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  1. sports & money
    One More Thing Bernie Madoff Helped Ruin: The MetsAuthor Devin Gordon on Madoff’s effect on the Mets and their tortured fanbase.
  2. the sports section
    Looking Past the World Series, Are the Mets Still Broke?A conversation with Mets writer Howard Megdal.
  3. mets
    The Mets Owners Are Headed to TrialNot good news.
  4. mets
    Fred Wilpon, Human Morale BoosterFred Wilpon, not helping.
  5. mets
    Wondering How Bad the Mets’ Finances Are?Things are pretty bleak.
  6. The Mets Are Playing SpoilerWhile their owners are in the courtroom, the Mets are doing their best to troll other teams.
  7. David Einhorn Won’t Be Buying Any of the MetsEinhorn’s deal to buy a $200 million stake in the Mets fell through.
  8. mets
    Ranking the Possible Outcomes for Fred Wilpon, From Most Likely to Least LikelyThe most likely outcome: The judge lets the trial go forward as is, and the Mets’ checkbook is mothballed
  9. mets
    Report: David Einhorn Could Gain Controlling Stake in Mets for $1Another report calls that “nonsense,” however.
  10. mets
    Sandy Alderson Is Having Some Sort of Honeymoon SeasonMets lose; doesn’t matter.
  11. the amazin’ mess
    A Mildly Funny Player Response to the Fred Wilpon New Yorker Article“Maybe next spring when we have our media workshop for the players, Fred can come and sit in on it.”
  12. the amazin’ mess
    More From Fred Wilpon: The Mets Are ‘Bleeding Cash’They could lose as much as $70 million this year.
  13. mets
    Neither David Wright Nor Jose Reyes Had Anything Critical to Say In Response to Fred WilponCarlos Beltran’s agent, Scott Boras, had a bit more to say, though.
  14. mets
    Let’s Rate the Fred Wilpon ‘Disses’That’s what the Mets needed — more mockery.
  15. mets
    It’s Amazing That It Has Taken This Long to Learn Donald Trump’s Thoughts on Buying the MetsAnd unlike Seinfeld and Bloomberg, he’s interested. Sort of.
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    In Today’s Mets News That Doesn’t Really Have Anything to Do With Baseball …Technically, of course, this all has to do with baseball. But much of the news lately has involved not pitchers and catchers, but lawsuits and debt.
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    The Lawsuit Against the Mets’ Owners Has Been UnsealedIt seeks the return of some $300 million in what it calls “false profits.”
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    Settlement Talks Between the Mets’ Owners and the Madoff Trustee Have CollapsedThe Mets’ owners no longer oppose unsealing Irving Picard’s suit against them.
  19. mets
    The Mets Fire Back at the Madoff Trustee Suing ThemSays a Mets lawyer for the Mets’ owners: “We believe the complaint is baseless, both factually and legally.”
  20. mets
    If the Mets Have to Go Broke, Now’s the Time to Do ItThe Mets are in financial trouble. That’s not good. But it could be worse.
  21. mets
    Amid Madoff ‘Uncertainty,’ Mets Look to Sell a Minority Interest in the FranchiseThe Mets are looking to sell a portion of the team.
  22. mets
    Fred Wilpon Would Like to Have Omar Minaya Around AgainBut would Minaya accept a reduced role?
  23. firing line
    The Mets Try to Erase the Last Four YearsThe Mets try to start over, mid-journey.
  24. gossipmonger
    Madonna Wants to Have Jesus’s ChildAnd more perverse celebrity antics, in today’s gossip roundup.
  25. figures
    Sorry, Mets Fans: The Wilpons Won’t Be Needing to Sell the TeamThe Wilpon family actually made money with Bernie Madoff.
  26. gossipmonger
    Kylie Makes Dreams Come True for NYC Gay YuppiesShe went to Beige on Tuesday night. And she got in a FIGHT.
  27. the sports section
    Chris Smith: What Randolph RepresentedThe Mets hired Willie Randolph because of what he had come to represent. Four years later, that’s why they fired him, too.