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Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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    Schulz on Gabriel García Márquez: The Man Who Made Life ShimmerThe Colombian author died Thursday at the age of 87.
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    Gabriel García Márquez Dies at 87R.I.P.
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    Gabriel Garcia Marquez Is Suffering From DementiaSad. 
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    See Gabriel García Márquez Boogie Down With ShakiraLook at that shoulder shimmy.
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    Britney Spears Demonstrates Limited Understanding of IronyPlus: An iPod explodes in a guy’s pants!
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    Alex Kuczynski Has a Smart BrotherA drunk Justin Long spilled soup on himself twice at Veselka, and then fell for the old beer as “stain remover” trick. The Observer tried to hire event planner Elli Frank to help throw some upcoming parties, despite the fact that the paper referred to her as a “madam” three years ago. James Frey sold a book (this time a novel) to HarperCollins. John-Michael Kuczynski, brother of plastic surgery maven Alex Kuczynski, wrote a book titled “Conceptual Atomism and the Computional Theory of Mind.” Retired Giant Tiki Barber attended a book party celebrating the memoir “I Dream of Blue,” where coach Tom Coughlin was the butt of some playful ribbing. Knopf editor and Gabriel Garcia Marquez champion Ashbel Green is retiring at the age of 80.