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    Gamergate Reddit Forum Founder Tries to Shut Down Monster of His Own CreationReddit’s Kotaku in Action was temporarily taken offline on Thursday night.
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    Companies Should Ignore Angry Online Mobs MoreNew research shows that just because a small group of people are mad at you online, that doesn’t mean the wider, normie-r world is.
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    The Woman Targeted by Gamergate on Surviving a World-Altering Trolling AttackZoë Quinn spent much of her life playing and designing games. Then she found herself inside one – a vicious, multiplayer real-time harassment bonanza.
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    All the Games and Memes You Need to Know About From Yesterday’s E3What Microsoft, EA, and Bethesda announced.
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    The Whole World Is Now a Message BoardAnd its moderators are the meme vanguard of the alt-right.
  6. Gamers Target Woman on Social Media Over New Video GameThey were mad about the poorly animated facial expressions in the new Mass Effect: Andromeda.
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    Why the Video-Game Culture Wars Won’t Die, Two Years After GamergateVideo-game culture warriors have a different, more fraught relationship to their hobby than other people do.
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    Why Won’t Video-Game Companies Even Talk About Employee Harassment?A weird balancing act in not annoying your own fans.
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    Why a Video of Someone Playing ‘Doom’ (Poorly) Became a Culture-War IssueThose damn social-justice warriors need to learn how to strafe and shoot at the same time.
  10. ‘Pounded in the Butt’ Literary Genius Trolls Right-Wing Sci-fi NerdsThe author of Space Raptor Butt Invasion strikes back.
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    How Social Autopsy Fell for GamerGate Trutherism“Their network runs deep. So who knows? I don’t know how deep this goes.”
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    Brave Free-Speech Crusaders Create Super Helpful Enemies ListSuch lists have done great good in the past.
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    Gamergate May Have Just Won Its Most Disgraceful Scalp Yet (Updated)A young Nintendo employee just lost her job, likely due to her undergraduate thesis and an intense online harassment campaign from Gamergate.
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    No, the British Government Isn’t Treating GamerGate Like a Terror GroupJournalism, Breitbart Tech–style.
  15. Is This the Perfect Insane Anti-Feminist Rumor?A shadowy cabal of women are conspiring to entrap men and manufacture rape allegations, says one guy, according to this other guy he heard it from.
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    SXSW Responds to Backlash With Daylong Harassment Summit“Earlier this week we made a mistake.”
  17. BuzzFeed to Withdraw From SXSW After the Cancellation of Gamer-Harassment PanelsSXSW canceled the discussions on harassment … because of harassment.
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    Let Ted Cruz Play Video GamesHe really wants to.
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    #Gamergate Is Reportedly Being Investigated by the FBIActually, it’s about ethics in death threats.
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    Shaking Off the Haters Won’t Solve Online HarassmentIt’s my strategy, but it only works because I’m lucky.
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    ‘Alex From Target’ and the Mess of Uncontrollable FameWhat Alex has in common with Zoe Quinn.
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    Explaining the Roots of Gamer RageWho gets to call himself a “gamer”?
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    New Data Can Explain the Gamergate Nightmare on TwitterLots of accounts have been set up just to discuss this issue, and it hasn’t led to an enlightened conversation.
  24. Gamergate Supporters Partied at a Strip Club This WeekendHow 8Chan celebrated its first birthday.
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    It’s Not Censorship to Ignore YouGamergate exemplifies anti-feminist free-speech paranoia.
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    Gamergate Should Stop Lying to Journalists — and ItselfThis is about the influence of feminism and progressivism in gaming, and the sooner Gamergate can admit that, the sooner we can have a semi-functional debate.
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    Gamergate’s Silver LiningThere is one — if you dig deeply enough.
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    You Don’t Need to Care About Video Games to Care About GamergateThree women in the gaming industry say they have received serious and violent threats over the last two months.
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    Feminist Video-Game Critic Received Death ThreatsIt’s not the first time.