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  1. innovation
    Behold the Chickle: Hot Chicken Stuffed Inside a PickleAmerica’s next great culinary mash-up has arrived.
  2. sad and scary things
    Gunman Kills Three People in Shooting Spree in FresnoHe reportedly told police he hated white people and shouted “God is great” in Arabic upon his arrest.
  3. Ill-Advised Decisions
    Some Guy Actually Went and Named His Restaurant ‘Just the Tip’“It aptly fits the name. Any innuendo after that is up to you.”
  4. dumb ways to die
    Burglar Still Stuck in Chimney When Homeowner Returns and Lights Fire(This is not Santa-related.)
  5. Truckin'
    No Tomatoes Truck Returns to The Road After Being Jacked by Budding BurgerIn a rare show of truth in advertising, the truck had been re-branded “Bad Boy’s Burger” by its captors.
  6. Meanwhile in the Hamptons
    Redbar Owners Will Open Little Red in SouthamptonIt’ll be a more casual version of the Southampton brasserie.