taste for Franco-FascistsFor all the efforts being made to normalize Stephen Bannon, evidence keeps coming out of rather alien influences on the president’s chief strategist.
  42. whoops
    Roadside Diner in France Wins Michelin Star by MistakeThe restaurant has been “swamped” ever since.
  43. international intrigue
    Will the French Presidential Race Be a Replay of the U.S. Election?Marine Le Pen is in the lead, but the French system makes it harder for a Trump-like figure to take the presidency.
  44. now smell this
    It Took 150 Tries for Dior to Make Their Next Hit Perfume for MillennialsWhat really goes into making a luxury perfume?
  45. Machete Attacker Shot Outside Louvre, Prompting Trump TweetCalled a “terrorist” incident, the attack resulted in a lockdown at the museum, but no deaths.
  46. It’s Not Just Us — French Politics Has Been Chaotic, TooA far-left candidate won the Socialist nomination and the front-runner was embroiled in a corruption scandal.
  47. animal welfare
    French Parliament Passes Bill Requiring Slaughterhouses to Install CamerasIn response to a report that showed widespread animal cruelty in the country’s abattoirs.
  48. Marine Le Pen Got Coffee in Trump Tower TodayThe far-right French presidential candidate didn’t meet with Trump, but she did share a cup of joe with one of his close associates.
  49. now smell this
    Your Favorite French Perfume Might Be Unavailable for a Very Weird ReasonWhat if there were no more Chanel No. 5?
  50. François Hollande Will Not Seek Another Term As PresidentThe very unpopular current president acknowledged the “risks” of his running in the face of a conservative and right-wing surge.
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