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Frat Boys

  1. Will Trump Make the World Safe for Hooking Up?The “Trump bros” finally have a champion for boorish behavior. 
  2. cans of whoop-ass
    Scream Queens Took a Women’s Studies Class This Semester Or at least Ryan Murphy did.
  3. helpful suggestions
    Asinine E-mail From Frat Bro Gives Instruction on How to Rape-y DanceHe signs off by writing “In luring rapebait.”
  4. sex ed
    Columbia Frat Scavenger Hunt Rewards Obscure Sex ActWhat is “poonspeeding”?
  5. Obama Picks Dartmouth President for World BankFrom frat boy noise violations to global poverty reduction.
  6. Booze News
    Dude! SLA Will Speak From On High About Beer PongWhen and where is it legal in a bar?