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Francisco Rodriguez

  1. mets
    The Matter of K-Rod’s Contract Has Been SettledThe Mets will not pay him $3.1 million of his 2010 salary.
  2. mets
    K-Rod’s Set to Dominate the Rest of the Mets SeasonK-Rod’s contract will not be easy to void.
  3. mets
    Forget the Naysayers: K-Rod’s Father-in-Law Punch Was Great News for the MetsK-Rod’s father-in-law helps out the Mets.
  4. blotter
    K-Rod’s Reputation Is Not Exactly Pristine TodayK-Rod’s story is uglier than you thought.
  5. blotter
    Mets Closer Punches Father-in-Law in the FaceFrancisco Rodriguez had a bad night.
  6. mets
    Forgive Johan Santana’s Grumpy MoodThe Mets lose a walk off.
  7. mets countdown
    Mets Countdown: No. 9, Francisco RodriguezOur daily look at the twenty most important Mets.
  8. the fifth republic movement
    Aló Presidente!K-Rod has fun softball buddies.
  9. the sports section
    Mets Opener Goes Exactly As Planned; Yankees, Not So MuchRight this very moment, someone’s calling in to the FAN to award K-Rod the Cy Young and proclaim CC Sabathia a total bust.
  10. the sports section
    Mets Fans Have Reasons to Rejoice and Worry, All in One DayJose Reyes is batting leadoff again, which is good news. But last night’s WBC game almost got ugly.
  11. the sports section
    Mets to Use Two Closers, Which Never Works$37 million man Francisco Rodriguez will be sharing closing duties with J.J. Putz for some reason.
  12. the sports section
    Mets Reach Deal With Francisco RodriguezThe Mets have their closer, at three years and $37 million.