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Fun With Gifs

  1. What You Missed in Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress — in GIFsSo much clapping.
  2. Miss Friday’s March Madness? Here’s a GIF-capThat guy who picked Mercer is feeling pretty good.
  3. local news news
    Watch These Poor Local Fox Anchors React, in Slow Motion, to an Accidental Penis It happens.
  4. fun with gifs
    Rihanna and Cara React to Tonight’s ForecastEEEEEEEEK.
  5. holidaze
    The Cut’s Holiday GIF GuideAll of your feelings about the holiday season, wrapped up in some nice, sparkly GIFs.
  6. sexiest gifs on earth
    5 GIFs From Backstage at Victoria’s SecretIt’s everything you’ve dreamed of and more.
  7. Meet Kathleen Hou, the Cut’s New Beauty EditorAnd her beauty fantasies, in GIF form!
  8. fun with gifs
    Jesse Pulled a Princess Leia in the Breaking Bad Finale [GIF]The only thing missing was Jesse in a slave-girl outfit.
  9. fun with gifs
    President Obama Can Lift His Leg Up Pretty High for a 52-Year-OldHere is the proof.