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  1. vulture lists
    Judd Apatow’s Best and Worst Movies, RankedFrom Year One to this week’s The King of Staten Island.
  2. beauty interviews
    Sasheer Zamata Goes to Bed at 2 A.M. and Wakes Up With a Shot of Aloe VeraShe does shots of ginger, too.
  3. funny people
    A Beginner’s Guide to Conner O’MalleyIf you’re unfamiliar with O’Malley, it’s time to fix that.
  4. funny people
    Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Will Make You Giggle With New Netflix SeriesDead to Me sounds like a (dark) hoot.
  5. funny people
    Ali Wong Is Back With Funny Stories About Being a MomHer sold-out tour hit NYC over the weekend.
  6. chat room
    Kristen Schaal Knows Why You Have Crushes on All Her Co-StarsBecause they’re funny, duh.
  7. quotables
    Hypochondria and Roast Chicken: The Quotable Alber Elbaz“You are laughing, but I am not.”
  8. funny people
    James Corden Skewered Terry Richardson in His CFDA MonologueThe show’s host also zinged Kanye, Pharrell, and former Abercrombie CEO Mike Jeffries.
  9. Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner Share Details About Their Pilot; Hope to […]“We hope one day to do an episode like that movie Funny People, only instead of finding out she has cancer, Julie’s character gets some […]
  10. funny people
    MTV’s Girl Code: Sex Ed for the Millennial Set A night of dick jokes and beer with MTV’s resident big sisters.
  11. wild pitches
    Rewriting Judd Apatow Films As Indie DramediesJust trade Adam Sandler for Paul Giamatti.
  12. funny people
    Why Aren’t Conservatives As Funny As Liberals?Aasif Mandvi weighs in.
  13. What Does ‘Five-Year Engagement’s’ Box Office Disappointment Suggest About […] Five-Year Engagement earned $11.2 million this weekend, which is nearly half what was being predicted. It’s also by far the lowest of the […]
  14. funny people
    Kristen Wiig Doesn’t Know If She’ll Return to SNL“Everyone has to leave.”
  15. Revisiting ‘Funny People’“You cannot make friends with the rock stars.” — Lester Bangs to William Miller, Almost Famous It’s difficult for me to think about the […]
  16. The Lost Roles of Paul RuddAfter his breakthrough role in Clueless, Paul Rudd spent the next decade or so as a rom-com leading man, starring opposite Reese Witherspoon […]
  17. In Defense of Judd Apatow’s Female CharactersI’m not going to lie: I’m pretty excited that Judd Apatow is working on another movie for Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s characters from Knocked […]
  18. Dane Cook on Aziz Ansari’s Randy Character, Who May or May Not Be Based On […]Here’s an interesting quote from The Comic’s Comic’s interview with Dane Cook, specifically in light of the New Yorker profile on Aziz Ansari […]
  19. the vulture transcript
    Judd Apatow on the Books That Made Him Change the Way He WroteOn Woody Allen: “I wish he would tell me that things are going to be okay at some point. But I don’t think he’s going to.”
  20. eric schmidt
    Google CEO Would Like to Remind You How Important Your Disappearing Privacy Really Is“There’s a reason why private thoughts were invented by generations before us.”
  21. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google’s CEO Says He Likes to Sidle ‘Right Up to the Creepy Line’We’ve been so wrong about Eric Schmidt.
  22. funny people
    The Onion Reminds Us of Everything Terrible About New YorkMaybe it really is a horrible place to live …
  23. funny people
    Nick Swisher and His Faux-Hawk Make a Cameo on How I Met Your Mother“We’re having a beer with a New York Yankee!”
  24. quentin tarantino
    Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite Movies of the YearHe, for one, liked ‘Funny People.’
  25. old-man babies
    Judd Apatow Chips In for Adam Sandler’s Oscar Campaign“Apatow is actually bankrolling part of the costs for the ‘Funny People’ campaign, since he feels the movie deserves some awards-season consideration”
  26. the industry
    Hugh Jackman to Make a Robot Chase a ChickenPlus: Kat Dennings! Psych! Horses!
