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  1. stuck in the mittle
    Gail Collins Is Not Done Talking About Seamus RomneyNot by a long shot.
  2. Gail Collins Is Obsessed With Romney’s DogShe’s mentioned it in her columns nearly three dozen times.
  3. bons mots
    Gail Collins Fondly Recalls Donald Trump’s ‘Extreme Sensitivity’He called her a dog.
  4. surf
    Gail Collins: Huge Buffy Head“I had this very big discussion with Paul Krugman about ‘Firefly;’ that was fun.”
  5. outtakes
    Gail Collins, Buffyologist SupremeLast month Emily Nussbaum wrote a profile of one of her heroes, Gail Collins, the op-ed columnist for the ‘Times.’ And she was a true Buffy freak.
  6. gail collins
    New York Times Columnist Gail Collins on the State of the American WomanIn an excellent interview by Doree Shafrir, Gail Collins talks about why women aren’t making strides fast enough lately, and why nobody has time to be a mentor anymore.
  7. company town
    Bonnie Fuller Made $2.4 Million in 2008, As AMI Faces Bleak FuturePlus, the latest on Lehman, Merrill, and ground zero in our daily industry report.
  8. intel
    Gail Collins Out as ‘Times’ Edit-Page EditorHuh. If you’d told us someone in a prominent position at the Times was about to leave it, this so wouldn’t have been the one we’d have guessed: Gail Collins is stepping down as editorial-page editor. She’ll be replaced by Andrew Rosenthal, former foreign editor, onetime loyal Howell Raines sidekick, and perpetually Abe’s son. (Oh, and don’t worry: She’ll be back soon enough, returning to her old op-ed column next July.) Andrew Rosenthal Named Editorial Page Editor of The New York Times [NYTCo.] The United States of America vs. Bill Keller [NYM]