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Game Change

  1. vision 2020
    Could Dumping Pence Be a Last-Minute Game Changer for Trump?Incapable of changing his ways to salvage reelection, Trump might decide blaming the coronavirus mess on Pence and dropping him is the only option.
  2. American Horror Story’s Paulson on 13 RolesThe actress breaks down her career highlights.
  3. adaptations
    HBO Working on Game Change Sequel Based on the 2012 ElectionBased on the 2012 election.
  4. party chat
    Who Would Win the Political Version of Hunger Games?A thought experiment from Game Change’s writer.
  5. game change
    Watch Side-by-Side Comparisons of Sarah Palin Footage and Julianne Moore in Game ChangeAnd the Emmy goes to … well, duh.
  6. ratings
    Game Change Is HBO’s Biggest Movie in Eight YearsWonks weren’t the only ones who watched. 
  7. chat room
    Game Change Director Jay Roach Talks With John Heilemann About Adapting Heilemann’s Book and the Sarah Palin Narrative“It just seemed like not only the story in the book that I was interested in, it seemed like one of the great political stories ever.”
  8. tv review
    Game Change, Sarah Palin, and the Limits of CompetenceSarah Palin herself is a triumph of style and a failure of substance; Game Change, the reverse.
  9. party chat
    Game Change Director Says McCain Staff Acted Out Palin’s ‘Mini-Meltdowns’ for Him“Eyes at half-mast.”
  10. game change
    John McCain Prejudges Game ChangeHe’s not going to watch it because it’s unfair, he’s decided. 
  11. beef
    Sarah Palin’s Crew and HBO’s Game Change Writer Are Beefing“Looking at the trailers alone gets my blood boiling.”
  12. game change
    Game Change: The TrailerEd Harris looks exactly like John McCain!
  13. tca
    HBO’s Busy TCA Panel: Dustin Hoffman, Ricky Gervais, Lena Dunham, and MorePlus notes on Girls, Veep, Game Change, and more.
  14. HBO Dates Game Change, VeepThe pair of political projects will come this spring.
  15. Watch Julianne Moore Play Sarah Palin in Game ChangeDid she nail her impression?
  16. clickables
    See the First Photo of Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin in HBO’s Game ChangeThere’s something vaguely Madame Tussaud–ish about this look.
  17. talk
    Who Would You Cast As Obama and Palin in the Movie Adaptation of Game Change?Not to mention McCain and Clinton.
  18. early and often
    Heilemann and Halperin: Who Is Andrew Young?The ‘Game Change’ authors explain the bizarre relationship between John Edwards, his “body man,” and Elizabeth.
  19. in other (fake) news
    Stephen Colbert Is Mad at John Heilemann For Not Writing About Him in Game ChangeBlame it on the editors.