  27. funny people
    How to Tell a Recession JokeLocal comedians share their tips for surviving the Greatest Depression with your sense of humor intact.
  28. vulture lists
    Seth Rogen: A Career in T-shirtsEvery great actor has his instrument. For Seth Rogen, it’s T-shirts.
  29. Even Seth Rogen Now Hating on Katherine Heigl“I didn’t slip and I was doing interviews all day too!”
  30. funny people
    Rex Reed Lukewarm on Funny People“I’d like to tell you how vile this deviation from sanity called ‘Funny People’ really is.”
  31. chat room
    Aziz Ansari on Funny People and Getting Diddy to Follow Him on TwitterAnsari rapped with Vulture last weekend about the inspiration behind his character, his gig on NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation,’ and his most famous Twitter follower.
  32. news reel
    Judd Apatow on Sexism and Funny PeopleHe sat down at the Museum of the Moving Image in midtown Manhattan last night for an hour-long conversation about his career.
  33. old-man babies
    Judd Apatow Can Probably Leave Adam Sandler’s Old-Man Baby on the Cutting-Room FloorWe just knocked 1:31 off the film’s 150-minute running time.
  34. Fake Sitcom From Funny People Looks Only a Little Worse Than NBC’s Other ShowsTo advertise Judd Apatow’s upcoming ‘People,’ NBC.com’s webmaster has helpfully agreed to host a site for a fake show appearing in the movie.
  35. Funny People’s 150-Minute Running Time to Test Limits of Cancer ComedyTwo and a half hours long!
  36. chat room
    Judd Apatow on Ghostbusters Rumors, Dinner With Diddy, and the Joke He Cut From Year One“I don’t know if we can even say it online. It’s that dirty.”
  37. oscar futures
    Is Funny People This Year’s First Oscar-Worthy Film?Possibly!
  38. the future
    Vulture’s 2009 Pre-Depression Summer-Movie PreviewHow much money will this summer’s blockbusters make? And how will they fare against last year’s record-breaking hits?
  39. trailer mix
    Funny People Trailer: Judd Apatow Gives You CancerAt least Woody Allen directed seven funny movies before making a serious one.
  40. how now apatow
    Details on Apatow’s ‘Funny People’The cast and characters for his next film are revealed — we’ve got the rundown.
  41. awesome
    ‘Mad Men’ Wallpaper Gives Our Lives Meaning Until Next Episode of ‘Mad Men’These are the finest pieces of desktop wallpaper we’ve ever had.
  42. Julianne Moore on BlindnessWe know it’s gross, but if you’ve read the book ‘Blindness,’ you had to be wondering about one aspect of how they made the movie. Can a film like that really go to number one when it’s filled with so much number two?
  43. last night’s gig
    MY BLOODY VALENTINE PLAY LOUDEST SHOW EVER!!The recently reunited My Bloody Valentine made good on its ear-searing mythology.
  44. Videofeed
    Morimoto Masters Wagyu BeefWatch Masaharu Morimoto prepare Japanese Wagyu beef.
  45. Lucky No. 7
    Tyler Kord’s Accidental Hungarian-Korean Fusion MenuHow did kimchee perogies land on a Perry St alum’s menu?
  46. kanye
    Kanye West to Produce Puppet ShowAttention fans of Kanye-related nonsense: GET EXCITED.
  47. fashion yearbook
    Judging the Frocks at the Emmy AwardsThere were some stunners (Julia Louis-Dreyfus!), bummers (Eva Longoria’s bow!), and a token crazy (Phoebe Price!).
  48. King of Tribeca
    Bouley Update: Secession Waits for Furniture, Relocated Bouley to Open inIf the furniture makes it to Secession in time, David Bouley says they’ll open at the end of the week.
  49. Mediavore
    Spain Is the New Global Food Center; Graydon’s Monkey BackersIn our look at the morning headlines, James Beard goes to Vegas and kids take up cooking.
  50. kudos
    The Emmys: They Postponed a New Episode of ‘Mad Men’ for This?Then, because the most creative minds in television couldn’t think of anything more clever, William Shatner was invited onstage to rip off Heidi Klum’s clothes.
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